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Easing Through a Healing Crisis


When we deny and suppress something we don’t want to deal with, we store that data as actual crystals in our tissue. As we do our work and reach a new level of vitality, the crystals

melt and yield up the content that was held in them (the thoughts, feelings and old physical toxicities). As we face the negative energies that are moving back out we may also desire the drug used to suppress the original offense. Drugs include sugar, hostility and junk food (poor nutrition), as well as nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, etc. These drugs suppress the symptoms so we don’t have to feel them and hides the issue we don’t want to deal with or face. However, we can choose to consciously and willingly face and move through the issue and heal or we will face it unconsciously day after day as what is claimed to be “normal” aches and pains of aging. This energy field is not designed for aches and pains or “aging”.

Here is a further explanation of reaching a new level of vitality:

Imagine a vitality meter from 1 to 10; if you are at level 5 vitality and have a level 7 toxin, your body-mind unit has an automatic suppression mechanism that will not release that toxin into your system because it could kill you. When you reach the level of vitality that can handle the toxicity that has been suppressed then you will feel like all hell broke loose. Have you ever been “on top of the world” one day and wake up the next morning wondering if anyone got the number of the MAC truck that went through your room during the night?

Listen to excerpt from April 22, 2020 radio show MP3 on Healing Crisis  & on May 4, 2020 radio show MP3 continuation. Also, about thoughts and emotions becoming physical radio show October 22, 2020 MP3. Another discussion on healing through past (even generational) issues and focusing on healing not symptoms January 27, 2021 MP3. Jeanie goes through a Healing Crisis, and discusses it on the radio show May 26, 2023 MP3.

We have such a “go go” culture that we don’t give our bodies time to regenerate when needed. We need to have the willingness (cosmic grease) to go through the symptoms and revitalize and embrace the energies that do not belong as we move them out of our system.

Healing Crisis will look like:

  • Physically – like any physical symptom you’ve ever had (or what anyone in your bloodline has had) and low energy. It takes energy to go in and remove what does not belong
  • Mentally – like any negative thought you’ve had and confusion
  • Emotionally – like any negative feeling you’ve ever felt and depression

When symptomatic you can tell it is a Healing process and not a Dis-ease process by asking yourself:

  • Have you been doing more of the “right” things in your life? (Strengthening so your system can handle it – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – nutrition, exercise, relationship)
  • Just before you became symptomatic did you hit a new level of vitality? (The system can now dig in and handle throwing off old toxins)
  • What is happening with your elimination process? In healing there is an increase – moving a load out of system so it becomes more vital (it is decreased or restricted during illness). Eliminative organs are the skin, bowel, urinary tract, mucus membranes and lungs (through the breath). Mucus lubricates and traps toxicity – if it is not moved out it will harden in the system. The average person is carrying 10-30 pounds of hardened mucus…. when liquefied it is equivalent to ~100 lbs.
  • Are you craving the drug you used when the diseased process originally happened? (The old drug that helped you to suppress it in the first place – in order to not deal with it. Acknowledge the craving is there and then continue to do your work.)

Answering “YES” to the above questions indicates a Healing Crisis. However, there are things we can do to assist DURING the Healing Crisis to make ourselves more comfortable and make the physical release easier WITHOUT drugging ourselves and pushing the dis-integrative energies back into our system.

We are preparing a booklet Easing Through a Healing Crisis – if you have experienced a healing crisis and would like to share how you eased through, please complete the following form and email it back to us at We will acknowledge you for your idea if we use it in the booklet and/or at your request we will withhold your identity.

Healing Crisis – Includes this article AS WELL AS a completed example and a blank form (PDF format).
Healing Crisis Remedy Form – Blank Form Only (PDF format).




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