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Rakhma – Khooba

Rakhma and Khooba Love

Question:  Explain Rakhma or Khooba Love from the Aramaic.

Answer: Depending on the filter set, a mind generates LOVING or FEARFUL or HOSTILE realities.  See The Schematic of the Mind poster

Reality is the perceptual output of the human mind. In the frontal lobes of the brain are all of the intentions that you’ve ever experienced. In the back of the brain, all of the units of perceptual memory are stored. Everything that you’ve ever experienced is registered in the form of electrical impressions in brain cells.

There are filters that modify the output of both areas of the brain, intention and perception. Each has three filters — two of which are fear and hostility. In the ancient Aramaic language, there were words that represented the third filter over each area of the brain and each of these words has been translated as Love, but their meaning is much deeper. These are filters that, when active, allow access to different qualities of both intentions and perception.

The third filter, over intentions, was called “Rakhma.” It allowed only intentions keyed to Love to be used by the mind as raw materials for our goals. This is important, it turns out, because our goals determine or drive, quite literally, the output of the perceptual part of the brain. In the area of perception, the filter was called “Khooba” and this filter allowed only units of perceptual memory keyed to Love to be used in building a perceptual reality.

Harvard research shows that in a specific time frame, about 1/25 th of a second, that there are approximately 10,000 units of electrical activity measurable in the brain. In that same time frame a maximum of 9 units are used in building one’s perceptual
reality. Obviously, the quality the data available through both intention and perception are key in determining the levels of function possible. Hostility and fear limit the mind to generating realities that either show something irritating or threatening about a given object of attention. This explains why a Loved one, when hostility or fear is activated, suddenly becomes unattractive. Literally, what is Loved about an object of attention becomes inaccessible through the hostile or fearful mind and all guidance systems in the mind are degraded. We are “dumbed down” by our hostility and fear and reach higher levels of function in Love.

What is usually seen as religious advice, “You must have (Rakhma/Love) for God, neighbor, and self,” was not religious but very practical, in fact, brilliant advice. The output of your mind, your perceptual reality in Aramaic terms, is the light or the guide for your earthly life. The tiny fragment of the actual world seen through the mind is what we have to flesh out our intelligence. If love is maintained in a mind, especially in a trying situation, high level function is available. If your lights (Rakhma and Khooba) are on, you can see clearly. If your lights are out, you’re in trouble.  The perceptual output of the mind is driven by goals, and intentions are the raw material of goals. When you elevate an intention to a goal, your perceptual reality will show you how to achieve that goal.

The first step is to keep your mind plugged into its proper Source. Rakhma and Khooba, together, are what Jesus described as Perfect Love. If there is fear or hostility in your life, you need to learn how to set Rakhma and Khooba. They will cast out anything less than Love.

At this point, get quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say internally, “I heal attack and reset the Love Filters, Rakhma, over Intentions, and Khooba, over Perceptions.” Visualize and feel through all your senses that in your life or memory which takes you into that space of Love, wisdom and intelligence. Devote yourself to daily practice, it is the key to “Enlightenment” You’ll find that your perceptual reality will begin to shift immediately.

When hostility or fear is activated, the average person has to sit and sulk, waiting until the mind just happens to slip back into the Love filter again before they start to see something loving about a given person or situation. You can consciously choose to reset the Love filters anytime you lose Rakhma or Khooba. You don’t have to wait around hoping it happens soon.

What tends to happen in many relationships, is that more and more garbage builds, and it takes longer and longer for the Love filter to reset, until it reaches a point where it doesn’t reset again. Then people say, “Oh, well, this person’s no good. In order to be
happy, I’ve got to get rid of them,” and relationship ends.


Note: The Thai translation of an article on Rakhma and Khooba was I believe a translation of the above, from a FAQ about the subject.  michael may turn it into an actual article to be posted here.

Rakhma.Love and Khooba.Love

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