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Several people have asked if there is a complete copy of the Khabouris Manuscript.First response on the website:  Since you asked this question from the website I assume you have seen all the information about the Khabouris Manuscript. If not,, upper right corner of menu bar says Khabouris. There is the introduction, history, discussion of Aramaicisms, the current work, Be-Attitudes, Lord’s Prayer, etc. What we have published so far from Aramaic to English is in the book Enlightment.   It is only a portion of the New Testament.

In 2014 we did Aramaic Fridays on the radioshow, MindShifters Radio, with Dale Allen Hoffman (who is an Aramaic scholar and a student of dr. michael ryce’s work). Every Friday the entire year we were discussing Aramaicisms. Pick those up in the archives.

We also have a FREE App: HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness (download from Google PlayStore or the Apple Store)

And we do a radio show, MindShifters Radio, every Monday though Friday from 1:00 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Go to gives you several ways you can tap into the show. It is an internet show with a chatroom but most people call-in 1-563-999-3581 and you can just listen or press 1 to talk to dr. michael ryce. We are here to answer your questions and offer support. On the right side of that page are the Archives of the shows by year, then month then day…you can listen to the shows or download them. If you have a paid Skype account you can do that, or free by Google Hang-outs, we also have a podcast. All that information is in the drop-downs on

We’ve been doing the show since January 31, 2011. We actually have a psychologist, Dr Tim Hayes, who has used (and teaches) these tools for years who does our show from 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern Time so you can catch 2 hours 5 days a week LIVE. He has been doing this hour since March 4, 2019. is a good place to start on the website, our main tool we teach is true Aramaic Forgiveness, not pardoning yourself or another person, going inside and removing what does not belong. We are created in the image of Love (God) and therefore anything less than Love does not belong. Hostilities, Fears, Shame, Guilt, Greed, Pain, etc.


Another said” “I cannot find any explanation anywhere. The book is just select passages? Is there not any full complete version yet to purchase? a downloadable version of all 22 books does not even match the wording of the short book. any help?”

The Khaboris on the Amazon website is a book that says the Yonan Foundation? Publisher FHU Revised edition (January 1, 1993)? Not sure who that is, not us ….

On our website we have a book titled “The Enlightenment”, originally in 1970 the Yonan Codex Foundation published the precursor as a small pamphlet just called “Enlightenment”.

Our publishing of “The Enlightenment” is a work in progress as found in the Khaburis Codex, our last edit was 2014. “The Enlightenment” is 3 sections: an explanation of the Khaburis (Khabouris, different spellings are seen) and our work with the translations, then the selected passages from the work of Dr. Norman Malik Yonan that have been translated from Matthew and John, and the last section is an Introduction & Phonic Aramaic Glossary of key words. This dictionary is based in the 1st century definitions of words. “The Enlightenment” is part of The Laws of Living Course presented by dr. michael ryce in our intensive program.

The Yonan Codex was Dr Yonan’s family Bible, it was put on display in 1955 in the Library of Congress. Yonan knew it to be incomplete, thus Yonan and Dan MacDougald set out to find a more complete Aramaic New Testament. In 1966, they found the Khaburis in a monastery on the River Khabur (thus the name Khaburis). Purchased and brought back to the Americas where the Yonan Foundation worked to translate not just the words but the meanings of the idioms found within. Y’Shua (aka Jesus) words became alive. Dan MacDouglad developed a course out of the findings called Emotional Maturity Instruction. dr. michael ryce was at the time teaching Lessons in Living when he and MacDougald met up and combined their work into The Laws of Living. Before MacDougald passed he left the Khaburis in the stewardship of the Western-Rite Syrian Orthodox Church. The Khaburis Manuscript is a whole New Testament of 22 books. You can see the photos of every page on our website.

We acknowledge The Yonan Codex Foundation 1974, HeartLand Aramaic Mission 1988 – 2014 and The Khaburis Foundation 2004 as part of the published works within “The Enlightenment”. While the translation work stopped several years ago, we have gained so much knowledge of what was originally taught by Y’Shua in the part that has been translated. The core of dr. michael ryce’s work is around forgiveness, which was interpreted by the world as letting someone or yourself off the hook for something that was ‘off target’ but that is not true Aramaic forgiveness. It is truly about going inside and removing what does not belong (hostility, fear, guilt, shame, etc) that then manifests physically, mentally and emotionally and is usually blamed on something or someone outside of us. It is about returning to our original nature LOVE.

Go to and under the menu Khabouris you can access the full introduction to the Khabouris, the use of the Khabouris as Source, about the Enlightenment, Historym Aramaicisms, Current Work, Be-Attitudes, Lord’s Prayer and more. You can purchase “The Enlightenment” from our Shop

We trust this answers your question on the Khabouris. We do MindShifters Radio, kive internet radio show Monday through Friday 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time, call in 563-999-3581 and press 1 to talk with dr. michael ryce for more detail.


“Does anyone know where to find how to pronounce each Beatitude in Aramaic and what each word literally translates as? For instance: D’bwashmeya – Deh-bwash-mey-ah – “In Heaven”
Thanks So Much! Cheers”
This may not answer your question 100% but we have a lot of information on our site at – you can download the poster – and we have four recordings of a discussion on the radio show about the Beatitudes
The example of the historically interpreted “Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” More properly translated as “You who have a maskenii (home) in Ruhka (the active forces from God), yours is a malkoota d’shmeya (heavenly estate).”
In 2014, every Friday was “Aramaic Friday” you can go back and listen to dr. michael ryce and Dale Allen Hoffman discuss the translation of Aramaic and the loss of meaning.
You might also find the Lord’s prayer translation / interpretation of interest – this is a YouTube video of Living, Not Saying the Lord’s Prayer
And scroll down on the home page of and there is a video of the Five Aramaic Keys to Life.
AND, today, June 7, 2022, on the radioshow between 1:00-2:00PM Eastern I will ask your question and have michael address it personally. You can call in 563-999-3581, press 1 to talk, or catch the archive later.

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