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by dr. michael ryce (edited 7/24/2019)


What is the cause all of the seemingly unresolvable pain, anger and suffering in the world?

You are about to be introduced to a tool designed to resolve, over time, ALL pain and suffering. This presentation is meant to teach precisely how first century Aramaic Forgiveness was defined, taught and practiced in a person’s day to day life.

Contrary to what the world generally presents as Forgiveness today, where one is encouraged to “Forgive” others, to “let others off the hook,” for one’s inner experience of rage, fear, pain, confusion and the myriad of other disturbed states that arouse blame in most people, the original Aramaic teaching on Forgiveness was a strictly internal process.

“True Aramaic Forgiveness is a simple tool that removes any form of suffering, pain, fear and/or hostility from within and empowers me to wake up to the joy of my True Nature, Love.”

This article is Informed by a synthesis of science, spiritual psychology, brain / mind science, genetics, epigenetics, physiology and 1st Century Aramaic studies render a complete answer that not only makes sense of our human dilemma but makes it understandable and, most importantly, resolvable!

Where is the missing peace?

You are drinking coffee, and someone bumps your arm and your coffee spills. Why did the coffee spill? The spill obviously occurred because of the bump on your arm but the reason for coffee being all over everything… is… there was coffee in your cup!

THAT you spilled and WHAT you spilled are two totally different matters. But the mind tends to blend them into one and get stuck in errant conclusions that seem logical – “I spilled my coffee because you bumped my arm!”

Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea. If it had been orange juice, obviously the mess would have been orange juice. The spill had to do with being bumped and the coffee was the CONTENT of the cup. The non-thinking mind, a mind with little discernment, tends to see the spill and the content as one in the same, but they are not.

It is inevitable – life bumps and squeezes each of us and whatever content we are hold within… comes out… AGAIN! and AGAIN!

The question becomes: “What is in my cup?” When under stress, what seeps into awareness and oozes out of me? Love, joy, aliveness, enthusiasm, gratitude and serenity? Or the self-inflicted dis-ease states of fear, frustration, rage, sarcasm, put downs and attack? Are there qualities of energy that lead to errant “thinking?” Energies that distort our perception and experience?

Y’Shua, (aka Jesus) 2000 years ago, in the book of Thomas, was invited to return attack for attack and responds to that invitation by saying, “I have none of that in my store.”

Long ago – for most, far beneath recall, somewhere in our past, perhaps even in our genes, destructive decisions were made. Content was installed! Few understand that early interactions with a Power Person sets the stage (it can be changed) for what comes out when we are squeezed.

A Power Person is someone in our lives who, at a given moment, was not functioning as Love and had more control over our lives than we did. If we perceived that circumstance as survival, then Power Person Dynamics that would tend to control our whole lives were set in place. (See the video, Codependence to Interdependence.)

If you have been abandoned, attacked, victimized and either verbally, physically or sexually abused, the voices and behaviors that perpetrated the offenses will attempt to speak through you as you. Those dynamics will tend to control your perceptions – your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Without internal Aramaic Forgiveness this is what will run your whole life – perhaps against your own will and choice!

When under the influence of the Power Person Dynamic only 3 behaviors are possible. Until resolved and healed the dynamics expressed will be controlled by the level of stress we are under – on how hard life is squeezing us. When low/no stress we will tend to do whatever we did to get along with our Power Person. As stress starts to build, we shift to doing whatever we did to resist and survive with our Power Person. When ultra-stressed the mind will counsel us to do what our Power Person did to us that we hated the most!

When life squeezes us, we get to look at that Power Person dynamic, at what we are full of. Most will lie to themselves and engage in the false narrative that they are only steeped in or exuding rage or viciousness, sadness or fear, criticism or condemnation and victim hood because they have been squeezed. They insist the squeeze is CAUSE, when, in truth, it is only the TRIGGER. Pretending that what comes up in the way of words, feelings and behaviors is caused by the squeeze, rather than that squeeze revealing content already there, one hides from themselves the opportunity to heal, to remove the pained underpinnings of their repeating disturbed states.

