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In a world where disease care is confused with actual health care, each person must, if they want to thrive, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and in relationships, question everything they have been taught! Each must acquire sufficient knowledge and support to move beyond the brainwash of the profit oriented disease care, war and disease production industries that spend billions to keep people ignorant of what is really going on. Here I am referring to the giant industrial influencers that have the power, money and opportunity to brainwash everyone, including practitioners in their respective fields, to turn a blind eye to the way they contribute to the dis-eases and suffering in their own lives and in the world! Each who wants the prize of vibrant health must acquire the knowledge that will empower them to become their own primary heath care provider!
The answers we seek must begin with a search into questions that profiteers, in arenas we do not even suspect are contributors to disease, have convinced billions to believe are not even relative to the journey we must take. We are obligated, not just for the sake of our own, and our family’s health, but, in a world where, for instance, more women died in childbirth, in 2022 than any year in American history, some difficult questions must be asked of themSelves and those who profit enormously from sickness. Asking, and staying conscious through and facing what one needs to learn and undoing the brainwash is no easy task!
People will do anything, no matter how absurd,
in order to avoid facing their own soul.
One does not become enlightened by imagining
figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung
Today, in terms of your so called “physical” health, the most dangerous places to be in America, in order of importance, are:

1. A mind/body/nervous system operating under the influence of fear and/or anger.

2. An hostile home or workplace environment.

3. A hospital.

4. A restaurant.

5. A grocery store.

If understanding the dangers inherent in the list above do not immediately make sense to you then you have been mentally separated from what it takes to create health and thrive as you are designed to. If you are not aware that there are principles and action steps you can take on a daily basis, choices and behaviors that will enhance your youth and vitality, your natural birthright, in each of the above listed environments, you have probably been trained to turn your health over to “experts” that have convinced you that their “treatments” are the key to you staying healthy.
Few people are aware that there is a major difference between treatment and healing and that, often, engaging in one excludes the possibility of the other! The distinction between the two is an urgent one to make if you are going to fulfill the one of the most important roles you will ever need to fulfill – living every moment of your life in joy, vitality and aliveness! In today’s complex and toxic world, with the myriad of challenges to maintaining a vibrant life, even slight changes in each of the five areas listed above will bring profound upgrades in health.
effect your health on a daily basis – mentally, physically

with deaths numbering as many as 440,000 per year
A meta-analysis of such studies concluded that the average annual death rate from such errors in the first decade of the 2000s was in the neighborhood of 250,000. That’s more than enough to make medical care gone awry the number three cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. The limited data that exist suggest that the number of deaths caused by iatrogenic harm outside of hospitals is roughly equal to the number that occur inside hospitals
Having an understanding of the cause of both health and disease and the knowledge to determine what, if any, intervention is necessary are the most important skills you could ever have.
Restriction of circulation… Creates congestion… Swamp effect… Organs cut off
Intensity is not life
Higher brain function is cut off and there is no ability to comprehend what is meant to be comprehensible and experience, no matter how traumatic it is, from a space of Love.


WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF HEALTH? The most common cause of “physical” dis-ease on the planet today is stress related fear and/or hostility, processes introduced into physiology by the mind! Since these states of “mind” have been normalized, and are so common as to be called natural, what they are, and what they really mean rarely understood, or even seriously considered!

Fear and hostility are not only states of “mind” are also states that exist in the “body” and the nervous system. In fact, in medicine there is a term that describes active fear and/or hostility

If I hand you a silver dollar and ask what you see, you will probably

Death by medical error or accident is the nation’s leading cause of accidental death. Hospital medical records often do not list incidents of iatrogenic harm.

Unforgiveness disease

Native injustice… We are one.. Can anyone be healthy if on is not healthy
The Trouble With Antibiotics
“Nobody is going to do anything about this.” Big pharmacy, big agriculture and big money prevents action. Agriculture producers
When Antibiotics Don’t Work
💓 If we continue to extend our Being, Love, to those most would call “enemy,” we are flushed of the fear, rage, grief, guilt and/or generational pain they were resonated into our lives to show to us. This action happens as a result of Forgiveness and healing deepens in our physiology each time it is engaged! The result is a space is created for a new indwelling of Love in our own temples… This is the gift of Forgiveness! 💞
😇 Hand heating lowers postprandial blood glucose concentrations: A double-blind randomized controlled crossover trial using the AVACEN:

😇 A short video with individuals sharing their experiences with the AVACEN:
To learn more click this link… 💞
An important part of wellness means we must engage on issues such as the Industrial Poisoning of America’s Waters…

Preview YouTube video When Antibiotics Don’t Work (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Preview YouTube video AVACEN 15 Minute Experiences

Preview YouTube video Poisoned Waters (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Unforgiveness disease

Native injustice… We are one.. Can anyone be healthy if on is not healthy

Our objective, with this work, since at least  Today’s Newsletter is similar to the one you received last week but we have added a significant new, and complete health educational presentation. We heard from several people who enjoyed the recent offering and they wanted something more in depth so we have added several things including a link to a free download of the “Why Is This Happening To Me…AGAIN?!” book, the latest 3 hour live video of that Workshop and a recent MindShifters Radio show that explains the 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness Process in the most powerful way yet!

