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We are One

we are one

The following is a collection of videos that exemplifies how this world is suppose to be! Together let’s be The Team That Changed The World!

Touching StrangersRichard Rinaldi is a photographer who did a project called “Touching Strangers”. He has complete strangers poise for pictures and it is transforming. Very touching. This is what life should be about.

Christian, The Lion, Reunion – True Friendships Last a Lifetime

Jasmine the Greyhound – this greyhound was rescued and given TLC at a shelter in Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.  In return she nurtures every animal that comes into the sanctuary.

Dog & Deer – This dog and deer are best friends. Watch them romp and play together and then lay down together.

Deer and Cat – A deer visits a cat every morning.

Black Cat and Barn Owl – “These two are re-writing the rules of the animal kingdom’s social structures.” Humans need to learn to rewrite our social structures too.

Love from Land or Sea – Cat and Dolphin

Strange Friends? – Orangutan and Hound

Adopted – Dog adopts three baby tigers

Fawn & Cat – What a Wonderful World (sung by Louis Armstrong)

Dog & Elephant – Best Friends in the Sanctuary

Polar Bears and Huskys – They Have a Real Relationship in This Community

Crow Nurses Kitten – This Friendship is Pure Love, This Crow Nurtures a Homeless Kitten

Kitten and Parakeet – Love and Trust Between Fur and Feathers

Monkey Loves Baby Tigers – Momma Monkey Cares for White Tigers

Bengal Tiger Adopts Piglets – Tiger Is Mom for Piglets in Zoo

Pig Nurses Tiger Cubs – Produces Calmer Tigers

Cat Adopts Squirrels – Momma Cat Does Not See Any Difference

Cat and Mice – Tolerance and Love

Interspecies Friendship – Animal Friendships Across Species

Bambi and Thumper – Who Says we Can’t Be Friends?

Cat Adopts Rabbit – Rabbits, Cats All the Same

If you have another one, please send it to our Webmaster! Let’s do things differently this year and for eternity.

Blessings, Love and Support on your journey!

michael & jeanie

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