The mind that functions this way tends to overlay events with content and blurs the distinction. By so doing events in a person’s life and content aroused by those events are confused and the mind tricks itself into thinking that events CAUSE content rather than realizing that events can only REVEAL content. Typical language for one caught in this error are made up of statements like, “You made me mad!” You hurt me!”” You made me afraid!” “You, you really have a problem!!” If they are the one with the problem, why am I the one with the pain? Something about that really doesn’t make sense. If they’re the one with the problem they would be the one with the pain! If I have pain and think it’s their problem, perhaps I have a problem that I hide from myself. It is called the unconscious. Hiding something from myself to the point where I lose awareness of it is called dissociation.

The simple act of thinking, or speaking, as though something outside of us is the cause of something happening inside of us is called denial. Living in denial means we dissociate from the real cause of upset, hiding the content of our own minds and refuse to allow that content to enter conscious awareness. The result of this error is destructive blame.

Blame, the act of putting responsibility outside of ourselves for content that belongs to us, leaves us stuck in the error of thinking others have to change in order for us to be happy. When in denial and blame life becomes infinitely more complex because blame brings along its brothers, fear and hostility and a whole host of life destroying emotions.

The father of hostility is the desire to anesthetize pain whose cause appears to be outside of us but is really within.

The mind so misled has set itself on a path where painful content cannot be removed or resolved because the world it inhabits, the world it perceives shows only evidence of the self-perpetuating lie that someone else is to blame for what it is felt and experienced. One now only gets to see evidence of the lie – “Someone else is responsible for my pained content!”

Breaking away from this self-created false sense of life and self is somewhat like a rocket firing into space. There is a gravitational force that acts to keep the rocket in its orbit. There must be a force generated that allows the rocket to break out of the influence of gravity. (SELF gravity is called inertia.)

1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness creates the releasing force that eradicates pained, disturbing content – if you understand how to apply it! The aim of this book is to make the 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness Process universally available. Forgiveness has nothing to with the errant Greek idea that we should let others of the hook for the pain generated within, for OUR content but, rather, is the tool for REMOVING said pained content!

What, instantly, without thought, comes out of you when stressed? More importantly, if you would rather be doing differently, how do you rid yourself of it? This is the question of the ages and if you have ever been controlled by the distortions in perception that we can lock ourselves into with fear and/or hostility, it takes great courage to step up to the plate, acquire the tools and then take the time to do what it takes to heal. This book LITERALLY puts 40 years of full-time diligent work into a short few hours and investing the time to understand the process will pay a lifetime of dividends.

If you are interested in being free of what you have been carrying around, probably for generations, take some time – and it will take significant time – to engage these tools. They are only for those ready to own the fact that they are creators and give up their infantile belief in victim hood and blame and the need for defensiveness and rage. You will, in the process, realize the self-destructive effects of fear, blame, rage and its cousins, grief and loss, as you are undoing the brainwash of the fear-based world and are restored to Love.

Your USE of the tools we are about to present are going to profoundly change your life! Through the internal 1st Century Aramaic Process of Forgiveness we get to DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE AND EXPRESS YOUR TRUE NATURE, which is Love. Click this link to listen to the results real people, who have taken the time to step into the use of these tools, have experienced:

It is important to understand that Love is a noun, a state of BEING, that I can maintain, with practice, no matter what another does, unless degrading content overrides my True Nature, the Love that I am. If I mistakenly believe Love is a verb, as our culture has misled us into thinking, I attempt to achieve the impossible – to “Love!” you.

Here is how you prove to yourself that Love is a noun – have you ever held a Newborn? Love, right? Is the Newborn “Loving” You? No, the Newborn IS LOVE ♡

One of the core misunderstandings of writings from the world’s most famous textbook on living AS Love, physics, physiology, psychology, cognitive science and genetics comes from a book that almost no one knows IS a textbook on those topics! We have been FOOLED into thinking of it as a religious text.

Greek translations of the opening words in New Testament book of John errantly say, “In the beginning was the word and the word became flesh…” – a total misrepresentation! Properly translated, in the original spoken

Aramaic, those words say, “In the beginning was the MIND ENERGY and the MIND ENERGY BECAME FLESH!” Correctly understood these words inform us of the power we have over our lives, our bodies, and our “CHEMISTRY,” through CONSCIOUS use of our minds.

