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MindShifter® Support Group Videos/Audios


The year is 2020 and MindShifter Support Groups are often meeting via a streaming program like Zoom due to COVID-19. It is our intention to post recordings of the meetings attended by dr. michael ryce or Dr. Tim Hayes, as we receive them, for the support of everyone within the group or outside the group. Whether you are new to the process or very familiar with the work, often listening to an archived session can, as we call it, ‘build the brain cells’ for greater understanding.

  • Dr. Tim Hayes facilitates a regular Tuesday Support Group (info to join) and a Thursday Support Group (info to join) and those recordings can be accessed in the MindShifter-Academy website archives.
  • July 15, 2020 Support Group facilitated by Tim and Susan Bingham in Allentown, PA (video in MP4 format)
  • August 24, 2020 Support Group facilitated by Jurate Rubikiene in Cincinnati, OH (video in MP4 format)

Future Meetings will be listed under each location go to Support Group Meetings via ZOOM



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