For the last thirty years we have only sent health information related to our Aramaic Forgiveness work in this Newsletter. In order to keep you informed on the best support we have, we are including a deep education on the most profound, non-invasive, whole body treatment, Class II Medical Device that I have seen to date. It is cleared by the FDA for relaxation and pain relief. It is approved in Canada, and Europe, for the treatment of the widespread pain of fibromyalgia. We are sending this information because of the profound effect we have seen on both my own (pain from injuries sustained 40+ years ago – gone after 6 months), and Jeanie’s health (gray roots turning dark after two decades of being grey??!!). The device we want to inform you about is called the AVACEN and, as I have come to see it, it provides a form of physical “Forgiveness,” (removal) which directly relates to what we have developed over the years.

We are distributors for the device and, should you choose to make a purchase, this work will benefit as we will receive a commission. If it is of no interest to you, you will still benefit greatly by understanding the information presented! AVACEN had a 50% off sale that expired 2 days ago but has been extended to March 31, 3034! The current sale price is the best (by $400) I have seen to date, for the AVACEN Home+ Unit, with a 3 year warranty. It can be paid for, over as long as 36 months, and, depending on your credit, with as little as zero% interest!

Jeanie and I have personally been using the AVACEN for over two years now and offer it is the most profound non-invasive adjunct to maintaining overall health that I have seen in 50 years of developing this work. I have never seen any medical treatment, before the AVACEN, where people say, “I love the side effects of my medical treatment!”

The AVACEN provides a natural, whole body wellness treatment, which gently, by infusing heat through a heat exchanger in the palm of the hand, lowers the viscosity of the blood so that it flows throughout the whole body more easily. It assists the body to open constricted micro-circulation, enhancing the body’s ability to process through, and release congestion, stuck energies and toxicity. As a result of the profound relaxation experienced by users, and where there is pain, natural, side effect, drug-free relief from that pain! We have had many reports of major symptom relief and a significant improvement in rest and sleep. By enhancing blood flow in ways heretofore absolutely unheard of, while making the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and energy more efficient, as well as increased facilitation of waste removal, the people we are working with are experiencing improved cellular function in both the brain and the body’s trillions of cells.

😇 Here is a technical 23-minute training I did for medical professionals at the AVACEN Corporation. It explains what happens physiologically when blood flow is opened throughout the body and how it assists one to move out of chronic Sympathetic (fear/hostility) Dominance by re-activating, by opening the restricted blood flow to the Para-sympathetic (rest/digest/higher brain function) aspect of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The above is audio only.  Below is the video.
dr. michael ryce – AVACEN and Parasympathetic Activation


dr. michael ryce

If capillary function is inhibited to any part of the body, as occurs with Sympathetic Dominance, and that inhibition becomes chronic, supply and waste removal pathways tend to become stagnant and congested. Congestion, once present, tends to become solidified, which, over time, makes it more difficult to remove. Micro-circulation, wich being the only delivery system for fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrition, as well as waste removal to and from the cell, all capillaries must flow freely when needed, or dis-ease results!

Sympathetic Dominance is a wonderful short-term solution to danger, but deadly if becomes habitual! One of the purposes of the AVACEN is to restore the “Rest/Digest/Regenerate/Higher Brain Function” Para-Sympathetic blood supply, which opens clogged pathways so that precious, life carrying, and cleansing fluids flow properly and restore equilibrium throughout the whole structure instead of focusing blood supply on the muscles and organs related to survival. 

Cleared by the FDA for relaxation and pain management, the AVACEN, a Class II medical device, provides a gentle respite from habituated stress. A refreshing self-treatment can, on a minute’s notice, easily, cleanly, and comfortably be engaged in anywhere and as often as necessary, both day and night! While eating, sitting at your computer, on the phone, even as a passenger in a car you can benefit from its profound healing action! People report it is their most important sleep aid. 