English physicist, astronomer and mathematician Sir James Jeans, says, “Today there is a wide measure of agreement, which on the physical side of science approaches almost to unanimity, that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought (organ-ized state of Mind Energy) than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as a creator and governor of the realm of matter.” Interesting the agreement between Sir James Jeans, one of the world’s preeminent physicists and the teachings of an apparently lowly carpenter 2000 years ago.

Nikola Tesla, creator of much of our modern technology, including alternating current, said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade that in all the previous centuries of its EXISTENCE!”

Bringing this understanding into the realm of healing and disease requires the surrender of many false ideas we have been taught to accept. True healing is not about belief but about the individual thoughts that make up the thing we call belief and the FORGIVENESS of those THOUGHT DISORDERS. In turn, because thought, it has been proven, is back of, and superior to the world of matter we now understand that THOUGHT IS THE MATTER! Changing thoughts changes the STRUCTURE of the “MATTER” that makes up your form!

Your “body” is a dynamic energy system, a cosmic soup of neuropeptides which lab research now shows are reflections of condensed thoughts. – See the book, Molecules of Emotion, by Candice Pert, Chief of Brain Biochemistry in the Clinical Neuroscience Branch of the National Mental Institute of Heath.

If one suffers from a thought disorder, holding disintegrative Mind Energy in their form, that energy, wherever stored, will create aberrant “chemistry” – dis-ease conditions within the cell – which is the source of ALL suffering.

Medical Doctor, Deepak Chopra, says it this way, “To think is to practice brain chemistry.”

IN ARAMAIC, FORGIVENESS is a tool for changing the brain chemistry of the past, for freeing ourselves from generations of imbedded dis-integrative Mind Energy – it is about Removal! Forgiveness is not letting people “off the hook” for the pain induced by the aberrant “chemistry” we have created within ourselves, within our cells, and therefore moving in us! When used properly it changes our cellular “chemistry” and dis-eases disappear – instantly. When, in turn, one engages in MIND ENERGY that is of an INTEGRATIVE nature – thoughts based in Love, Truth, Compassion and Caring – the tissue in which that integrative energy is stored is strengthened. Fear, hostility and defensiveness are disintegrative energies. They may seem to protect but, in the long haul, their promise is a fraud that always leads to pain and failure!

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of Truth and Love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always.” Mahatma Gandhi

Think a thought and a neuropeptide “appears” in your “body.” These neuropeptides are proteins, each a unique structure, a reflection of and built according to the blueprint created by the thought that formed it. Each neuropeptide is designed to inform, to carry the message it contains into the cell and directs the cell’s function accordingly. Each neuropeptide, when it lands on a cell, is replicated in the cell as “chemistry” and is the mechanism by which individual cells, which have no other APPARENT means of contact with the outside world, are informed, accurately or inaccurately, about the world that surrounds it. Errant mind energy – thought – becomes – and sustains dis-ease “chemistry” as long as it is present in the system!

Most have been taught to believe that Perception is a fact, an observation of external events, when the truth is that every perception is a construct of one’s own mind, accurate or inaccurate, and is constructed out of thoughts.

Perception has a quality. Those whose mental constructs are accurate, we say, are smart. Those with poor perceptual acuity? Not so bright. Accurate thoughts about self, others, and the world leads to accurate perceptions. Poor quality, inaccurate thoughts destroy perception and intelligence. Why? When recruited into activity by “thinking,” or events in the world, each stored neuropeptide (thought) becomes part of the individual’s constructed perception. This means that often, especially when in fear and/or hostility, our perception (personal reality) has little, or nothing to do with what is actually (actuality) happening in the World.

To build an understanding of the dynamic process of constructed perception read the multi-million dollar CIA research project on Intelligence and Perception (on The CIA’s conclusion? “PERCEPTION IS DEMONSTRABLY AN ACTIVE RATHER THAN A PASSIVE PROCESS; IT CONSTRUCTS RATHER THAN RECORDS “REALITY”… PEOPLE (continuously) CONSTRUCT THEIR OWN VERSION OF REALITY…”

Download the CIA’s study of Perception: Perception:

In his Ted talk, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, Anil Seth explains,

And here, Seth takes the understanding to the next level:

Language expert, Lera Boroditsky, Cognitive Scientist offers an understanding of the power of language:

Albert Einstein offers input on our purpose of becoming fully expressed humans… “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

We need to be trained into the language to be able to do the full work of healing.

