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Support Team 2017 Update!

michael and Jeanie took downtime to write from December 2016 to February 2017 then headed to North Carolina

We did a full 6-weeks on the beach in Oak Island, NC. Beginning March 3 thru April 11, 2017: Jeanie did a 5-day De-Stress for Women and a 4-day Women Healing Women followed by michael doing a 9-day Intuitive Development, 4-day CoDepenDence to InterDependence, 9-day Course in Miracles and 3-day Personal Code Evaluation Training and a full day of Hands-on Energy Fieldwork Training.

HeartLand intensive season was set for 49 days / 6 modules:however there were so many projects to get the place ready and not enough support team to get it all done plus registration was at an all time low. So it is more beneficial to go on the road.  We need some major construction around the Heart Center, the big chill and kitchen area.  Many of these projects could be done regardless of weather (i.e. even in the winter) as most are indoors.   If you have the skills, time and willingness please contact michael. cell 954-205-4996

Jeanie facilitated a 2-day Women’ Retreat in June 2017 in Abingdon, VA which was well attended including Jeanie’s Mom who passed away 3 months later in September.

We then toured through North Carolina, Tennessee and up to Michigan which then closed out with michael facilitating a Fall Colors Intensive in Michigan at Michele Pischea’s home from October 12 – 27, 2017 CoDependence and Communication Practicum. michael keynoted at the Spiritual Unity of Nations before returning back to Tennessee for the end of the year.

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