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HeartLand Aramaic Mission

Healing from Love.



To serve, restore and support the consciously Creative Presence of Human Life (Love) on Earth. Through global, freely available workshops and HeartLand, a conscious community, we bring this forward. Our basis is the ancient Aramaic tool of Forgiveness, and the correlated tools we have developed over the last forty years. HeartLand is the core support space that empowers us to make what we teach universally available to a critical mass of people who are the “leavening” that is bringing these tools to every heart, mind and Being on the planet.

We are creating a functional, alternative community, based in these teachings.

Through our own inner work and Love, our Presence, teaching, our creative and artistic talents and abilities we are creating a model community based in the practice of keeping Love conscious, active and present in every circumstance that could possibly occur. This community supports each individual, child and adult, on a practical “how to” level, in discovering and living their Primary and Secondary Purposes: that of developing a Viable, Conscious Spiritual Body and supporting, in every endeavor, the Presence of Love in the world.

This is enhancing the development of a global community of mentors which we have worked toward creating and supporting throughout the years. These mentors, each at various stages of their own work, are supported in delivering these tools to their respective communities. Five days a week, our radio show, MindShifters Radio, and local MindShifters Support Groups freely make the tools and support available around the globe. The book, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! is available for free download in five languages in support of making Forgiveness available to everyone. We envision a high quality video and audios studio to enhance the media we have created over several decades.

Through alternative and sustainable building practices we take care of the earth. We are experimenting with rice hull building and getting approval for waste treatment systems that, unlike septic systems, leave nothing in the earth thereby keeping the local aquifer pristine.

Project opportunity: in an ever increasing world of complexity and insanity (Lovelessness) we have worked for four decades to create an opposite trend. Many people are looking for simplicity, a healing space and a truly fulfilling life. We have been creating, at HeartLand, such a community and a body of Work that will support each person working through their internal chaos by healing whatever they need to in order to reach clarity of Purpose and be empowered to function out of that Purpose. We are creating, in the Ozark mountains, a micro world that supports the individual, child and adult alike, as well as the community at large.

With the acquisition of relatively inexpensive land and the use of alternative building practices it is possible to produce a high quality, truly affordable lifestyle and create community based on the tools of Forgiveness, simplicity and Love.

Potential benefactors: Sustainable community and a continuous presence of Love is a space that benefits, energetically, everyone. Creating an Holistic Wellness community of teachers, healers, artists, freelancers, independent web business owners, along with an aging population looking for an economical, quality, life supporting environment rounds out our vision. We are committed to the healing of every mind, heart and Being on the planet.

Vision & Purpose Statement (pdf format)


  1. Retired arborist looking to live and work amongst spiritual people. I live in a travel trailer, so can easily relocate.I have been in recovery for forty years and I am looking for a similar community experience.

    1. dr. michael ryce will talk with you personally about the possibilities. Our center, HeartLand, has not been opened for intensives since Covid began in 2020 but there still may be opportunities. He has your phone number and email. Blessings, Jeanie

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