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Support Team 2012 Update!

The 2011 intensive season consisted of our 9-day Why and 9-day Teachers’ Training and we moved the 9-day Intuitive Development to September. We cancelled the rest due to no registration. In between Jeanie traveled to Bristol, TN to handle some urgent family matters and michael held a week of workshops in Cary, Il in August.

michael and jeanie left HeartLand in October and began their tour in Greensboro, NC. The next stop was Tamarac, FL and St. Petersburg, FL then on to Pompano Beach and Boca Raton. In December they flew back up to St. Louis, MO for the birth of michael’s first grandchild, Adeline Noraa Poole. Addie was born December 14, 2011 at 9:02PM, 19″ long and weighing 7 lb 1 oz – to Christa Joy (Ryce) and Aaron Poole. See pictures at Addie.

Then flying back to Florida, they continued in Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Holiday, Ocala and Tampa. Actually revisiting Boca and Tampa twice. A new occurrence took place this year; three intensives were conducted in Florida with great success. michael first did a 3-day mini non-residential intensive in Sarasota at the end of March and then beginning Good Friday held a 9-day Why Is This Happening to Me Again?! Intensive in Palm Coast. That filled up so fast we scheduled a second 9-day Why beginning April 14th and it too filled up within a matter of days. Perhaps this is the new trend.

michael and jeanie took a week off, joined by David, in Orlando to recharge before heading over to Jacksonville for the last scheduled 7 day series of workshops.

We celebrated a full year of radio shows and it just keeps growing – building such a wonderful community of support all over the globe. We have listeners from Asia, England, and Australia. We are now being broadcast from Impact Player Music Nation Radio IPMNR as well as Blog Talk Radio and are looking into expanding to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Every Monday thru Friday MindShifter Radio Show with the Forgiveness Doctor from 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST. for information on how to tune in or call in your questions, via phone or internet chat room, go to MindShifter Radio. We began “Aramaic Fridays” with Dale Hoffman in March 2012. Weekly we walk a listener through the forgiveness process. All shows are archived – there are so many new paths. Join us! This is a way to offer support to everyone everywhere. As long as michael has a phone (cell or landline) and Jeanie has internet access for operating the switchboard we can do the show wherever we are.

In the schedule they also went to Virginia for a family reunion before coming back for the summer season.

I repeat what I said last year: The work was taken to a new level this year. The last 40 days of 2011 we had 25+ people doing 5 worksheets a day to end the year with a new energy. Then we had an even larger number jump on board to do 5 worksheets a day for the 40 days of Lent leading up to the resurrection of a new life in all of humanity. We have seen so much more willingness among people and the listening audience is absorbing the information at a greater speed. The worksheet itself took on a different look and michael said he feels he is learning and presenting on a deeper level than every before. The energy is high.

Terry Bowling moved back to Asheville, NC in May 2011. We thank him for his contributions and wish him well in this next phase.

David lost a son in September 2011 and we embrace him as he deals with the loss. He spent some time back in Louisville, KY processing with family and doing some powerful work before returning to HeartLand.

The Support Team this year is small – David and Julie – thank you for holding the fort through the winter. They both began to clean up the property and prepare the buildings for occupancy as well as several other projects. They also packed up blenders, mixers and juicers and came to Florida to assist in the April intensives.

Richard Sherrill joined the team in April 2012, he began by picking up some items in Dunedin, FL and transporting them back to HeartLand for us. His carpentry & handyman skills are coming in handy.

Chuck and Magda who have been on the Support Team in the past are now permanent neighbors. They bought a place just a few miles down the road so we will be seeing them often. They also willingly come to Heartland and help when they can – in between their own moving and fix-em-up projects.

There is always a continued list of projects. We bought a new greenhouse last year but have yet to get it up and operating. Several of the buildings still need repairs, including some completion work on the HeartCenter, a new roof on Patience, and Eternal Support needs repair in the kitchen and bathroom. And the list goes on … please consider attending Work Month 2012. See Schedule.

Ari is planning a Work, Food, Fun, Forgiveness 10-day workshop July 12th – 21st, followed by the 9-day Why Intensive and the 9-day Teacher’s Training. We cancelled the rest of the schedule due to lack of registration.

Michael and Jeanie will depart HeartLand as soon as the Teacher’s Training is complete and head to Canada for a family reunion and then head west for the next tour.

And there is still room on the Support Team Super-Intensive for this next year. Any carpenter / builder / handyman or office types ready to take a year off from the world to have the most healing experience of your life?

We have created our new HeartLand Aramaic Mission Vision & Purpose Statement. Would you join with us in holding this vision?

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