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You Ask, “How Can I Help?”

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Would you be willing to take on a project from home?

Do you have one of the following items on our Creative List that you are willing to donate?

Are you available to share your skills?

Are you able to give in Support of HeartLand and the work being done by dr. michael & jeanie ryce and the Support Team?

Please browse the following lists of support needed at HeartLand. We appreciate any support!!

These lists are continually being updated – so please check back often!

Projects you can do from home:

CAD USER If you can make simple CAD drawings, we could use  some of them for our rice hull building project. If you can make simple CAD drawings, we could use  some of them for our rice hull building project.
DATA ENTRY If you can use Microsoft Excel and have time to devote,  we could use assistance to input names and addresses into a  spreadsheet for importing into our database system.

Skills needed at HeartLand:

TREE TRIMMER We have several trees which need to be trimmed or cut down.
ROOFER We have a building (or two) which need new tin roofs.
MECHANIC Always something needing a mechanic’s skills.
PLUMBER Remodeling the HeartCenter – we will be totaling moving the bathrooms. Plus other plumbing issues in several buildings.
GARDENER Organic gardening plus hydroponic gardening.
DRY WALL / SHEETROCK INSTALLERS / PAINTERS Remodeling the HeartCenter and other buildings.
POOL REPAIRER / INSTALLER We have a swimming pool which has not been operational in years. Needs major repair and a system for purifying without chlorine.

Our Creative List (items we could use at HeartLand):

Cement Mixer Portable or truck size – we have several cement jobs needing to be completed on property.
Wood Stove This is the heat source for our buildings and we could use a new one.
Wood Splitter For splitting wood for the wood stoves.
John Deer Tractor/Mower parts We need a replacement engine for our mower, details can be provided.
Kubota Tractor parts We need several parts for our tractor, details can be provided.
4 Wheel ATV with trailer For hauling things around HeartLand, i.e. Rice Hulls and wood.
Garden Tools / Supplies Currently working an organic garden / greenhouse. Planning for a hydroponic garden.
Siding, Drywall, Paint For redoing inside and outside of various buildings.
Metal Roofing Materials To put new tin roofs on a couple of the buildings.
Building Materials In general, any lumber, finishing strips, you name it can be used.
Swimming Pool Materials We need several items, details can be provided.

If you can provide any of the above tasks or items, please contact jeanie at

Or if you have benefited from and wish to support this work financially, you can now make your donations online by going to the Donation Page. Thank you.


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