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Learn the ancient Aramaic tool of Forgiveness!

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CALL-IN LIVE (563) 999-3581


Every Monday thru Friday

12:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Dr. Timothy Hayes hosts the first hour


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1. LISTEN & CHAT LIVE! Free at BlogTalk Radio.

Click here Monday – Friday, 12 – 2 pm to listen to MindShifters Radio LIVE! Scroll down and click on Mind Shifters Radio with host Forgiveness Dr. Michael Ryce under “Upcoming Broadcasts”. Listen and Enjoy.

Join the “Live Chat” and ask your questions online

If you have a Blog Talk account (which is free as a listener) scroll down further, the chat room opens automatically once the host signs on. To create a listener only account with BlogTalk, click HERE.

2. JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Call (563) 999-3581 to Listen or Get Free Support.

When you call in TO (563) 999-3581, you will be given the option to either just listen or press “1” to be placed in queue to talk directly to michael.

Call free with WiFi and Google Hangouts Dialer

If you have “Google Hangouts Dialer – Call Phones” installed on your phone (must have a Google account, ie gmail, which is easy to do) then just dial the above call-in number. It’s free if you are connected to WiFi.

Call with Skype

You can Skype in ONLY if you have PAID Skype time

3. LISTEN ON THE WEB! Thousands of Archived Shows!

Our Archive contains links to thousands of Radio Shows.

You can find shows by year/month/day within the menu on the upper right side of this screen. If you are looking for a specific show, try searching on a keyword from the search box above.

4. LISTEN WITH A PODCAST PLAYER! Play shows on your devices.

Pick your own PodCast Player for Android phones and tablets or iPhones and iPads.

iHeart Radio ( allows one to access ALL of our 10+ years of radio shows where some podcasts only allow 300 shows.
Click this link:

We were picked up by Mental Health News Radio Network! They have syndicated us to over 70 stations.

The major ones are TuneIn, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Siri, Stitcher, iTunes, Google PodCasts, RadioLine and Sonos. Simply Search for MindShifters Radio or enter the RSS Feed URL:

Radio Show Testimonials:

October 30, 2018 Live Show (mp3 format)

August 2018 Live Show (mp3 format)

Dr Tim Hayes YouTube Promo for MindShifter’s Radio Show and this work (Promo for MindShifters Radio) 

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