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HeartLand Maintenance FundRaiser

HeartLand Maintenance Fund Raiser 

The Present Challenge
Due to Covid, HeartLand has not been in operation since the summer season of 2019.  Likewise we have not traveled but are in Bristol, VA/TN taking care of Jeanie’s Dad and our granddaughter. We are doing workshops and services and even intensives via Zoom but our finances have definitely taken a slump. 

HeartLand expenses go on, we have one building that needs a new roof ASAP, taxes are higher and now due and other expenses like electricity continue even when the center is not operating. There is a group who want to use the facility in August so we are planning a Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work time to get the place in order.  We need approximately $10,000 to purchase all the supplies and food for the crew.

January 31, 2023 A “Go-Fund-Me” has been set-up pass it on.

The Plan
1. The new Shop on the website is now
functional.  We are offering a coupon code “Heartland” which will give 25% off ALL physical 4-hr CDs and 2-hr DVDs purchased (that is $10 off each item) PLUS, FREE FOREVER STREAMING of each item purchased (that is $20 value per item) PLUS, a flat rate of $5.00 shipping on Super Sale orders (regardless how many CDS/DVDs you buy).  All of the funds raised will be dedicated to HeartLand’s maintenance and financial costs.

2. You can make donations without purchasing anything as well. These donations are tax deductible while purchases are not.

3. If you haven’t visited our YouTube channel PLEASE DO SO: Another way of supporting us is to subscribe and click “like” when you watch a video. YouTube will monetize our channel but we must meet their criteria. We now have over 1,000 subscribers – thank you. While we have had over 47,000 views on our channel many of our videos are short (10 min or less). However, we have now added the Book Club archived videos and several workshop videos which are a couple hours each. To be monetized, YouTube requires 4,000 hours viewed every 12 months and we don’t have near that. It will support you in learning and us financially if you click on a video and stay there for more than a few minutes, stay for an hour viewing and click “like”- do this at least once a week if possible. This doesn’t cost you any money, just time, and it gets us closer to YouTube financially supporting our work. 

4. Sign-up for the Self-Study CoDependence to InterDependence and Communication Intensive (90 hrs) for only $600 see details

How Can You Help?
Please join in empowering us through your LOVE and donations to raise the needed funds!

Visit YouTube as mentioned above in The Plan.

If you are a friend of this work, and have benefited from it and wish to give a gift to support us in this project then the best way is to make a PayPal payment by signing into PayPal and clicking on “send money to friends and family” (there are zero fees taken from the funds this way) then enter the email address of – this account is listed as Independent Catholic Church Intl, which is HeartLand’s account, as a non-profit 501c3 your donations (not purchases) are deductible as charity on your taxes.

Or use the Go-Fund-Me above

Or, below is the regular donation button where you are given the option to use a credit card as well. Using the donate button, PayPal does take their fees from the donation amount.

Please spread the word, too. The more contributions we get, the sooner this project can be completed. Thank you and Blessings.

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