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Are you interested in living in a community of people who are committed to spiritual and emotional healing for themselves and the planet?

Forgiveness Works

Many people have tried to live together in community, but most communities fail. Why? We believe that they fail because they lack the tools for handling emotional issues that come up when people are close.

At Heartland, we use the tools developed by dr. michael ryce based upon the Aramaic teachings of Y’Shua. Most importantly, we use the forgiveness wake-up sheets. With all of us here being familiar with the forgiveness tools,
we share a common way with which to facilitate healing when things come up.

Try Our Forgiveness Tool

Will our forgiveness tool work for your healing? Try it and see.

Read chapter 24 of micheal’s book, Why is This Happening to Me … Again. It is available online for free.

Then, for the next two weeks, do two forgiveness wake-up sheets a day and mail them to:
HeartLand, P O Box 1901, Bristol, TN 37621-1901

You will then be eligible to apply for team membership.

For more information see Work Support Programs

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