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Healing your Whole BEING: Body, Mind & Spirit


Being WHOLE means cleaning up the inside and outside – it all works together and each impacts the other.

We often refer to Dr. Bruce Lipton who is a cell biologist and the author of the books The Biology of Belief, The Wisdom of Your Cells, and Spontaneous Evolution.  He explains how a person’s thoughts create a chemical molecule called a neuropeptide which then lands on a cell and changes the physiology of the cell.  We live with the chemistry of our

thoughts.  He also explains how our genes can be turned on or off, it is the science of epigenetics.  While we may be predispositioned by our genetics, they do not determine us unless we so choose.

We are creators of our own diseases, we need to acknowledge that and then become creators of our own health.  Wellness is a combination of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.  We are not resigned to be the persona (the mask) we currently portray but can change if we know how. If changes can be made at this level then one is addressing cause, but if one turns to drugs (prescribed, sugar, junk food, anger) to change the outcome then only effect has been changed.


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