Each neuropeptide is a “physical” reflection of a thought engaged in. Each thought communicates and inserts an energy, a message, into our cells. The messages received deeply impacts every activity of that cell, including changing the action of, and rewriting our genes (sometimes referred to as epigenetics.)

This mechanism of cellular communication was ORIGINALLY designed to inform the cell about the actual world, but a relatively new skill, perception, made by us, INTERRUPTS that process by INSERTING, in its place, an artificial construct, A MADE-UP WORLD that is a projection of unresolved PAST experiences held in cellular, or “body” memory, constructed using past thoughts from those memories.

The false now inserted, instead of awareness based in TRUTH and LOVE being the root of perception, is “massaged” into appearing as the present. An INTERNAL construct looking like an EXTERNAL picture. This process being what happens inside of most people tricks them into believing their realities are true about the world when they are only true about the perceiving mind! Formed from content acquired in the past these perceptual constructs, realities, appear to be current, present moment experiences. When these images and pictures are just replays from the past they are sometimes referred to as flashbacks. The untrained mind cannot discern the difference. On its own the mind cannot distinguish whether it is reliving an hallucinated reality or an accurate perceptual construct.

One of the markers that one is stuck in an hallucination is that fear and/or hostility are the prominent features underlying the mind’s constructs. They indicate current perception is being formed from the past and therefore is not the Truth. A thought from the past manipulated into the pretense of a live, present moment, is a lie, just an appearance! Recall we were warned, “Do not judge by APPEARANCES!” When these constructs, hallucinations, get between us and our “Loved” ones, and our lives, the results can be devastating. It always amazes me that people learn this but still believe that their minds, controlled by fear and hostility, are telling them the truth.

Unlike errant, external, Greek “forgiveness,” where we are told to “let others ‘off the hook” for our internally replayed experiences of sadness, rage, fear or trauma… we must learn to actually Forgive to be free! We must learn to remove our habitual thought disorders! The person or event you think ’causes’ pain only surfaces realities that are already within you.

With tools, our painful experiences can be the opportunity for monumental healing! Literally the chance to FORGIVE – to “undo” or dismantle generations of inherited, repeating traumas. (For deeper comprehension of these truths, read the book, “Why Is This Happening TO ME… AGAIN?!” FREE online)

OR download a free PDF of it at:

Life abhors us holding onto and hiding our “dis-ease” energies. Denial, the act of thinking or speaking as though something OUTSIDE of us is the cause of something moving INSIDE of us, is the main tool use to avoid looking at what we are pained by. This act guarantees we will experience, repeatedly, the impact of those hidden energies. Carl Jung said it this way… “Until the unconscious becomes conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate.”

Pain has a purpose – it is a designated fertilizer – designed to make our ears grow! It is a messenger that shows us where our “dis-integrative” energies are stored. Denial causes the mind to hide or dissociate from the direct experience of the painful energetic patterns that are moving in us. It seems protect us from pain. But our hidden patterns impact and distort our “thinking,” decisions, feelings, perceptions, behaviors, dis-eases, cellular chemistry, attitudes and creative processes. Since these are the energies through which we create our lives, life provides us with a bittersweet gift – resonance.

Through this law called resonance, life is designed to bring us someone who is in tune with our most powerful energetic patterns contained within the mind. The more we have pushed down and denied our pain, the more we blame others for what we are feeling, the more deeply our patterns are imbedded. Anyone who has matching energies, matching “bags of garbage,” anyone can show us our impacted “dis-ease” energies will tend to be driven to behaviors that will arouse in us what we have been hiding. Contrary to the belief that we are being punished, life is designed to show us what we have been refusing to deal with! By so doing we get to confront and correct those patterns. The tool of correction is 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness – a tool that leads us inside and heals the disturbed energies we have been carrying, perhaps for generations.

Instead of dealing with pain as life intended most get stuck holding these energetic patterns hidden. By so doing we create an unnatural state, an unconscious mind. Out of those unconscious patterns, a chain of events is created. A whole world – Perception – is created. A false world where we blame “them” for what we are feeling – what we are unknowingly doing to ourselves with our own minds – our minds use the energies moving in us, the energies resonated by THEM, to build this world of Perception – the picture world we see. It is we who convert these energies into images of “them,” false pictures, directed by our errant minds, and “they” falsely show up inside of us, with our problem attached. The way to tell this is true is to notice you are the one feeling what is moving in you.

