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HeartLand Photos

PopulationOne448x336Cropped HeartCenter2
HeartLand Population One Heart Center – kitchen, dining, class (before bell tower was moved to other side)
HeartCenter1 HeartCenter back
HeartCenter side porch HeartCenter back – kitchen entrance
belltower begins tower almost complete June2019
Bell Tower project begins (go to Lighthouse built around Bell Tower
Love2 Love1
Cabin Love Cabin Love
Peace Harmony
Cabin Peace Cabin Harmony
kitchen2 kitchen1
Kitchen – food prep Kitchen – food prep
juicing Buffet3
Juicing prep Buffet
Dining2 Dining3 1
Dining Dining
Dining5 Dining4
Dining Dining
Buffet2 Buffet4
Buffet Buffet
TeachingWhiteboard class whiteboard
michael & Julie at the whiteboard michael teaching
Class7 Class5
class room class room
Class4 Class1
class room (dining table and massage table in background) class room
Class2 Class3
class room (buffet/tea center in background) class room
Class6 Class8
Chef Ari leads the group in song (class room) class room
Group picture in Dining area of HeartCenter
Group picture in Angel Garden Group picture in dining area
Group picture in HeartCenter Group picture in HeartCenter2
Group picture in HeartCenter Group picture in HeartCenter
heartcenter back porch heartcenter back porch2
HeartCenter Back Porch HeartCenter Back Porch
Energy Work while StillPoint Breathing 1 Energy Work while StillPoint Breathing2
Energy Field Work & StillPoint Breathing Energy Field Work & StillPoint Breathing
teaching center1 heart tile
Empty classroom Beautiful Heart tile in Center
heartcenter tiles heart tile2
The crew that handmade these tiles and created the new floor in the HeartCenter Beautiful Heart tile in Center
heartcenter3 heartcenter5
HeartCenter & Dining Area HeartCenter & Dining Area
HeartLand Road Sunset going up the road at HeartLand
Road going down the hill to Bull Shoals Lake Sunset – going up the hill at HeartLand






















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