Those unknowingly living life in Sympathetic Dominance wonder why they deprived of the ability to thrive! An all-too-common sight – the old man, who likely is not actually as old in years as he appears to be, is stooped over with back pain, head forward and shoulders rounded. He is 2 inches shorter than he was in his prime. Sadly no one knows how to treat his disease, or even what his disease is, so they will call it “aging!” 

The unconscious thought processes associated with his Sympathetic Dominance are fear and protection, often accompanied by conscious or unconscious hostility which tends to result in ongoing back pain. These thought patterns, which prompt continuous relationship conflict result in a destructive readiness to spring into defensive action or rage – all of which are expressions of living on the edge of Sympathetic Dominance. His muscles are fatigued, cramping at the slightest provocation – night cramps, restless legs, jaw clenching and sciatic pain are all too often aspects of this syndrome. Digestive difficulties plague him, his breathing is shallow, elimination is strained because the organs involved are only properly innervated in the Para-sympathetic mode. He has increased blood pressure and is prone to stoke and heart failure as the circulatory system pushes harder and harder to deliver its precious cargo throughout his restricted and musculature. He is befuddled, straining to remember, due to the restricted blood flow to the brain and the resultant shutdown of higher brain functions.

As this self-inflicted assault on his system progresses, time is blamed but his condition has nothing to do with age. His degeneration is an effect of restricted circulation due to fear and a protective stance! This is the physiological out-picturing of a guarded, defensive life!                                 

Like the crystal-clear river that turns into a smelly swamp where a tree blocks its flow, the blood vessels and organs restricted by habituated Sympathetic Dominance become crystallized and congested. A properly functioning cell generates energy somewhat like an alkaline battery but accumulated acidic wastes inhibit that energy generation. Acidic fluids do not carry oxygen well. This creates an environment ripe for irritation, inflammation, and overgrowth of foreign organisms as blood vessels become brittle, congested, and dysfunctional. 

An understanding is presented in the presentation, linked below, of how the AVACEN helps the body recover from this long-term, acidic “swamp effect” created by the shutdown of the control mechanism at the “headwaters” of micro-circulation. Each body has somewhere between forty and sixty billion capillaries that are less than one-tenth to one-one-hundredth the diameter of a hair! These micro-streams that, while they are designed for the free flow delivery of blood and its precious cargo, are restricted. This mechanism should be continuously delivering fresh, oxygenated, nutritionally charged blood to our trillions of cells but becomes compromised and sluggish, in the fear/hostility state. One cannot be in protection and the creative state simultaneously! 

The gatekeepers of this system of capillaries are the Precapillary Sphincters, sometimes called the Precapillary Orifice – muscle fibers at each of the billions of capillary heads. When a threat is perceived – it only requires one thought – this mechanism instantly kicks into gear and restricts the blood supply to the rest, digest and thrive organ systems. It is activated whether the threat is real or imagined and choice is not involved. Remember, this is the autonomic nervous system which operates with no conscious thought or action! 

Para-sympathetic stimulation without undoing chronic micro-circulatory restrictions by opening the necessary blood supply, leaves the body in pain, frustrated in its ability to move fully and effectively into thrive mode. 

John Sarno, MD (June 23, 1923 – June 22, 2017) Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU, informs people that a 5% reduction of oxygen in a cell leaves that cell in excruciating pain. A slight reduction in blood flow, obviously, is a contributor to pain. 

The AVACEN remedies this problem by enhancing relaxation of the smooth muscle fibers at the precapillary sphincter. This reduces tension and related pain which are the functions the AVACEN is cleared for by the FDA. 

“Uptight” is a literal description! I propose, (though I do not use this term in the presentation) that the AVACEN is “energetically funding” microcirculation by the application of heated blood to tightened muscles, causing them to relax. Over time, by opening chronically strained Precapillary Sphincters, profound relaxation eventually become noticeably easier. As micro-circulation is restored and the flow of oxygen and nutrition rich blood occurs, organ systems related to thriving, especially tissue repair, are resupplied with the raw materials and energy they need. The crystallized deposits and congestion, we spoke of earlier, over time, are softened and the elimination of encrusted accumulations is enhanced. This opens the whole system to new levels of cleansing, regeneration, healing, and wellbeing.

If you want to listen to The AVACEN presentation again…. 

😇 The impact of the AVACEN on the Para-sympathetic Nervous System…


In Smiles and Blessings michael 💞

😇 A short video with individuals sharing their experiences with the AVACEN:

😇 For more information on the AVACEN, an introductory video explaining the AVACEN and our distributor link go to:

😇 Hand heating lowers postprandial blood glucose concentrations: A double-blind randomized controlled crossover trial using the AVACEN:

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here is a link to a Medical podcast, “Outside The Box” (1 hour and 12 minutes) on the Science Behind The AVACEN..

