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Reading/ studying “Why is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!” this is a great opportunity to study the book again with others globally.

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Dates: August 25th at 8:30pm London time – NOTE: 3:30PM Eastern Time

Topic: Hear My Voice Book Club (note beginning May 12, 2022 – there was a change in the sign-in Meeting ID and Passcode)

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Meeting ID: 898 9401 2819
Passcode: 54321

Yinka Banto ( has been running a free inspirational, self development book club for the last 4 years, its not just like other book clubs, they come together 6 times a week to put into practice the teaching of these books.

She came across and read “Why Is This Happening to Me … AGAIN?!” and decided to add it to the club.

At each book club she turns it into a workshop, so even if people haven’t read the book they can still go away and implement the techniques from books into their life.

There are over 2000 members in the book club and at each session there can be from 10 to 100 people join, it varies at each book club session.

She asked michael to attend at least the first meet because she felt she would need more practice and understanding in how to do the worksheets. She asked for support in how to bring this book and teachings to the book club or for resources that would help her. She felt this book / work would be really helpful and fits really well into the teachings and purpose of the book club.

Note: michael will continue to co-facilitate every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, until complete, time is at 3:30PM Eastern Time.

UPDATE: Yinka on vacation, no meeting August 11th

UPDATE: July 28, 2022 …
Yinka and michael led through a worksheet
Here is the recording from Yinka for July 28th

UPDATE: July 14, 2022 …
Chapters 4, 5 & 6
Here is the recording from Yinka for July 14th
UPDATE: June 23, 2022 …
Chapters 1, 2 & 3
Here is the recording from Yinka for June 23rd
UPDATE: June 9, 2022 …
Gyna processed through a wake-up sheet
Here is the recording from Yinka for June 9th
UPDATE: May 26, 2022 …
Yinka processed through a wake-up sheet on a ‘small’ issue that ended in uncovering a big life issue
Here is the recording from Yinka for May 26th
UPDATE: May 12, 2022 …
Here is the recording from Yinka for May 12th
UPDATE: April 14, 2022 …
michael went through a worksheet with a participant that became a hydra.
Here is the recording from Yinka for April 14th
UPDATE: March 31, 2022 …
Here is the recording from Yinka for March 31st

UPDATE: March 24, 2022 …
michael went over the worksheet that is in the book step-by-step.
Here is the recording from Yinka for March 24th

UPDATE: March 10, 2022
After an amazing book club March 3rd with “Why Is This Happening to Me … AGAIN?!” by michael ryce and his wife Jeanie who very kindly joined us and gave up so much of their time to us. (This session was not recorded.) michael ryce will now become a regular part of Hear My Voice Book Club coming to share his wisdom and powerful tools that will transform any issue or situation you’re experiencing, holding a healing space for you to do the work. michael will take us through his worksheets on one first session and second will be holding the space for questions.

michael has also shared all his free content and pdf for you to read and has a regular radio show. Open, inspirational discussion on the teaching from “Why Is This Happening to Me … AGAIN?!” by michael ryce. Don’t worry if you have not read the book, this book club is to inspire whether you have read the book or not. The book is the theme and YOU are the main characters. A very relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Keeping You accountable to all You desire & dream of. An open mind and a desire to learn and grow is all that is needed at Hear My Voice Book Club. Is there something in your life you keep repeating maybe different face but same situations, same relationships. Maybe Through these simple techniques and exercise teaching you practical techniques to inspire you to stand strong and conquer all you desire and wish for. This book will open up your understanding to the true meaning of forgiveness. You can change your focus by changing your self talk. Thoughts are how we ask. A thought about what you don’t want is as powerful as a thought about what you do want. Be careful what you ask for.michael ryce detailsgeneral book page online in English in pdf format find the App, just type in “HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness” in your App StoreHear My Voice Book Club runs non profit events so everyone can take part regardless of their financial statues.

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