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The focus of dr. michael ryce’s studies has combined body-mind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness.

His unique syntheses of information and tools is acclaimed, “a powerful blend of spiritual principles and intellectual clarity, guided by the heart!” His workshops explain, with profound simplicity, how the mind/body/emotion interaction affects health, every event in life, and impacts our relationships. In each self-contained workshop, effective tools are presented to assist in creating high-level wellness and eliminating upset, lack and conflict. His book, Why Is This Happening To Me . . . Again?!, is an international best seller.

dr. ryce has a reputation among his peers as a teachers’ teacher and a healers’ healer. A dynamic speaker, he is much sought after for his skill in teaching the practical application of “self-help” tools. His work has been exposed, through private workshops and seminars and television and radio work, to approximately 500,000 people in the last forty years. michael has made a commitment to make the tools he has developed available to every mind on the planet and, as a result, his travel workshops are free so everyone, regardless of the ability to pay, will have access to the tools presented. Anyone with health, financial, career, or relationship problems can begin to turn their situations around immediately when they use the tools dr. ryce offers.

Many have chosen to include dr. ryce’s tools in their own practice, which is great, know that some adaptations have omitted the actual forgiveness steps. True forgiveness is not pardoning or simply ‘letting go’ but is cancelling the goal so the perception (current reality) collapses and then one can go inside and remove the root of the “Why Again?” experience even if it is generational. If you are a teacher of the work and we approve your adaptation, we will gladly post it on our website for your students to access. See and scroll to the bottom for a current listing.

We always say it is free and to share it freely, however, we do ask that with integrity you at least acknowledge the originator of this forgiveness process as dr. michael ryce. The bottom of every worksheet we submit:


Please, share, live, teach and support this work freely!
Your support is appreciated! For a “WHY” book and/or DVD/CD send exchange or a POST OFFICE money order to:
dr. michael ryce, c/o 273 County Road 638, Theodosia, Missouri 65761  954-205-4996 (95% of our workshops are FREE. Contact us if you are willing translate and make the work available to others)
15.00-book, 30.00 book on CD w/MP3, 40.00 – 4 hr. CD or 2 hr. DVD, 60.00 – 10 hr. DVD – plus 5.00 S&H each, or streaming MP4s at
FREE: Worksheet and book download – listen to MindShifter Radio Show archives or LIVE 5 days a week at or call in at 563-999-3581 – 1-2 PM Eastern Time
Please include this notice in full in 7 point typeface or larger on all copies or adaptations. (™) ® 1985-2021


A couple of well-known examples:

Collin Tipping acknowledges his radical forgiveness originated with dr. michael ryce

Joel Walton admits his is an adaption of different works including dr. michael ryce

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