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Napsha Storybook Series

All of the stories in CJ’s series have a “lesson” or deeper meaning.

All of the stories in CJ’s series have a “lesson” or deeper meaning. The lessons were developed by grade school teachers and other folks involved with the school who put their heads together and brainstormed to come up with some universal ideas to present to children in a classroom situation. The lessons were intended to help children develop a sense of self-worth and get along with each other. CJ is working on the illustrations for the second book now. There will be a preview of the story in a few weeks.
The 3 C’s of Creating a Conscious Relationship With Your Child
Parents and teachers will be interested to read about the “No More Monkeys on the Bed…” tape. CJ talks about her personal experiences and what she has learned from teaching, leading workshops and being a mother. She feels parents and teachers have an extremely important job. Learning the practical tools she offers can mean the difference between coping with a rebellious, angry, uncooperative child or establishing a healthy relationship with a child who is a joy to live with. The bonus is the grownups get to nurture their own inner child in the process!

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