For instance, a person who feels hate feels it because they are a container for hate and, by the way, hate kills. The hater. Angers kills. The angry. Another is the object of the hatred or anger and is blamed by the hater for the presence of the hate, but one cannot avoid the conclusion that hatred, or any other emotion, is an INTERNAL experience. Where is the place that the hatred can be CHANGED? ONLY in the CONTAINER!

The process of forming unconscious perceptions leaves us believing the fallacy that as we look at the pictures/projections generated by our brains, (self-generated), that our eyes are actually showing us something outside of ourselves! Codependence and denial is the belief that someone or something else is responsible for what you are doing to yourself WITH YOUR OWN MIND, that fallacy that someone else is the cause of you feeling what is in you.

Nothing could be further from the truth than the belief that others cause you to feel, or that others are responsible for the energy that is moving in you! (See the 1st video link below). This errant conclusion leaves us stuck in the belief that our, “Why Is This Happening TO ME… AGAIN?!” experiences are forced on us from the outside when the TRUTH is that the world of pained perceptions is a totally internal, self-generated, self-imposed world. This self-imposed world which, without having and applying the tools to change the content of one’s own mind, seems impossible to escape, is usually based on generations of errant perception, generations of unresolved pain.
Let’s look at a totally different perspective than the one taught by the world of blame. When we feel pain without being touched, that pain is often a generational experience that is up for healing. And as you free yourself from the capacity to generate any kind of internal pain, you will be opening the space to free your generations, and the ultimately the entire world. For each person willing to go to this level of healing, we hold in the deepest way possible, the space for you to come out the other side of this experience with a whole new level of serenity, a new level of aliveness that is beyond the understanding of the world! The serenity that passes all understanding.

The mechanism underlying the process of generating perception is one where neuropeptides circulate and find cells for which they have an affinity and attach to the cell’s receptor site. Landing on those cells they insert themselves, appearing inside the cell as “chemistry.” These information carriers are designed to inform the cell about actuality, THE ACTUAL WORLD, or communicate about internal conditions and needs. Sadly, this process has, for most, been hijacked and compromised by errant perception. Much of this cellular communication process has become a rehash of unresolved, dissociated traumas from the past, often arising from patterns carried from generation to generation in the genes. The reflections of these unconscious processes APPEAR to be actual present moment experiences but are nothing but echoes of one’s past.

Understanding that unresolved generational issues are passed along in one’s lineage, I suspect, is what led Henry David Thoreau to write in 1854: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city, you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. BUT IT IS A CHARACTERISTIC OF WISDOM NOT TO DO DESPERATE THINGS.”

In this last line, he gives a clue to his comprehension of what it is to experience yourself – Love – ACTUALITY directly, free of unresolved perceptual defects, a state that yet today is indescribable. We have no words for what is not YET in common experience.

If you can sit quietly in the midst of the turmoil of the cognitive mind, if there be any turmoil, and feel the underlying current of Love and Serenity that is just below the surface mind’s disturbances, you are approaching the possible Human Life.

If not, your untoward projections will ultimately destroy you unless removed! In the 1st Century Aramaic language, removal was called Forgiveness!

Thoughts based in Love ❤produce neuropeptides that communicate information that support its target cell’s aliveness and well-being with integrative, supportive, “chemistry”, (information). Thoughts based in hate, anger, fear and loss, when they insert themselves into the cell, show up as the “chemistry” (information) that destroys the cell, and are the root of ALL disease and pain. A healthy cell cannot be attacked by any organism! Each thought, each piece of chemical information, when stored in the cell either supports the life of the cell or the destruction of the cell.

If we are in pain or turmoil, WE are being warned that we have a thought disorder! When we engage in thoughts that create the “chemistry” of DESTRUCTION, pain is the warning that those thoughts do not belong in our structures. Thoughts, compressed into neuropeptides, when they land on a cell, create a sensation in the cell we call emotions. These emotions inform the cell, and us, of the quality of our thoughts, constructive or destructive. We are being shown, at the earliest stage possible, the eventual outcome of our creative processes. Sadly, most blame others for THEIR warning signals and subvert the purpose of their self-created pain.

