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The Tools

Tools used to produce a result, produce a result just like the tools.

At HeartLand, we offer tools that have been used by thousands of individuals. These tools (worksheets, StillPoint breathing, “all of the above” as I say in workshops) have healed marriages, families, and individual lives. The fact is, we’re using tools in our relationships and communication all the time whether we are aware of it or not. We have either chosen them or they were chosen for us and accepted by us at a young age. How those tools serve us can be seen by the results they produce. Let’s take a look at the results of some of the “tools” used in society today.

War and terrorism are tools that have been relied on for thousands of centuries to produce a result. Killing has been deemed a criminal act throughout most of that time. However, criminal acts have not been determined by the action itself or by what law has been broken, but by who sanctioned the act. Is murder justifiable because millions are killed and we call it war?

And the institutionalized terrorism that exists in many of our prisons, what has been the result of that? A productive society will never generate enough wealth to build the number of prison cells necessary to house the criminals that punishment produces. After thousands of years of punishment, you would think it would be obvious that the only benefit that kind of tool produces is tyrants. If it worked, it would no longer be needed. Punishment is an old belief that leads to abuse, resentment, and less Love—the root causes of crime.

If you think, “This has nothing to do with me. I’ve never even been in a prison nor a war. I have nothing to resolve here,” I suggest you think again. This dynamic touches virtually every aspect of every life, every day. It is an expression of an old philosophy that uses the reasoning, “An eye for an eye,” to justify punishment, however subtle or blatant it may be. Under this interpretation, every injured party is justified in taking retribution. Articles and Teachings, Page 5 by dr. michael ryce

Mahatma Gandhi made us aware of the ramifications of this deep-seated belief when he stated, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

When we view life through the filter of Love and looks at the idea of “An eye for an eye,” we see not a command to punish but a limit on retribution! At the time it was offered, this directive was not given as a requirement to return injury for injury. It was a control placed on a wrath-filled, vengeful people to put an end to cyclical violence.

Looking honestly at such dynamics, so deeply rooted in our history, and choosing to think differently about them is a part of the healing that must eventually happen for every child, parent, family, religion and government. In 1776 a radical new idea took root in the forming of a government. America was founded on the premise that the purpose of society was to enhance and nurture the individual. Individuals could be forced to do nothing short of respecting the rights and property of each other. In her book, Mutant Message, author Dr. Marlo Morgan writes of an Aborginial society in Australia that has successfully lived this ideal for eons. Contrary to the popular belief that nurturing the individual would lead to an egocentric society, Marlo demonstrates in her book that every individual when honored, truly cared for, and empowered, becomes a valuable, contributing member to the whole community.

Sacrifice the sacredness of the individual, and society suffers greatly. Connect the minds of individuals in Love and respect, and society will reflect the values expressed by those individuals—one that is loving and respectful. Our goal here is to connect every mind on the planet with Love. It is said “a little leavening goes a long way.” We invite you to be part of the leavening.


“Life with Tools, Life without Tools” (pdf format) from michael’s book Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!

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