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CJ ‘s Story
Lying in the bed with my children bouncing around me, I pondered how to approach an assignment I had been given. I was to do a presentation for children from pre-school to 5th grade that incorporated the idea, “Love is inside me… I can choose love.” As I considered the assignment, I vividly recalled a scene from my own childhood.
Painfully shy as a child, I kept to myself most of the time and was usually “teacher’s pet.” As a second grader, I had no idea how to deal with an older boy who threw an ice ball at me and knocked off my glasses. I remembered being frustrated that no one seemed to care. No one listened to me . . .
As my children giggled and pushed me over on the bed, I became aware of a song playing on the radio. The words, “Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea, ” filtered into my consciousness. I listened to the song, and the ending hit me as hard as that boy’s ice ball. Puff faded away never to be seen again!
“No!” I declared, sitting upright. “Nothing loved that much would just disappear.” The kids stared at me curiously as I grabbed a drawing tablet and scribbled a picture of a dragon. It was the first drawing of Napsha, the miracle dragon.
Napsha was about to embark on a journey that was very much like my own journey. His questions were questions I have asked since I was very young. My journey has brought me to some understanding of life, and it’s my desire to share what I have learned.
The “lessons” contained in Napsha’s stories are lessons of the heart. They are written for children 7 and up but are really ageless. I think we all enjoy a good story, and the way I see it, a story is more convincing than a thousand lectures.
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