Most people, when experiencing pain deny responsibility by blaming others for what they are energetically doing to themselves with the hidden parts of their own minds. We LITTERALLY create an unnatural condition of unconsciousness – we dissociate from and hide the internal dynamic of destruction that is self-inflicted – and blame others. Or life.

Most find a way to self-medicate – to drug themselves to cover up the disintegrative energies they are engaging in and hide their resultant pain from themselves. Everything from junk food to prescription drugs can be used to anesthetize and destroy awareness. Pain is designed to shake us back to awareness. Its purpose is to “make our ears grow,” so that we listen our own internal feedback systems which inform us when WE are “off the mark”.

THESE PRINCIPLES DESCRIBE THE ONLY CAUSE OF DISEASE IN THE HUMAN BODY! Bacteria and viruses do not cause DISEASES! Remember it is only the germ THEORY! The organisms we blame are called, “reducer organisms.” They reduce the presence of dead and decaying material. They are simply designed to have an affinity for dying cells and assist, like the lion in the jungle, in culling out these diseased cells. ALL DIS-EASE IS SELF IMPOSED!

The ancients counseled “Take care the HEART (UNCONSCIOUS) for out of it are the issues in life.” An ancient teacher, a master physiologist, psychologist, geneticist, neurobiologist and physicist, Y’Shua, (aka Jesus) 2000 years ago, added, “You must forgive (remove) from your HEART (UNCONSCIOUS) the wrongs (projected on) of your brother.”

Our perceptions – our “REALITIES” – are an internal construct, often, with little resemblance to and little to do with the outer world of “ACTUALITY!”


Our eyes do not see outside of us, they are not “Windows on the world!” The pictures they show us are an artificially created Construct! This artificially generated world is nothing but a reflection of an unresolved past, which tricks us into thinking that it, the world we, “see” is actually “out there,” instead of, “in here!” These constructs are our own private, “realities” that may, or may not accurately represent the “actuality” that is occurring, and ALWAYS tell us precisely the state of our own minds.

What is this, “HEART?” Y’Shua speaks of in Aramaic? It is the UNCONSCIOUS! Out of the hidden parts of the mind flow the energies that control our perceptual constructs, our lives, our ease or pain, our joy or depression, our aliveness or death! Y’Shua, in Aramaic, NEVER said to Forgive your brothers, a BIG mistake. Pardon if you will, but reserve Forgiveness for the ONLY place it belongs – INSIDE OF YOU! FORGIVENESS IS A TOOL FOR REMOVING DEFECTS IN PERCEPTION. Maintaining LOVE, your Human Life, in your mind is NOT religious idea, it is the highest fuel designed to keep a mind and Love on track.

Y’SHUA is telling us that what we feel – and blame our brothers for – we are hiding from ourselves! This is accomplished through the act of denial. When I speak, or think, as though something INSIDE of me, is caused by something OUTSIDE of me, I am in denial and, in order to make that false belief logical, I have to hide the part of my mind that is creating the disturbance. By so doing I create a hidden compartment in my mind. That compartment is called the unconscious, and, by definition, I have no direct access to it. Through repeated denial I strongly energize hidden content. That strongly energized content reflects as my creative process, and, at some point, is going to rise up, much to my regret, and directly control me. Short of a punch in the nose (cancel the thought) my denial causes all of the unpleasant sensations I feel in my body. It intensifies pain.

How do I tell if what I am feeling is created by me, or created by someone or something outside of me? IF I AM FEELING IT, I AM CREATING IT!
I say, “You made me . . . (angry, afraid, sad),” but that is an impossibility, a lie I tell myself. I am feeling the movement of impacted unpleasant energies I have hidden from myself through denial. And I have hidden them from myself by blaming you!

When a whole society buys into this blatant error, it counsels you to “forgive” OTHERS as though they are actually the problem in your life. Notice that if you have been through a particular painful reality 87 different times with 42 different people, you are the ONLY ONE THAT WAS THERE EVERY TIME!

