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Time is Not Toxic

If upset we are not seeing clearly.

Inspirational articles from Living Life Fully–Aging and Enthusiasm by Norman Vincent Peale

It is true that all our lives we are conditioned to assume that mental and physical vigor are supposed to decline after we have made, say, sixty or seventy or eighty trips around the sun on a whirling sphere called earth.

After a conference of medical and surgical specialists at the Decourcy Clinic in Cincinnati some years ago, the following report was issued:

“Time is not toxic. All of those who develop a time-neurosis subscribe to the prevalent superstition that time is in some way a poison exerting a mysterious cumulative action. . . time has no effect on human tissues under any conditions. . . vigor does not necessarily vary inversely with the age of an adult.
Belief in the effects of time by those who subscribe to such a belief is the thing that acts as a poison. To put it another way, there is no scientific basis for believing,
as most of us do, that the passage of years automatically causes our bodies to age. [And, presumably, that would go for spirit and mind as well.] It is ignorance of the truth about the passage of time, the report continues, that causes us to cringe in fear before the accumulation of years. We need not surrender to age, if our minds are sufficiently enlightened.”


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