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Marijuana and Other Anesthetics

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“An anesthetic is any substance that induces insensitivity to pain.” (Oxford Dictionary).  We would add “Addiction is the compulsive use of any person, place, substance, circumstance, activity or behavior to keep from being aware of your highest guidance and following it or to keep from experiencing and feeling sensations or emotions in the mind/body/nervous system.”  We propose that busy-ness is the number 1 drug and hostility, in all of its forms, is a close second.  Drugs include alcohol, marijuana (Pot, THC, medical marijuana), pharmaceuticals, anything other than a whole food, sugar, narcotics (including prescription).

“Drug Tapes: Marijuana Myths and Misconceptions” (YouTube, 1 hr 4 min) by Dr. Robert Gilkeson (1917 – 1993). Watch this video filmed over 50 years ago about the Myths of Marijuana and the Misconceptions.  Used by permission.  He prepared at Phillips Exeter Academy. At Princeton (class of 1949), he majored in psychology, was president of Colonial Club, and was on the interclub committee. He took time out for army service, and graduated in 1951.  After graduating, Bob went to Columbia, and then got his M.D. from Western Reserve Medical School in 1962. He did his postgraduate training at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and the Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He set up a pediatric psychiatrist practice at the University Hospital in Cleveland and in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  In the late ’80s, Bob was founding director of The Learning Lab and of The Center for Drug Education and Brain Research, both in Stamford, Conn. There he concentrated on progressive diagnostic research and treatment of drug-caused brain-deficiency disorders in adolescents. He also wrote and lectured extensively on the permanent damage to brain development caused by use of marijuana and other drugs.

Dr. Andrew Huberman, tenured professor of neuro-biology and ophthalmology at Stanford University reviews the met-analysts, published in Lancet Psychiatry, of 4,000 rigorous controlled studies of the “Association of cannabis potency with mental ill health (particularly genetic influence, schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder in later life) and addiction, a systematic review.”   He details how the use of high potency THC products by those under the age of 25.

See additional information on Addiction from our site and how this work parallels with the 12-Step Programs

Refer to AMENS Clinic poster on the Spect Images of the brain – healthy vs. unhealthy.

Doctor Staci Gruber is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuro-imaging Core and the Marijuana Investigation for Neuro-scientific Discovery THC Brain research… Dr. Gruber testifies before congress.(5 Min.)
A 60-minute presentation at McMaster University in Canada detailing cognitive impact of THC especially in young users.

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