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The Khabouris brings Ancient Wisdom back to the world

Hear the First 2 Chapters from the new book, “The End of Suffering, Resurrecting the Original Aramaic Y’Shua, the Christ“. Read the Be-Attitudes and The Lord’s Prayer interpreted from the Khabouris, and see images of the ancient manuscript!


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Enlightenment From The Aramaic – currently published work from the Khabouris


August 2001, I was appointed director of the Khabouris Institute which administers The Khabouris Manuscript. The Khabouris (also spelled Khaburis) Manuscript is a copy of the oldest known Eastern Canon of the New Testament in its native, and the original language of the Scriptures, Aramaic. The physical manuscript has been carbon-dated at approximately 1000 AD plus or minus 50 years. The colophon bears the seal and signature of the Bishop at the Church at Nineveh, then capital of the Assyrian Empire located today in the present-day Iraqi city of Mosul. According to colophon it is a copy of a text from approximately 164 AD. To read about the history of this ancient manuscript, click here. After 2 trips to Rochester Institute Of Technology the digital images of the text are available for viewing – click here for images of the Khabouris (Thank you Dr. Roger Easton, Keith Knox and helpers). You can view all of the 510 pages of the Manuscript.

High resolution digital imaging has been carried out through the dedication, and at the expense of, Eric Rivera. We acknowledge and thank Eric for his unbounded creativity and exacting work in completing the digital imaging project. Great job, Eric! blessings, michael Here is a link to Eric’s website.

The Khabouris Manuscript was on display for public view as an exhibit in the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery in Bayside, New York, while conservation work continued, thanks to Fr. Faustino.

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We will be publishing translation work from the Khabouris as time goes on. Thanks to Susan Rogers, Chief Preservation Officer at Huntington Library for your guidance on the preservation work on the Manuscript.

To date, the costs of our end of the Khabouris Manuscript project have been born by HeartLand. The expenses for high resolution images have been born by Eric Rivera. To support Eric, click on his link above. To support HeartLand’s work click donation button below.


    1. Hi Shawn, the Khaboris on the Amazon website is a book that says the Yonan Foundation? Publisher FHU Revised edition (January 1, 1993)? Not sure who that is, not us ….

      On our website we have a book titled “The Enlightenment”, originally in 1970 the Yonan Codex Foundation published the precursor as a small pamphlet just called “Enlightenment”.

      Our publishing of “The Enlightenment” is a work in progress as found in the Khaburis Codex, our last edit was 2014. “The Enlightenment” is 3 sections: an explanation of the Khaburis (Khabouris, different spellings are seen) and our work with the translations, then the selected passages from the work of Dr. Norman Malik Yonan that have been translated from Matthew and John, and the last section is an Introduction & Phonic Aramaic Glossary of key words. This dictionary is based in the 1st century definitions of words. “The Enlightenment” is part of The Laws of Living Course presented by dr. michael ryce in our intensive program.

      The Yonan Codex was Dr Yonan’s family Bible, it was put on display in 1955 in the Library of Congress. Yonan knew it to be incomplete, thus Yonan and Dan MacDougald set out to find a more complete Aramaic New Testament. In 1966, they found the Khaburis in a monastery on the River Khabur (thus the name Khaburis). Purchased and brought back to the Americas where the Yonan Foundation worked to translate not just the words but the meanings of the idioms found within. Y’Shua (aka Jesus) words became alive. Dan MacDouglad developed a course out of the findings called Emotional Maturity Instruction. dr. michael ryce was at the time teaching Lessons in Living when he and MacDougald met up and combined their work into The Laws of Living. Before MacDougald passed he left the Khaburis in the stewardship of the Western-Rite Syrian Orthodox Church. The Khaburis Manuscript is a whole New Testament of 22 books. You can see the photos of every page on our website.

      We acknowledge The Yonan Codex Foundation 1974, HeartLand Aramaic Mission 1988 – 2014 and The Khaburis Foundation 2004 as part of the published works within “The Enlightenment”. While the translation work stopped several years ago, we have gained so much knowledge of what was originally taught by Y’Shua in the part that has been translated. The core of dr. michael ryce’s work is around forgiveness, which was interpreted by the world as letting someone or yourself off the hook for something that was ‘off target’ but that is not true Aramaic forgiveness. It is truly about going inside and removing what does not belong (hostility, fear, guilt, shame, etc) that then manifests physically, mentally and emotionally and is usually blamed on something or someone outside of us. It is about returning to our original nature LOVE.

      Go to and under the menu Khabouris you can access the full introduction to the Khabouris, the use of the Khabouris as Source, about the Enlightenment, Historym Aramaicisms, Current Work, Be-Attitudes, Lord’s Prayer and more. You can purchase “The Enlightenment” from our Shop

      We trust this answers your question on the Khabouris. We do MindShifters Radio, kive internet radio show Monday through Friday 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern Time, call in 563-999-3581 and press 1 to talk with dr. michael ryce for more detail.

      Blessings, dr. michael & Jeanie Ryce

      1. This is amazing, I had not seen the reply until just now. I’ve seen the “Selected passages” version sold with “The Enlightenment” so I thought these were of the same works. Thank you!

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