😇 This is a link to a 53 minute introductory conversation about the AVACEN on our MindShifters Radio Show…
The future of pain relief..
From Parkinsons, cancer pain relief, arthritis, muscular relaxation and blood flow improvement…
A conversation with a Medical Doctor who treated his wife for Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s related hallucinations and himself for anxiety, back pain and poor sleep:
And, of course, let’s talk about Forgiveness…

There is a whole article below and if you are interested, please drop Jeanie a note, with your phone number, at for more information and the additional $1,000 discount code.

The Home+ unit with a 3 year warranty (picture below) which retails at $4495, has been selling recently for $3495.  The current sale takes off an additional $1,000 which reduces the cost to $2495.00.  THE SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED until midnight, Pacific Time, Friday, March 31st, 2023.
They have a 30 day 100% satisfaction return policy with a 10% restocking fee and return shipping.
😇 Here is the purchase link….
If you want to I’ll be happy to get on the phone and walk you through it since the menus can be a little bit tricky!
In Smiles and Blessings michael and Jeanie 💞

Here is a full introductory letter with more details…. 😇 A little over 2 years ago we bought a new, non-invasive wholistic device called the AVACEN, a powerful new addition to the field of wellness. It is a Class II, FDA-cleared dry heat therapy device, designed and cleared for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; and muscular relaxation. In the EU and Canada the device is approved for the treatment of widespread pain associated with Fibromyalgia and for muscle relaxation.

In 2017 the AVACEN won the prestigious European OTC Fibromyalgia Pain Management Award for Devices and New Product Innovation. Health Canada Approves AVACEN’s Non-Drug Treatment Device for Fibromyalgia Pain (

Find information on that award and studies on Fibromyalgia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Plantar Fascia Strain at:

The AVACEN Dry Heat Method is uses a single point treatment method – the palm of the hand to provide a full body treatment – and is an entirely unique, proven medical treatment that research shows easily produces benefits much like those of a brisk walk, a hot water soak, a sauna or running, without the mess, discomfort or inefficiency of arousing a sweat response! It is so easy to use that people with severe pain can engage it several time a day. Treatment noninvasively and safely, comfortably infuses heat into the circulatory system which simultaneously creates a natural muscular relaxation as it increases micro-circulation and reduces pain and with an effortless, comfortable whole body treatment.

A hot bath is shown to reduce inflammation and control blood sugar levels much the same way a workout does and it can help release anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. Without all mess of a hot bath, sauna, or running for miles the AVACEN provides a gentle, clean heating of the blood which can provide these proven benefits and can easily engaged several times a day…

A University study provides more evidence that there are genuine medical benefits to heat therapy. One study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that bathing in hot water has the ability to improve cardiovascular function via dilating blood vessels, which in return lowers blood pressure.

These experiments all show that it DOESN’T MATTER HOW a person goes about their heat therapy. For the experiment, the 14 men were split into two groups. One group spent an hour sitting in a bath and the other group cycled for an hour. As a result, both groups raised their body temperature by 1 degree Celsius. While the cyclists burned more calories, those who took a bath had a 10% lower blood sugar level after eating a balanced meal (the equivalent of, a one hour brisk walk). Researchers found that an increased temperature for extended periods brought similar benefits as aerobic exercise and burned an extra 140 calories! I have friends that, in order to successfully deal with severe pain, have used the AVACEN as much as 6 hours a day!

These multiple benefits of heating the core temperature are theorized Heat shock proteins are molecules that are made by all cells of the human body in response to stresses. Their levels rise following exercise and passive heating. In the long term, raised levels of these proteins may help the function of insulin and improve blood sugar control. (Conversely, heat shock proteins have been shown to be lower in people with diabetes.)

It seems that activities that increase heat shock proteins may help to improve blood sugar control and offer an alternative to exercise. These activities – such as soaking in a hot tub or taking a sauna – may have health benefits for people who are unable to exercise regularly.We also showed changes to the inflammatory response similar to that following exercise. The anti-inflammatory response to exercise is important as it helps to protect us against infection and illness, but chronic inflammation is associated with a reduced ability to fight off diseases. This suggests that repeated passive heating may contribute to reducing chronic inflammation, which is often present with long-term diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

On a cellular level, micro-circulation is the body’s sole vehicle for nutrient and oxygen delivery, as well as waste removal. Poor micro-circulation blocks these functions and is a principal contributing factor to almost every health problem including diabetes, hypertension, migraines, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, early aging and degeneration. It has been estimated that 80% of the population over the age of 40 may have moderate to extremely serious micro-circulation problems. Injuries often interrupt micro-circulation and most non-injury related pain can be traced to compromised micro-circulation that results in a lack of oxygen to the tissue. There are devices that work to impact micro-circulation with external influences but the AVACEN is the only Class II FDA cleared medical device that reaches directly, and deeply into the whole bloodstream to enhance micro-circulation throughout the body… from within.

