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Is Consciousness or Unconsciousness Running Your Life?

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Three Minds: Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious

The conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind – we are not designed to have an unconscious mind but that is where we hide what we dissociate from in order to blame another. Forgiveness allows us to drop into the unconscious. Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Turn on the radio and the tuner is what links to a specific circuit or station. Potentially there are hundreds of stations available but all the other stations are not heard because the radio is not aligned to them. This represents the conscious and subconscious (continuously changing places based on the amplitude added to the stored information. Raised to awareness when amplified (added energy). Then the unconscious is what is suppressed. Holding the breath shuts it down.
Energetically we pull experiences to us – our ‘asker’ is not in the conscious but the unconscious. Focus is a creative act. We are told to take care of the heart, (the unconscious) for out of it comes the issues of life. Also the desert is the unconscious, and the old generations (genare = beliefs) have to die to move into the promised land (conscious creation). Most people spend 40 years in the desert. We give permission for it to come in and also permission to leave. A connection made beyond our control but yet it is in our power to release it.
Ask yourself, is there anything in your life that you have not dealt with that ‘gets under your skin or irritates you?’ Skin is eliminative organ. The structure is doing its best to get rid of toxic energy and you may have just hit a new vitality level and an ancient energy is moving out. Ask your skin what it is doing and then listen.
Hostility and fear is tearing you down. How do you make the unconscious conscious?  The veil (the barrier between conscious and unconscious) must be torn in two.

We can step in and do the work as conscious creators (takes effort but is easy) and or we unconsciously replicate the patterns (effortless but life is hard).  If we limit our view of ourselves as creators then our ability to transmute into joy and aliveness is likewise limited. This body of work supports “expansion” into a new frontier – Community of Love or the Space of Expansion

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – This law states that on an energetic level, everything in the universe is constantly evolving or fluctuating. Every action is preceded by a thought, with thoughts themselves having the power to eventually manifest in our physical reality. We can re-‘organize’ our structure.
Hippocrates said “If you are not your own doctor then you are a fool.”  And he said “If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness, only then it is possible to help him.”
Carl Jung said “We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate – it oppresses. And I am the oppressor of the person I condemn.” “The acceptance of oneself is the essence of the moral problem and the acid test of one’s whole outlook on life.” “That I feed the beggar, that I’ve forgiven insult that I love my enemy in the name of Christ. All of these are undoubtedly great virtues. What I do unto the least of my brethren that I do unto Christ. But what if I discover that the least amongst them all, the poorest of all beggars, the most impudent of all offenders, yea the very fiend himself, that these are within me. And I myself stand in need of the arms of my own kindness. That I myself am the enemy who must be loved. What then? Then as a rule the whole truth of Christianity is reversed, there is then no more talk of love and long-suffering.  We say to the brother within us Raca (means worthless, idiot, foolish) and condemn and rage against ourselves.  We hide him from the world, we deny ever having met this least among the lowly in ourselves. And had it been God himself who drew near to us in this despicable form, we should have denied him a thousand times before a single cock had crowed.” He says the state of suffering and wars can only be cured by forgiveness and love of one’s enemies. Applicable to the external and the internal situations. To love the enemy in yourself and call the wolf your brother. Acknowledge our dark side. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
Inherited Patterns (pg 130 from ‘Why Is This Happening to Me AGAIN?!’)

A more powerful presence of love will bring up what is less than – the healing crisis – refer to the vitality meter. The higher the vitality the deeper one can go. The Course talks about the body – we remain as conscious, active Love in the state of Being, but if we have generational patterns of hate, fear, guilt and grief, etc. we generate a false image of our-self identified with the ‘body’ and experience our-self as the false self. We are the created essence of Love and yet we have been given a different message. The false self blocks the truth. Progressively move toward the state of remembering who you are. Healing process may not be ‘dr. feelgood’  If the body dies then the function of the carbon based memory bank shuts up and one experiences who they are – Love. We can do that without physically dying.

Movie 1995 “Saved by the Light” Dannion Brinkley

Reset Rakhma and Khooba Love
Inner Child

“Our inner child is a part of ourselves that’s been present ever since we were conceived, through utero and all the developing years after where we were young and developing into tender selves: baby, infant, toddler, young child and middle school year.

The inner child can often recall good experiences as well as childhood fears, traumas, neglect or significant loss. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact event that is tugging at us, but we can start to notice our internal patterns that have left us a subconscious “bread crumb trails” when we start to explore our inner world.”

THREE EARLY MEMORIES revised 2017 Worksheet from Healing Through Relationships (PDF format)
WHEN I HEAL revised 2017 Worksheet from Healing Through Relationships (PDF format) used after the Three Early Memories exercise
What is passed on from generation to generation?
In this image below, the statue of the son is created using material from the father, representing sacrifices we make for our kids, or more optimistically, what we pass on to future generations.  (credit to designer Chad Knight)
A Power Person is someone in our lives who, at a given moment, was not functioning as Love and had more control over our lives than we did. If we perceived that circumstance as survival, then Power Person Dynamics that would tend to control our whole lives were set in place.
How do you heal epigenetic markers and free the generations from those patterns?
“It Didn’t Start With You, How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle” by Mark Wolynn

A student writes to her grandfather and hears back from grandfather even though he is out of his body. to Ancestor

Discussion of Generational Healing – MP3 Radio Show from January 27, 2022 (edited down to the last part of the 2nd hour)

“Healing the Generations: One Breath at a Time” by Jeanette Shaw – book underway

The mechanism underlying the process of generating perception is one where neuropeptides circulate and find cells for which they have an affinity and attach to the cell’s receptor site. Landing on those cells they insert themselves, appearing inside the cell as “chemistry.” These information carriers are designed to inform the cell about actuality, THE ACTUAL WORLD, or communicate about internal conditions and needs. Sadly, this process has, for most, been hijacked and compromised by errant perception. Much of this cellular communication process has become a rehash of unresolved, dissociated traumas from the past, often arising from patterns carried from generation to generation in the genes. The reflections of these unconscious processes APPEAR to be actual present moment experiences but are nothing but echoes of one’s past.

Understanding that unresolved generational issues are passed along in one’s lineage, I suspect, is what led Henry David Thoreau to write in 1854: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city, you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. BUT IT IS A CHARACTERISTIC OF WISDOM NOT TO DO DESPERATE THINGS.”

Social / Environmental / Community influences

Beliefs like the Law of Jante, which is not a real “law” but is believed by many.  The Janters who transgress this unwritten “law” are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against the town’s communal desire to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity. You should blend in and not do anything to stand-out or succeed beyond your previous generations.

The ten rules state:

  1. You’re not to think you are anything special.
  2. You’re not to think you are as good as we are.
  3. You’re not to think you are smarter than we are.
  4. You’re not to imagine yourself better than we are.
  5. You’re not to think you know more than we do.
  6. You’re not to think you are more important than we are.
  7. You’re not to think you are good at anything.
  8. You’re not to laugh at us.
  9. You’re not to think anyone cares about you.
  10. You’re not to think you can teach us anything.

The “Law” was first formulated as ten rules in Sandemose’s satirical novel A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks (En flyktning krysser sitt spor, 1933), but the attitudes themselves are older.  An eleventh rule recognized in the novel as “the penal code of Jante” is:  Perhaps you don’t think we know a few things about you?


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