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Intensives Overview

The goal of the HeartLand Intensive Program is to support participants in expanding their self-healing experience and knowledge. Two things you can expect to experience at HeartLand are a deepening ability to use each of the tools michael and his family teach and also the completion of a large piece of your inner work.

Our travel workshops are taught in an information format with the goal of providing the best information possible and

an experience of the particular tools taught in that workshop. HeartLand Intensives are experiential, process-oriented workshops designed to support you doing your inner work and strengthen your skills.

Those who attend any of these workshops report benefits such as significantly improved relationships, finances, eating habits and freedom from many addictions. Many say their energy levels soar, their mental functioning and emotional stability are enhanced and their bodies trim ten to twenty-five pounds or more.

At HeartLand we do a variety of Intensives that last anywhere from nine days (see this year’s Schedule of Intensives) to a Work Support Program (WSP) of 40-day, 70-day or 75-days (pdf format) as well as an extended Super-Intensive Support Team program (1-year or more). Contact michael for further inquiry and/or for an application for any of these programs. The Team Program is an apprenticeship / work / study session where participants operate the center and participate at least once in each workshop taught during the summer. For more information see the workshop descriptions that follow in the Intensive Descriptions section.

Intensives are an important part of learning to share these Tools with others. A Teacher Training and Certification is available for those who want to teach this work.

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