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Testimonials from those who have worked with Julie:


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My name is Nancy, with a Masters Degree in Social Work, I have a private practice in counseling as well as work in a medical setting.

I worked with Julie in the Pay-It-Forward Program for 10 weeks before I went to the Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work Program in June 2018.

Julie is dedicated and compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the reality management worksheet among other things. We worked diligently for a few hours every week and I did my own work in the time frame in-between our sessions. She was great at giving lots of ideas and feedback and in teaching the reality management worksheet process.

It would be extremely beneficial if you were able to make time in your schedule to experience this amazing work yourself. And you will recognize as you step through this process it is all an inside job. Whatever work you can do to clean up your thoughts, beliefs, and the feelings that you have held onto for many years some, knowingly and some unknowing to yourself, is going to make your life lighter, more joyful and increase interaction with people in a compassionate and empathetic way.

The Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work Program is also an optimum time to explore interactions with like-minded individuals ready to take the steps to increase self-knowledge and self-awareness and become more empowered within themselves.

Nancy D., Michigan

We had the great privilege of participating in Julie’s 10-week Pay-It-Forward Program as a lead up to the FFF&W Intensive.  This was a MOST generous offering on Julie’s part in helping us prepare for the Intensive.

I (Linda) have worked with Julie over the past few years and I knew how valuable an opportunity like this was.  She assisted me in setting up worksheets to help me create a harmonious vacation experience with our family right before we came to the Intensive.  That work was very powerful in shifting the energy that I was experiencing up to that point.  It was a wonderful vacation experience and I credit Julie with helping me to access and heal the parts of my mind that were showing me unpleasant realities. Julie has given me direction in proceeding with my worksheets, so I get the most benefit from each worksheet. Having someone like Julie with her many years of experience with the worksheet process and working with people was and is a priceless gift.

When I (Ken) made my commitment to work for ten weeks doing worksheets on a one to one basis with Julie I was a little hesitant, once we started working together I realized how well-versed Julie was and how much it helped me to understand the importance of working with someone else. It made a huge difference when Linda and I would work together it brought clarity to the purpose of the worksheets. I think the biggest help for me was when Julie mentioned to me the difficulty in saying ‘No.’ This changed everything for me once I understood it was my thoughts holding me back, it was easier to say ‘No’ and let go of some of my baggage! So, thank you Julie it was a truly enlightening experience working with you!

Ken and Linda Russell, Massachusetts

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