These are actual pictures of the nail bed of the ring finger, of the Non-Treatment Hand (demonstrates the whole body effect), before and after a 20-minute AVACEN treatment.
Before: Image shows the capillaries constricted.After: Image shows capillaries filled with blood after one 20-minute treatment.

After almost 50 years in the field of Wellness and sharing this device with several people since mid-June of 2020, I have come to the conclusion that the simple to use AVACEN is one of the most important holistic wellness devices on the planet – a profound adjunct to health and wholeness.

The AVACEN is the only bona fide Medical treatment that I know of where people say, “I absolutely Love EVERY side effect!” Reported “side effects” include darkened hair, pain lowered, emotional traumas reduced, significantly improved sleep, more relaxed… and dozens of other benefits to the mind/body/nervous system.

As you may, or may not know, the primary focus of my work has been 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness. The Aramaic word “Forgive” means “removal,” not “letting another ‘off the hook'” as our backward culture teaches.

As I see it the AVACEN supports whole mind/body/nervous system delivery of vital energy, oxygen and nutrition to the trillions of cells and in doing so acts as a vitality enhancer that facilitates physiological Forgiveness. It facilitates the removal of physical, mental and emotional energetic patterns that interfere with our primary birthright – vibrant health.

In order for the individual cell to sluff off its deepest levels of trauma and its accompanying toxicity and regain health, it needs, first, a boost in energy. The AVACEN provides that boost and, as it opens micro-circulation it delivers, on a level long ago forgotten by most cells, oxygen and nutrition. Simultaneously it clears Detox Pathways that facilitate the removal of toxins and acidic wastes – all vital to cell health.

Micro-circulation, which is the primary vehicle that supports cellular life and staves off degeneration at the cellular level is rarely thought about, but is critical to life. Capillaries, the body’s smallest blood vessels, being only two layers of cells thick and 5 micrometers (about 1/10th, with some estimated to be 1/100th, the diameter of a hair) are prone to strain, damage and blockage.

Approximately 40-60 billion capillaries that, end to end, would stretch over 100,000 miles, comprise a delicate mechanism which carries oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream and, at the other end of circulation, delivers life giving oxygen and nutrition to the 3 trillion cells in the body. Specialized capillaries that, when functioning properly protect the brain, and, by delivering their payload of nutrition and oxygen rich blood, keep the brain youthful, also carry out the critical function of removing metabolic waste and acidic carbon dioxide from those same cells.

Why, when you are hot, do your palms sweat and when cold you instinctively rub your hands together? Your hands are designed to behave as protective body temperature regulators that act effectively to absorb, radiate and insulate against extreme changes in core temperature. The palm of the hand releases heat when core temperature is elevated and absorbs heat when core temperature drops.

By mechanically drawing blood into the hand with its vacuum-enhanced system the AVACEN comfortably and non-invasively infuses heat, through a heat exchanger in the palm of the hand, into the circulatory system. By safely, gently and quickly heating the blood, the penetrating and all-pervasive healing properties of a protective low-grade fever are simulated throughout the whole body.

The conventional method of heating and cooling the body for medical reasons is from the outside but the AVACEN heats the blood through the hand and therefore warms the body from the inside. Minor changes in the temperature of circulating blood has been proven to create several extremely powerful healing effects.

The AVACEN infuses heat into the circulatory system at normothermia (normal body temperature) which raises the temperature of the blood. One of the mechanisms of action the body uses is to dissipate that extra heat is by opening micro-circulation, thus pumping warmed blood into the organs and deep tissue and to the heat exchange capillary network throughout the body. This increase in microvascular circulation results in significant benefits for arthritis and muscular relaxation.”

The benefits include a cascade of immune, cell communication, biochemical, hormonal and physiological enhancements that powerfully improve the function and efficacy of the small blood vessels which are, literally, the lifeblood of each individual cell and therefore each organ and the function of the total mind/body/nervous system. From absorption in the lungs, to the most distant cells in the structure, rare is the disease that does not somehow include an interference in, and restriction of the cargo carried by the vessels of micro-circulation.

