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Support Team 2006 Update!

Due to a greater demand for us to be on the road we did not do a 2006 Summer Season, however, the HeartLand Support Team continued the work and accomplished a tremendous amount of work. THANK YOU and BLESSINGS and LOVE to everyone involved.

First, for those who have never been to HeartLand, all of the buildings and locations on the property have names. It is a fun part of the whole experience at

 HeartLand. Stay in a cabin called Peace or Love or Harmony or Happiness, maybe work in the office called Grace or be part of the Support Team and live in the Treehouse (not really in a tree but is two stories) or Eternal Support. You will visit michael and jeanie in Heaven (their home) and see the bookstore called Blessings. Attendees go to workshops, exercise and eat in the Heart Center. Come to an intensive or become part of our team and experience life in a whole new way.

A big thank you to Sylvia for developing “The Enchanted Garden” and to William and Trinity for tending to it this year. It had almost turned into the Enchanted Forest in our absence.

Special Thanks to Patrick and Julie who give of themselves selflessly. They offer support with personal processing (especially with the worksheets) which is invaluable to the other Support Team members and Intensive attendees. Patrick assisted with several projects including blowing out the water lines in preparation for winter. Thanks for keeping an eye on things while we are on the road and being available to answer Support Team’s questions and for always being there with a helping hand and a smile! Your support for both us and the other team members is greatly appreciated!

Chuck did an awesome job completing the area that is outside the Little Chill (the walk-in cooler) in the Heart Center. He replaced / repaired the ceilings, installed a stainless steel counter and finished the walls. He also finished the siding on the new dormer that was previously added and engineered a very attractive way of boxing in the windows to make the new addition flow! Chuck tended the garden this year and we hear he grew so many tomatoes the entire Theodosia population of rabbits were fed all summer and he still had enough to eat himself.

William finished the siding on the lower part of the Heart Center and assisted Chuck with completing the east side of the addition. William fixed the bathroom in Treehouse which required fixing and replacing the plywood flooring, toilet and vanity, as well as putting down a new linoleum floor.

Trinity primed and painted everything that was new or repaired in and around the buildings.

William and Trinity together cleaned and organized Grace… it looks much more like an office. They also “bush hogged” the field, removed dead trees, cleaned out gutters, raked leaves, weed whacked and mowed all the lawns. They also accomplished fixing leaks in roofs and patching ceilings in several buildings and in the RV.

After a lengthy rain and wind storm a large dead tree fell onto the Heart Center’s back kitchen roof… damaging it enough to create a leak problem for the future… it has now been re-roofed. The tree was chopped up and used to heat Eternal Support during the cooler nights!  There was also damage to Eternal Support’s roof which has been repaired as well.

There have been countless hours spent researching available “audiences” for our travel workshops and sending out hundreds of e-mails, making dozens of phone calls and sending out flyers via standard mail to people that couldn’t be reached via electronic communication. Great assistance in our mission of reaching every mind on the planet! Thank you.

There are other projects such as finishing the kitchen walls and the ceiling in the Heart Center, making the ceiling panels in the bathrooms stay up, replacing the wall in the bathroom in Harmony, roofing repairs to other cabins, and the list goes on …. please consider attending Work Month 2007. See Schedule.

And there is still room on the Support Team Super-Intensive for this next year. Any carpenter / builder / handyman or office types ready to take a year off from the world to have the most healing experience of your life?

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