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Here is an holostic outline of the real solution to virtually all of the challenges facing us as humans! Such massive benefits for just a little work… With a detailed study of the CAUSE OF HEALTH, with the right tools and a true, holistic understanding we can each improve our mental, emotional, physical, relationship, financial, community, soil, food and climate health!

Millions are waking up, taking action and retrieving their power from the mind bending, propaganda riddled agricultural/chemical/pharmaceutical/medical/government/entertainment/marketing/educational/banking/military-industrial industry!

Chronic disease, divorce, murder, child abuse, criminality and other forms of family and community violence are strongly linked to devitalized processed food grown on abused dirt. Millions are suffering from malnutrition and brain starvation. Police, prisons, politics, therapists and corporations profiting from this criminally sad state of affairs will not solve this problem. But your action can!

Dr. Chelsea Singleton from Tulane University…

The roots of soundness in mind and body start in the soil. According to soil experts we have about 60 years of viable soil left on the whole planet! Soil regeneration is at the root of the healing solution! Your action can inspire a whole community! You can improve your health and the health of every aspect of our society by diminishing desertification/top soil loss, flooding, trapping atmospheric carbon, reducing forest fires, improve sustainability, grow farm profits and greatly upgrade food quality and therefore

💞 Actual food is grown in soil! You CANNOT grow food in dirt —chemically killing everything in the soil (which turns, soil into dirt) before planting the first seed — means agribusiness produced “food” is not actually food! Life expectancy in America is, going down for the first time in our history!


Save yourself 50 years by spending a few hours of intentional study and action! I suggest listening repeatedly if this is a new topic for you. The keys to true, comfortable, productive and exciting longevity – many decades beyond the norm – are here! It takes time to build the brain cells to change your mind… The most important step in the process… Let’s start with some Truth! We have been told the lie that time, and aging, are killers. Here are the facts:


200 % more is spent on so called “health” care in America than anywhere else in the world… We truly have a dis-ease care system – we are 17th in longevity and health… INFANT and maternal mortality is a disaster in America. SOIL HEALTH is an important key to longevity and healing!

💞 Time for the deepest healing and restoration. I offer that Human Life is LOVE and LIFE is best defined as Love flowing through a cell… bring your Love 💞 to the EARTH through your body and relationships!


Soil, designed to be alive, is where true healing begins. It is designed to be filled with billions of microorganisms and is close to extinction due to chemical pesticides designed to kill everything and turn soil into dirt. Chemical soil abuse, tilling, paving, agribusiness monocrops and desertification have scientists saying we have 40-60 years of viable soil left on earth! This abuse and destruction works its way up the “food chain,” causing unprecedented species extinction and is a threat to human survival! You can start the needed change in your body, from your back yard!

💞 Microbes in the soil… Lead to life giving microbes in the “body!” (3 minutes)

With the planet on the brink of ecological disaster, with chronic disease rates skyrocketing, many are wondering… “What can I do?” Watch “The Need To GROW” (96 minutes)

💞 We have looked what the soil of the planet needs. Here, look into what the “SOIL” of the body needs in order to thrive… Microbirth (59 minutes) Rent for 5.50 at:


Open in a browser to watch the trailer – then watch “Kiss the Ground” for $1 (115 minutes)

Take back your health – the disastrous truth about sugar and fructose that is urgent to understand… Healing the epidemic of childhood diabetes and childhood liver deterioration and so called “aging:”

The soda/fructose/uric acid/degenerative dis-ease connection… The lies about sugar…

Sugar (like cyanide) poisons the core of the cell… the 1800’s Americans consumed 12# of sugar a year — today it is 152#!

Drink your fat… Coke/fat

FAST FOOD DEATHS! Dr Stephanie Melkonian, of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, said: ‘We observed a 49 per cent increased risk of lung cancer among subjects with the highest daily GI compared to those with the lowest daily GI.’

Diets high in fruits and vegetables were found to decrease the risk – while increased consumption of red meat, saturated fats and dairy products are know to increase the risk of the disease. If you are going to eat animals, understand that environmentally-mediated epigenetic influences have a tremendous impact on animal health… At least select healthy, humanly raised and slaughtered animals!

💞 Healthy Aging!

Action needed… Foodgate: we have been conned by Madison Avenue and Agribusiness…

💞 Are you talking about eating vegan? Or eating junk?

I agree, eating crap will kill you. But that includes a meat based crap, vegetarian, vegan or omnivore crap.

A proper vegan eating regimen, I offer, is far superior to eating dead, decaying animals and introducing their genes into our own. So many animal borne plagues have been part of our degeneration. But food is never the cause, nor the cure for disease… But it can increase or decrease the vitality that results in healing or disease.

Start, even indoors or a small outdoor space, to grow food… What to grow…

Sequestering carbon dioxide:

Sequestering nutrients in food so it is loaded with actual nutrition…

What you can grow in a cold climate…

What Is The Cause Of Health? Fear, expressed physiological as “Sympathetic Dominance” is a key cause of death… what it does physiologically is interesting… 😇 The 23-minute recording below is a training I did for medical professionals at AVACEN Medical…

Your health can begin to change with the next thought, the next meal, the next personal interaction… Let food be your medicine…

Healing and preventing cognitive decline:

The cocktail you need… Kidney, whole body care, with a morning d-tox…

David Attenborough… 60 years of observing…

Dr. Elaine Ingraham… Building Soil Masterclass…

SATGURU calls for action…

How to empower healing the caretakers of the world…

💞 Rumi – 13th Century Sufi poet: “Love is the cure, Your pain will give birth to more pain until your eyes exhale Love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

Youthing technology… Regenerating your thymus gland… Reduction of all cause mortality…

Healing an exhausted brain…

“The active presence of Love is the Light in which Truth becomes visible and a viable option! ” dr. michael ryce 💞

What Is The World?

michael ryce

Do, and track, your Forgiveness work on creation’s only Forgiveness App – Search your App Store for “HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness”

Smiles, michael and Jeanie 💞

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