When people spend years in the tension of fear and/or hostility, in the stress of conflict with the sympathetic fight, flight, freeze, fright and fawning mechanism activated, the resulting tightness causes not just muscle and joint pain but restriction of blood flow and a surge of epinephrine (cortisol). Persistent epinephrine surges can damage blood vessels and arteries, increasing blood pressure and raising risk of damage to many aspects of the mind/body/nervous system. Elevated cortisol levels are designed to create physiological changes that help to replenish the body’s energy stores that are depleted during the stress response. If this state goes on unabated a myriad of deleterious effects unfold.

Cortisol increases appetite, so that people will want to eat more to obtain extra energy. It increases storage of unused nutrients that can be converted to fat. Pulse rate and blood pressure go up. The person undergoing these changes also starts to breathe more rapidly so that small airways in the lungs open wider to more efficiently provide oxygen — but, to be effective, that oxygen must get to the cell!

According to Dr. John Sarno, when tension or blockages limit blood flow the reduction of oxygen availability to the cell induces excruciating pain which warns of damage being done and all it takes is a 5% reduction in oxygen to result in excruciating pain. Every pain killer comes with a myriad of destructive effects and potential addiction. The AVACEN provides pain relief without these deleterious effects.

Muscle fibers form what is called a pre-capillary sphincter, or pre-capillary orifice, that controls the movement of blood into the capillary, the only mechanism for getting oxygen and nutrition into the cell. These pre-recapillary sphincters have also been identified as a mechanism for controlling cerebral blood flow. Tension in those fibers restricts that blood flow. “Uptight” is the word used to describe tension in these muscle fibers and the AVACEN is approved by the FDA for muscle relaxation!

When people eat fat, chemical and sugar adulterated foods, sorely lacking in vitality and nutritional solvency, as virtually every commercially produced food product is, the very roots of cellular life are choked by congestion and the life sustaining branches of micro-circulation wither and become non functional.

Softening these tightened muscles restores oxygen flow and nutrition to the cell and improves the efficient removal of wastes through the resultant enhanced micro-circulation which tends to enliven every cell in the structure. If you are still and listening internally during an AVACEN treatment you will feel the warmed, soothing, oxygen liberated blood bring its life giving gifts as it gently nudges its way through blockages as it makes its way into previously deprived tissue.

The presence, energetically, of toxic content in the cell, and the resulting deterioration are mistakenly called “dis-ease” and “aging.” This unnatural degradation is largely reversible!

Here is an insightful presentation, by Dr. John Campbell, a senior lecturer of Nursing Studies at England’s University of Cumbria, rated one of the top 10 Universities in the world. He outlines the far-reaching, deep-rooted impact of a minimal raising of the body’s core temperature.

Since adding the AVACEN to my daily routine I have seen significant improvements in my structure, and that of my Father-in-law. I had what I thought was nerve damage to my toes over the period of the last 10 or so years. It seemed a permanent tingling and numbness at the tips of my toes was the way it was. On my 2nd use of the AVACEN that was reduced by at least 80%. At 5 weeks of use the numbness totally disappeared! A persistent pain in my mid spine, induced 40 years earlier by the overuse of a chainsaw melted after eleven weeks of using the AVACEN.

My Father-in-law, at 87, has diabetes and has had a great deal of leg and foot tingling and pain which has plagued him for years. Prior to adding the AVACEN to his regimen he was able to sit for a maximum of about 45 minutes before he was in so much pain and agitation that he would have to get up and move around to get relief. That pain and tingling has now been about 80% eliminated and today he sits for 2 hours and when I ask about his legs he often replies, “I have not even thought about them.”

Here is another powerful listen about the AVACEN by Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Naturopath and medical intuitive. Known as the ‘Doc of Detox’ he offers:Here is another powerful listen about the AVACEN by Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Naturopath and medical intuitive. Known as the ‘Doc of Detox’ he offers:

The AVACEN, through several different proven mechanisms increases T-3 activity, stimulates growth factors, and oxytocin production and releases bound oxygen from hemoglobin. The AVACEN also increases immune activity and nutrient delivery. It produces heat shock proteins that support the body in the adaption phase of the stress response as outlined by Canadian physician and stress expert, Dr. Hans Seyle. Heat shock proteins are also referred to as stress proteins and their upregulation is sometimes described more generally as part of the stress adaption response that enhances function and survival in every circumstance in which one finds themselves challenged.

