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 HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness App

 Now do the wake-up sheets on your cell.  

The Android version is LIVE in Google PlayStore

and the i-Phone version is LIVE in the Apple iTunes Store

HeartLight“Forgiveness: HeartLand Aramaic”

The Unfathomable Miracle of BEING: through internal Aramaic Forgiveness
uncover your true nature, which is Love (read full article).

Description: Reality Management Wake-Up Sheets 

The premise is that our essential nature, our very BEING, is Love. The goal of this internal Aramaic Forgiveness Wake-Up Sheet process is to empower one to remove what is less than Love (i.e. fear and/or hostility) and return one to the direct experience of Love 24/7/365! True forgiveness is NOT pardoning the other person (they are only the trigger) but it is going inside and removing what does not belong in us.

Actuality is what is truly happening in the world that the Creator created. Reality is one’s perceptual construct of what is happening. Reality is a unique picture in one’s own mind, the world they see based on what energy is moving in them, based on goals they hold. 

The  App has been updated and now consists of three versions of our Aramaic Forgiveness Wake-up Sheet process. They each go step by step to identify the thoughts, feelings and the goal one holds in each situation. It is the ‘how to’ that guides one to cancel the goal, return to Love, to change their mind and thus change their life!


AppOpeningScreen AppSign-inScreen AppCurrent7-Step AppClosingScreen

Download from PlayStore & Open the App on your phone and pick either the Current 7-Step (michael uses most) or the Abbreviated Wake-up Sheet (Jeanie uses in her Women intensives) or the newest “Drag-on Cling-on Game”

The opening screen asks for a sign-in to begin, you have the option of being added to our mailing list. Please read our Privacy Policy.  Your info is safe!


Version 2, sign in the first time and it is
not required thereafter. iPhone offers ‘Skip’

Once you click Start the Wake-up
Sheet or Game will pop up one step at
a time and you fill-in the blanks.

At the end you click the last ‘Next”
and you will get the option to Show
Result (PDF) where you can then save to
YOUR device or print, or you can go back
to ‘Home’ and do another sheet or ‘Exit’
the App.  Android version allows option to
Donate to support us, iPhone does not.



APP Privacy Policy: If you check ‘save to our mailing list’ ONLY your name, email and phone will be sent to us
and we will add you to our database. If you do not check it then it is discarded with your WakeUp Sheet. There
is no way to set up an account through this app. Your information is totally private! NO ONE has access to any
work that you do on this APP, it is accessible only to you. We do not store it in any way.  IF you choose to save
the PDF, the WakeUp Sheet  will be saved ONLY TO YOUR DEVICE. When you close a WakeUp Sheet it is
deleted and cannot be recovered by anyone through this app.


We will have “Updates” as we go forward.
Please send feedback to



NEW: Now, just like the APP, you can complete your wake-up sheets online!
Click here to be redirected*

These are designed for the computer whereas the APP is designed for your mobile phone.

Both the online versions and the phone apps have three options:

1. the Current 7-step Wake-up Sheet that michael uses most in workshops

2. the abbreviated version that Jeanie uses in the women’s intensives

3. the “Drag-on Cling-on” Game – from A to Z walks you through forgiveness

(*Note: the online sheets are stored on Jeanie’s “Healing the Whole Woman” website)



 These projects have taken a lot of time, effort and money to develop. 

If you benefit from this work and would like to support us taking it even further click here.

Thanks for your support!


And we wish to thank Roshan Sethia for the diligent, conscious, continuous work with us in developing these on-line wake-up sheets and apps.

 If you have need of any computer program work please consider Roshan Sethia, with the company SpryOX, or Skype name roshansethia.  

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