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The Khabouris brings Ancient Wisdom back to the world

Hear the First 2 Chapters from the new book, “The End of Suffering, Resurrecting the Original Aramaic Y’Shua, the Christ“. Read the Be-Attitudes and The Lord’s Prayer interpreted from the Khabouris, and see images of the ancient manuscript!


Click to view all of the images of

Enlightenment From The Aramaic – currently published work from the Khabouris


August 2001, I was appointed director of the Khabouris Institute which administers The Khabouris Manuscript. The Khabouris (also spelled Khaburis) Manuscript is a copy of the oldest known Eastern Canon of the New Testament in its native, and the original language of the Scriptures, Aramaic. The physical manuscript has been carbon-dated at approximately 1000 AD plus or minus 50 years. The colophon bears the seal and signature of the Bishop at the Church at Nineveh, then capital of the Assyrian Empire located today in the present-day Iraqi city of Mosul. According to colophon it is a copy of a text from approximately 164 AD. To read about the history of this ancient manuscript, click here. After 2 trips to Rochester Institute Of Technology the digital images of the text are available for viewing – click here for images of the Khabouris (Thank you Dr. Roger Easton, Keith Knox and helpers). You can view all of the 510 pages of the Manuscript.

High resolution digital imaging has been carried out through the dedication, and at the expense of, Eric Rivera. We acknowledge and thank Eric for his unbounded creativity and exacting work in completing the digital imaging project. Great job, Eric! blessings, michael Here is a link to Eric’s website.

The Khabouris Manuscript was on display for public view as an exhibit in the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery in Bayside, New York, while conservation work continued, thanks to Fr. Faustino.

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We will be publishing translation work from the Khabouris as time goes on. Thanks to Susan Rogers, Chief Preservation Officer at Huntington Library for your guidance on the preservation work on the Manuscript.

To date, the costs of our end of the Khabouris Manuscript project have been born by HeartLand. The expenses for high resolution images have been born by Eric Rivera. To support Eric, click on his link above. To support HeartLand’s work click donation button below.

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