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Processing Grief & Loss

death is nothing

This page ‘Processing Grief and Loss’ comes on the heels of a couple of radio shows where the discussion was about grief and loss and the work of hospice and holding the space.  Followed by the passing of Jeanie’s brother in 2020.  This section is dedicated to tools regarding Grief and Loss and how to process through it.

On MindShifter-Academy Dr Tim has a page on ‘Saying Good-bye to good people without saying good-bye to good memories’ (there are two audios and a hand-out available)

Excerpts from the radio shows of July 20th and 24th, 2020 on Hospice and Holding the Space

Suggests the Love Exchange with the dying

Movie “Saved by the Light” about Dannion Brinkley who died 2 or 3 times and returned to his body with great revelation

Movie “Rumor of Angels” with Vanessa Redgrave, a woman processes the death of her son and she develops a relationship with a young boy who is grieving the death of his mother and the healing of each other

“What it means to Hold the Space for someone” a family supported by a gifted palliative care nurse who came every few days to care for their Mom and to talk to the family about what could be expected in the coming days.

Further explanation at

Eben Alexander YouTube “Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the Afterlife”

Zach Bush MD, is a triple board certified physician and one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health. “I had one ICU shift that was very weird… During that night I had, in the middle of my 36 hour shift… I see three people die and I bring them all back… Their first sentence was always “Why did you bring me back?”  It is not the end, “what I’ve seen it to be is a massive expansion of consciousness, of reality, of awareness, and ultimately of love.” “We are going to transform. Period. And it may be at the point of our death or, miraculously, it might just happen right before it.”

Excerpt from radio show December 23, 2022 on Grief and Forgiveness Around Loss, question from Jay in Canada who started a local group called Grief in Motion

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