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Why Is This Happening To Me...AGAIN?!

Why Is This Happening To Me...AGAIN?!The highest praise for michael’s work comes from people who have achieved the top levels of accomplishment in their respective fields.

James Redfield, author of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and THE TENTH INSIGHT, states, “Of the approaches I’ve seen, michael ryce’s work is the most succinct and helpful at opening us to growth.”

William J. McKenzie, MD, former university professor and Chief of Gynecological Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, writes, “michael is a magnificent guide and personal advisor!” In this book we invite you to make him yours.

Somehow the repeated problems in my life are now explained. You know for four years I thought that therapy sessions were starting to make sense. Then I read this book and WHAM.I think of all the hours and money thrown towards my healing and all that was needed was this book. This book is a life opener. It has changed my life for the positive. Thank you michael ryce for making a difference in my life. – Chris Whittaker from Miami Shores, Florida (

Life-Changing! Dr. Michael Ryces’ book “Why Is This Happening To Me …. Again” has changed my whole perception about life, and my life. Raised in an abusive home I have struggled all my life (I am 36 now) to have peaceful and healthy relationships, that is yet to happen. Relationships have been the the most painful part of my life. There was so much anger in my home. Finally, this book gave me the insight to change my perceptions, and what I learned. The anger and fear are not a part of me, just learned and I can change that with these tools. I’ve always looked at Christ’s life as an example,as well as, other great prophets. They were always at peace no matter what happened or what someone did. I couldn’t maintain that behavior just by trying to emmulate that, because I didn’t understand about “our realities”. I would still end up getting angry and blaming someone and then hating myself. This book precisely explains how to be at peace with yourself and the world. Wow. I can’t convey how grateful I am for this wisdom. There are some relationships in my life I do not think I would ever have been able to ‘let go of’ if it wasn’t for this book. Now, I CAN have peace in my head and in my world. This feels so good. Thank You, Dr. Michael Ryce. – Cydney from Colorado (

I can’t believe someone has made life this simple. I’ve never seen such a simple, yet comprehensive presentation of how life works. And the worksheets work. My whole family is using the commitment on the back of the book, and even the kids are changing and actually getting along!!! It is a believable book and I love it. – A reader from Toronto, Canada

I could actually apply these ideas in my life. Exciting!! In reading this book I could see myself and that I am not the only one who feels the way I do. It was neet to see how Richard applied what Dr. Ryce taught him, I am doing some of the same things he did, and can now see a way to work out of the conflict I’ve been in for so long. This is how you spell relief, its working. I am doing the worksheets from the last chapter and things are changing. I’ve read every self help book I could find over the last ten years and this is the best one yet. James Redfield was right, I think this is going to change my life forever. Thank You Michael. – A reader from Indianapolis, Indiana

Remarkable work in relationships and taking responsibility. As a physician I was tremendously impressed with this enjoyable book. Dr. Ryce is clear and concise, breathing life into an interview between himself and “Richard”, a character-synthesis of 25 years of consulting with and teaching thousands of individuals in conflict. The conflict is often developed through and in a relationship(s). Dr. Ryce shows us, through Richard, the power of our minds and the need to accept full responsibility for each and every moment in our life. We are guided on a journey of acceptance of ourselves and others and we come to the realization that every instant can be seen as a chance to learn…and grow. Personally, the teachings in this excellent book transformed my life and I have since recommended it to hundreds of my patients/clients. I’ve even referred several of them to Dr. Ryce’s summer seminars in the Ozark Mountains and each has come back filled with gratitude, their vision of “reality” change forever. If you are serious about taking control of your mind and life, get this book and dive into a new and beautiful world of forgiveness and love. – Bruce R. Dooley, M.D. ( from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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