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MindShifter® Support Group – Fritz’ Group Experience


Below is a letter out lining the experience of Fritz Dygert and his starting and running a MindShifter Support Group and michael’s reply to him. It is our intention to post, as we receive them, the experiences shared by MindShifter Leaders.


Dear Michael,


Our MindShifter group is still going strong. I look forward to our continued communication. As far as the group, where do I begin? I guess at the beginning.

During our first 2-3 meetings we spent time reading the instructions in the last chapter of the book and working as a group of 8-12 people helping one person complete their work. This process worked well until several people had done enough of their own work during the week to know how to complete the worksheets fairly quickly.

The basic format of the group went like this. A 2-3 minute check in about what is going on this week and what they would like to work on or do for the evening. As the facilitator I participated in this process.

Any newcomers receive at least 3 worksheets, a copy of the last chapter of the book, a list of the Beatitudes and an short explanation, and a copy of all of the Key Thoughts from the Why . . . Again book.

Then, as a group we would decide what to do. Some wanted to listen to your tapes, but it was decided as a group that people could take the tapes home and listen to them on their own.

During these first weeks the group had people coming and going, so we were often starting from scratch each week. This process also seemed to solidify in people the process of doing their work. Then, as a few people became more and more proficient with their worksheets we would check in, then break up into groups of 3-4 and do worksheets. As the facilitator I would check in with each small group to see how they were progressing. Each did very well.

One person completed over 100 worksheets and saw several patterns in her life that she wanted to change and did change. She stated that her whole life was changing. She became so excited about her work that she started another group on another night. She reports 5-6 people coming to her group on a regular basis.

Now that summer is upon us our group size has diminished to 2-4 people per week. There was talk that we should stop the group for the summer and begin again in the fall. I decided that this is not what I want to do. I want to be available for anyone who is going to come through those doors needing to learn how to truly forgive. And that doesn’t stop just because summer is here.

Last week there was a group issue. All participants (3) had the same issue and so we tried an experiment. That is, we pretended to all be one person and fill out the worksheet as a whole. There was a lot of discussion and the process opened each of us up in ways that none of us would have found as individuals. What an experience!

Each week is different and I look forward to each new event. My life has changed as a result of doing my own work, both in and out of the groups. If anyone out there has a question or would like some support I am available here at my e-mail address,

Hope to hear from you soon,

Your friend in the forgiveness process,


Dear Fritz,

Thanks for your note and experience with facilitating the MindShifters group. I think it is a great idea to continue to meet throughout the summer, whatever the size of the group. When I was first developing this work, I often had 1 or 2 people at a meeting, and found that each time I got to face exactly what I needed to heal in order to carry forward my process.

In order to develop the commitment to support the work, everything unlike that commitment will surface. As the leader of the group, and the one who holds the energy to keep it going, you will find that every reality in your mind, every reality that would stop you from changing, will surface for healing. Putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to walk through whatever surfaces will produce major healing for you.

Thanks for carrying on!


Dear Michael,

One member who’s done about 250 worksheets has begun her own group. She reports that group won’t let anything get by and wants to know “everything”. She said about 6-8 people are meeting regularly on Wed nite. She stated that her work has allowed her to get closer to her children and take more risks than she ever thought she would. Over the weekend our church had an “art” show. She displayed a piece of watercolor that was inspired by her worksheets and personal growth. She is donating it to the new children’s wing.

My personal growth continues as I struggle with my issues around my 14 yr old step son. He allows me to do several worksheets a week. I’m learning that my own limitations are what drive my frustration. Allowing him to become his own person and letting go of my control are difficult. I find a lot of issues that do not look like love and the group encourages me to stop and find out what is driving me.

A new group member showed up last week and we were able to share what the group has been doing and helped him do his first worksheet. He appears ready to dive into them. I look forward to continuing the work.


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