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Worksheets and forms. Reality, dependence, communication, relationships & stress.

LIVE Events

dr. michael ryce will be LIVE at Advanced Rejuvenation with Dr. John Lieurance in Sarasota, FL Friday – Sunday, May 3 – 5, 2024 1014 NORTH EAST AVENUE, SARASOTA, FL 34237 Schedule…(DOWNLOAD FLYER) FRIDAY, MAY […]

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Is Consciousness or Unconsciousness Running Your Life? this page is under construction. Three Minds: Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious The conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind – we are not designed to have an unconscious mind but […]

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why 09


michael’s Why Again New Article will be posted here Radio Show October 26, 2023 – 1st half of michael’s new article is read and discussed      

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Stress Robert Sapolsky “is an American neuroendocrinology researcher and author. He is a professor of biology, neurology, neurological sciences, and neurosurgery at Stanford University. In addition, he is a research associate at the National Museums […]

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Do We Have Free Will? Someone sent us an article wanting to know our take on the subject of free will. michael read the article and added commentaries and took callers. This developed into several […]

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Holding the Space

What it Means to Hold Space for SomeoneThe Transformative Effect of ‘Being There’ for OthersBy Heather Plett When my Mom was dying, my siblings and I gathered to be with her in her final days. […]

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Pseudo Solutions of the Non-Being Mind Specific, detailed “Pseudo Solutions” as projected from the non-being Carbon Based Memory System (pretending to be mind): If I could just figure this out – what/why/how did this happen?To […]

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“This photo is real and was not edited. The stone is real, the trees are real, the soil is real and the sky is real. The only thing you have to do is change your […]

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Intuitive Development Intensive

3 hours each day, 2 days per week, for 10-weeks (via Zoom)Beginning Date to be announced 2023 A practicum on having direct access, without sensory input, to information and energetic patterns that surround us every […]

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