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  1. Here cori yesterday on yinka bookclub i could not ask because gyna took my time. So i am angry about her. I should Not because IT is about me i can Not for give and See how i can Do eventhoigh i know i should Need help please. Cori

    1. I will address this here and then I will have michael address it on the radioshow tomorrow and you can listen to his response as well.

      First, Aramaic forgiveness is not about “pardoning” yourself or another person for triggering your upset…forgiveness is about going inside and addressing your upset. It is about removing your anger, sadness, fear, pain so you can stay connected to Love regardless of what is happening in your world. It is about you not Gyna – she was just your trigger this time.

      See if you were doing a worksheet on this issue: Using the abbreviated sheet download at It might look like this…

      1A I Cori who am Love
      1B focused on Gyna
      1C we were on the Book Club with michael and Yinka 1D angry (and anger is a drug, it covers pain or fear, so if you go deeper you might see that your anger is covering fear or pain about not being heard) 1E she took my time and I did not get to ask a question 1F ?? what do you want to do to yourself or Gyna? Maybe punish yourself by not speaking up for yourself and maybe punish Gyna by yelling at her???
      2 choose Love and be willing to go through the symptoms of healing 3. Your Goal from Gyna … I want Gyna to what??? Stop Talking???
      Then there is always an underlying goal: so that I can what???? Have my time to talk??? Feel I am important too?
      4. Choose to reconnect to Love
      5A I cancel my goal for Gyna to Stop Talking and cancel my goal to have my time to talk 5B invite Spirit, God, Rukha d’Koodsha to incline me, restore me, assist me, help me (see the list we have in 5B) 6. After you cancel the goal and ask for the assistance of Rukha how do you feel? There is no right or wrong answer, it could be you feel neutral or somewhat better or lighter or it might even be sad because you see this is a pattern for you. You might see that not being heard or given the opportunity to talk happened with your parents or a teacher or a group of friends. I guarantee this is not the first time you have not been given the time you felt you deserved. Then ask yourself when have you not stopped talking or not allowed another person to have time? Think…maybe another sibling, friend, peer or coworker?
      7. structure a new loving goal toward Gyna – it might be “I will hold the space as you process and perhaps create the space to honestly and lovingly communicate about what came up for me and ask you to hold the space for me while I process”

      Hope this helps, Jeanie Shaw-Ryce

  2. Hi

    Do u all have a what’s app no? I do not have access to a Us phone line but like to listen to u and sometimes I want to ask questions. A what’s app contact will help much.

    Also, was listening to ur show on 28th November and u mentioned, parents creating opportunity for attack in the family. Can u tell ways in which patents do this?

    1. Dear Carla,
      What is your WhatsApp number? Send it to the email I sent you not here on the website. Michael will get back with you on the AVACEN. You can also go to our site or on our website
      Michael is listed as michael ryce on whatsapp.
      We read your question about parents on the show today November 30th about 25 minutes into the second hour.
      You can also sign into BlogTalk (have to have a BT account but it is free) and write in the chatroom while we are on-air. Directions are on our website at
      If you have a paid Skype account you can call in. Also, If you have “Google Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones” installed on your phone (must have a Google account, which you do – gmail) then just dial the call-in number. It’s free if you are connected to WiFi.
      Blessings, Jeanie

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