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SPIRITUAL BUSINESS: Working With Purpose Rather Than Business As Usual

What Is the Cause of Health, Wealth and a World That Works for All?

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Jan. 24, 2009: The Greatest Atrocity Committed Against Human Beings – And How To Surmount It (approx. 1 hour taping)
Jan. 31, 2009: Genetic Healing – Overcoming Ancient Family Dynamics (approx. 1 hour taping)
Feb. 7, 2009: Working With Purpose – The Defining Principal (approx. 1 hour taping)
Feb. 14, 2009: Still Waiting for Your Ship To Come In – Which One Did You Send Out? (approx. 1 hour taping)
Feb. 21, 2009: Ancient Process Of Internal Forgiveness Is Key – The Link Between Abundance and Forgiveness (approx. 1 hour taping – “LIVE” from the San Diego Conference)

HUB PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CALLS – with dr. michael ryce:
Dec. 10, 2008: Communication Did You Hear What I Think I Said? (approx. 1 hour taping, 48.8 mb)
Nov. 19, 2008: Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?! (approx. 1 hour taping, 58.4 mb)

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