Just as in the natural healing process when a fever develops, heating the blood changes its viscosity and erythrocyte (red blood cell) deformability (flexibility) is improved which allows them to enter capillaries that, because of inflexibility were previously blocked. The AVACEN’s micro-circulation impact is further enhanced as periphery blood vessels throughout the body open to dissipate the heat being infused into the blood through the hand. All of this is accomplished by heating the blood in a way that does not activate the sweat glands. It takes from 15-30 minutes once or twice a day. The same heating can be achieved in 6 other, not so easy, not so comfortable ways. Each triggers a healing boost, comparable to what happens with the AVACEN, when:

1. One gets an infection
2. One spends 30 or more minutes in a hot sauna.
3. 30 minutes or more in a hot bath.
4. Engages in extreme exercise.
5. Uses drugs or herbs designed to elevate body temperature.
6. Undergoes dialyses.

AVACEN is an acronym for Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement. It uses gentle, passive heating and vacuum technology. Heat is applied to the palm when one places a hand inside of the AVACEN which is about the size of a small bread box. The unit gently seals around the wrist, much like a loosely applied blood pressure cuff and a negative pressure is induced around the hand. This pressure increases blood flow to the unique vascular network in the palm of the hand. Notice when you are embarrassed, or flushed, you palms sweat. This sweating dissipates heat and the AVACEN brilliantly uses this heat exchanger in reverse to infuse heat into the blood.

Reported benefits include relief from the pain and symptoms of arthritis, Fibromyalgia, muscle strains, joint pain, wound healing, muscle spasms, diabetes, autism, sprains, muscular relaxation and anxiety. With twenty million treatments, and no reported adverse effects, using the device is totally safe. Of course, the usual disclaimer, “check with your doctor” applies.

As I watch the AVACEN’s effects on my own body, I realize it has profound implications for personal health as well as professional application. Jeanie is a distributor for the device and I am supporting in making it available.

In Smiles and Blessings michael and Jeanie

*PS… If you want to take your understanding of what is happening, spend $4.99 to watch the documentary, “All The Rage,” and become acquainted with a disorder he called TMS

Eighty % of people I have directly interacted with around the AVACEN that have had real physical and emotional challenges and have each experience significant relief from those challenges. About 20% of people’s experience is limited to its muscle relaxation effects.

Here is a list of real life comments from those people:

“My bone on bone wrist pain was gone in the first 15 minute treatment.”

“I have had the machine one day. After a drive I have to get out of my car slowly and take time to stand up and hobble into the house. We just got back from a long drive and I got out of the car normally and just walked into the house. I am amazed!”

“After dialysis this last year I felt like I have been somebody’s punching bag the next day. Now, with the AVACEN, I feel good the next day. My kidneys are starting to produce urine and I am stating to be able to urinate a little. Fantastic!”

“I had a balance exercise my doctor gave me and I could hold it for 1 minute until my stroke 4 years ago. I have not been able to do that exercise for even 2 seconds since my stroke. After 1 week on the AVACEN I can do 30 seconds of that balancing exercise.” (I observed that this gentleman with the stroke had a speech anomaly before he used the AVACEN. After a week it was gone.)

“I have been wearing a splint on a very painful arthritic finger. A week on the AVACEN and I took it off. The pain is gone.”

“I have had a very painful (level 8) trigger finger for about a month. 15 minutes on the AVACEN and it is gone.”

“Numbness, present for about 8 years, in the tips of my toes, was 80% gone in two treatments. 100% gone after about 8 weeks.” (that is me)

“Pain from an injury to my spine that has been present for 40 years, after about 6 months on the AVACEN, is 100% gone.” (also me)

“I have, for years, due to diabetes, had Neuropathy – pain that was disabling. I could, in the morning, work for about 2 hours and then the pain in my feet became excruciating. I could not work the rest of the day. Now, after 10 months on the AVACEN, I can work as many hours as I want and, after that, I have an ache in my feet that subsides after putting my feet up and resting. I can then go back to work.”

“Several weeks on the AVACEN and, with a lifetime of asthma, I can now take the deepest, sweetest breaths I have ever taken.” (that is me)

“I could sit, due to diabetic tingling and pain in my feet, for a max of 45 minutes, and I had to get up and move. I now sit for 2 hours and do not think about my feet.”

“I have needed to use an inhaler daily for years due to asthma. I now use the AVACEN instead. It has reduced my inhaler use by over 90%”

“I do a lot of outdoor work every day. My energy level is significantly increased and long-term pain in my knees is gone.”

“Long term intermittent back pain has been relieved.”

