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What is Support?


Webster’s definition of support is: To promote the interests or cause of, to assist, help, comfort; to keep going.

Our definition of support expands on Webster’s version. At HeartLand, support is being present to one another, facilitating each other’s process with commitment and focus. This allows our spirit to meld with, and embrace the other, in a space of safety and love. Forgoing mind games, control dramas and co-dependence; joining with one another in spirit, we create an opportunity for releasing stored negative energy. The energy of unconscious limiting belief systems, of old, false paradigms and of disintegrative physical energy, moves out of cellular memory, allowing joy and vitality to well up and flow once again. Our primary tool for transformation is our understanding of forgiveness.

We recognize that we construct our own version of reality based on our belief systems. Delicious moments of cascading emotion, followed by new levels of awareness become life-altering, life-defining moments for us. They cause our hearts to sing.

Perhaps you have been going to workshop after seminar after lecture; maybe you’ve read everything from Castaneda to Redfield, and you’re still hungering to make meaning in your life. Consider becoming a member of our extended HeartLand Support team. The intent of the MindShifter Support Team Network is to establish a venue for the practical application of our transformative tools within the context of community — a community which reaches from HeartLand to your local area.

We hold the vision that MindShifter groups will spring up around the country, that folk who are inspired to use our process will come together and create a safe, loving environment for learning and healing. We teach that which we most need to learn. If you share our vision, will you decide to do the work you love? Become a MindShifter Support Group leader. Call, write or e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.

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