The Greek translation of the ancient teachings on Forgiveness turned it backward and virtually everyone is talking about how they forgave… THEM! An impossibility! We have been taught to pardon in place of Forgiveness, which leaves us with no way to remove the generational dynamics that, until we actively Forgive them, eat us alive! Heart disease, cancer, every degenerative disease, divorce, all poverty and trauma has this as its root! Forgiveness facilitates restoration! One who engages in true Forgiveness, over time, shifts back to Human Life, Love, and a creative process based in Love.

Speaking about Forgiving THEM is like saying, “I am driving the Charlotte, North Carolina,” then getting in the car and driving to Birmingham. And then, when questioned, proclaiming the false as true – a pretense that you drove to Charlotte. You CANNOT Forgive another for Forgiveness is about removing painful content from your own mind! Letting another, “off the hook” or sending them best wishes does not give you access to, nor remove the hidden generational energetic dynamics held within your own mind!

NEVER forgive another, yourself, or anyone! Bad idea! Pardon them if you wish and, once again, APPLY FORGIVENESS TO THE ONLY PLACE IT BELONGS – INSIDE YOURSELF! In Aramaic, the word Forgive describes a tool with which you uncover and heal the dissociated parts of SELF, the root of all pain!

A true understanding of FORGIVENESS is, “to remove, or evict” from your UNCONSCIOUS, the past, that part of you with which you make up the perceptual reality, the lie that what happened, or that your brother is the problem in your life. Those who resonate our hurt are NEVER the cause of our hurt! We have been taught to blame ANYONE – ourselves and even the ones we cherish most! ANY OBJECT OF ATTENTION (BROTHER OR SELF) WILL DO WHEN IN DENIAL.

Y’Shua had a specific, “how to” technology for FORGIVING, for accessing and removing disintegrative thoughts – Decompressing, decoding and removing actual neuropeptides that distort cellular function – that do not belong in the Human mind or “body.” This is the true meaning of Forgiveness. The Greeks did not have a way to understand this, and they turned FORGIVENESS backward. They made it about letting others off the hook for what was going in inside, in our own HEARTS, which is the sole source of OUR ISSUES.

When in fear and/or hostility, how do we get back to Love? By accessing and removing the root thoughts that cause fear and/or hostility! In the 1st Century, in the Aramaic language, a tool for accomplishing that purpose was taught. Yes, Forgiveness! When properly understood and used its activity accesses and removes the generational impact of hostility and fear. Angry minds, (minds in denial), have universally made Forgiveness about letting others off the hook for their own internal conditions. INSANITY! Reminder: never forgive anyone for anything! Use Forgiveness to see, to access and remove internally generated DISTURBANCES (the only ones you can feel) and be restored to Love, your birthright!

In the 1st link, below, is how the insane mind makes it up so our stories seem logical. The 2nd video explains the whole mechanism by which Forgiveness operates, the 1st Century Aramaic technology of the mind that empowers internal healing.

Here is how the mind is renewed, transformed, and cleaned of the viruses and blockages of a thousand generations, including those that cause all insanity, addiction, divorce and death.

1. A 39-minute video designed to expand understanding of The Two Possible Worlds, how the mind creates it’s insanity, and clarifies the core of 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness: What Is the World, How do I forgive?

2. A 24-minute video that walks you through the tool of Forgiveness, “how to” remove hurt, upset, “dis-ease”, stress, fear and/or hostility from the Human system! Removal of unconscious pain restores awareness of the Love that we are and resolves addiction. Discovered from 38 years of specific work with the INTERNAL, 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness Process and ACIM. Here is a PowerPoint video link: link: PowerPoint by Bill Constantino

Also, the 1st hour of the latest, “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!” Workshop.
Why Is This Happening to Me AGAIN part 1 of 4 hrs

WE OFFER FREE SUPPORT 5 DAYS A WEEK, Noon-2 PM EASTERN TIME, JUST CALL 1-563-999-3581 – PRESS 1 FOR QUESTIONS. You can also email questions we will answer on our radio show

Listen online and archives at:

Have you checked out the world’s FIRST FORGIVENESS APP? (Congratulations Jeanie!) Go to your App Store and type in HEARTLAND ARAMAIC FORGIVENESS and you will be looking at it. And it’s free. Now includes the Drag-on – Kling-on game that, in a fun way, introduces Forgiveness to kids.

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