💞 “I am 78 and had polio as a child. My massage therapist, who I have been working with for 10 years, said on my last appointment, after using the AVACEN for about 12 weeks, that my body had significantly less inflammation and was growing new muscle. Due to x-ray verified bone on bone pain, and after 4 joint replacements, I could not raise my arm to drink a glass of water. My arm would just fall if I lifted it up with my other arm. My pain level in the shoulder was a continuous 10 on a 1-10 scale. After 12 weeks on the AVACEN it is now zero and I raise a glass of water easily! In the midst of moving, I packed all day. Went to chiropractor this A.M. and she said there’s really not a lot of adjusting to do. I feel SO much better I packed rest of my kitchen. I’m sure it’s the AVACEN. Big sigh of gratitude for the AVACEN and your tenacity.” ❤🤗🥂

“Hip pain woke me up 4 or 5 times a night and I lived exhausted. 3 weeks on the AVACEN and my hip pain is gone and I sleep all night. After the hip pain subsided I realized there was chronic knee and shoulder pain which has now disappeared totally.”

“My wife had a difficult and abusive early life. Under stress her sharp emotional responses were a challenge for everyone. Since using the AVACEN gentleness, or short lived sharp expression, has become the norm instead of her moods lasting days.”

“I had another, more expensive micro-circulation device I have been using for about two years. When I put my hand in the AVACEN I noticed instant relaxation and love the sweet sleep I get on it. I sold the more expensive device to get the AVACEN.”

“This past week I’ve noticed the pain in my low back has decreased significantly. Before I had the RFA (frying the nerves to inhibit pain signals going to the brain) I could barely walk. Within the first 6 weeks after the RFA, I could still barely walk/function. This past week, things have gotten MUCH better. I still have pain throughout the day but nothing like before. There are periods during the day where I’m pain free. So, after 3 months, things are definitely improving. It will be interesting to see where things end up after another 3 months.This meeting was really helpful for putting things in perspective in terms of treatments and expenses incurred over the past 13 years. Then there’s the toll the steroids and opioids take.”

😇 Here is a link to an article about the use of the AVACEN for the non-invasive treatment of Fibromyalgia…–sullivans-2017-new-product-innovation-award-for-its-fibromyalgia-pain-management-device-300535551.html

😇 See Bas Rutten share his experience! He is a UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three-time King of Pancrase World Champion, (Japanese martial art) and finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak. Bas has been using the AVACEN 100 to help reduce the pain and inflammation related to his joint, muscle, and nerve injuries. Bas has also been using AVACEN before, during, and after stem cell therapy.

In Smiles and Blessings michael and Jeanie 💞

Why is heat applied from the outside of the body inferior to heat applied from the inside?! The Biomat is a great tool but it’s limit is that the natural homeostasis of the body shuts down periphery circulation when the temperature reaches its limit in order to keep additional heat out.

Putting the heat into the body through the heat exchanger in the hand, directly into the blood does the opposite. It opens periphery circulation to release the heat so blood vessels and lymphatic fluids move more energy. Also, the viscosity of the blood is thinned by the heat so it flows more easily through those opened vessels, enhancing the movement of retained fluids.

To clarify, I offer the AVACEN device is a Class II OTC Medical Device. This means that the device is FDA cleared (medical claims the FDA allows for the device) as, “safe and EFFECTIVE” for (and I can personally witness to the device’s extreme effectiveness) “the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.” In the EU it is approved for the “temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; the temporary relief of widespread pain associated with FIBROMYALGIA; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of micro-circulation.”

Hope this clarifies the truth about the device and its effectiveness.

Smiles, michael

PS – I have personally witnessed dozens of significant positive changes in people’s pain levels and significant improvement IN their real world function.

The vacuum applied to the hand causes a heat exchanger, called the Arterio-venous anastomoses, in palm of the hand, to remain open, where it would otherwise close down when heat is applied. The heat infusion thus received, through the palm of the hand, causes the non-invasive whole body application of that heat, through the warming of the whole body’s blood supply. This has been proven to create muscle relaxation and capillary dilation which improves micro-circulation and thus a more effective delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the cell and renders removal of acidic carbon dioxide and the waste products of metabolism, on a cellular level, more effective. Thus, the AVACEN creates a powerful improvement in cellular function that medicine, to date, has had no way of even addressing, let alone enhancing.

To complete the understanding of the brilliance of the AVACEN, let me add that when the internal temperature of the body increases the mechanism of cooling the structure is usually to cause sweating and removal of that excess heat through evaporation. The AVACEN skillfully bypasses that mechanism and causes the required dissipation of heat by stimulating, on a deeper level, the opening of peripheral circulation, thus further enhancing micro-circulation.

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