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Why is this happening to me…AGAIN?!

“Why is this happening to me . . .AGAIN?!” “Why is every relationship the SAME?” “Are loving relationships even POSSIBLE?” These are common complaints, often accompanied by a host of painful emotions, extreme bewilderment, and […]

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Heartland Community

HeartLand Logo

It’s here! HeartLand is expanding. Many of you have visited HeartLand over the years and some have asked about the opportunities available for living here. Now is the time. We are moving forward in creating a model for structures and communities for living, that appeal to you at the level of environmentally sound, long life, low maintenance, quality homes, work spaces and leisure areas. A variety of possibilities for

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AVACEN Medical Experience

Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement (AVACEN) AVACEN Medical Experience: Dr. Nathan Newman Experiences: Clinicians Arthritis in the Hands Robert Klein, M.D. Internal Medicine & Rheumatology Santa Barbara, CA “She [my wife] had terrible arthritis in her […]

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dale allen hoffman

Aramaic Fridays

Aramaic Friday’s on MindShifters Radio with Dale Allen Hoffman Dale Allen Hoffman offers a living, breathing vision of the Yeshua (Jesus) Teachings from the ancient Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic Egyptian languages in which they […]

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michael jeanie ryce


MindShiftersRadio with The Forgiveness Doctor   Live Radio Talk Show call in number: (563) 999-3581   Every Monday thru Friday: 1:00 – 2:00PM EST     dr. michael and jeanie ryce   Learn the ancient […]

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Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement (AVACEN) AVACEN: How It Works (PDF format) Effects of AVACEN on Brain Microcirculation (PDF format) Thermal Imaging of AVACEN Treatment of Plantar Fascia Strain (PNG format) Fibromyalgia: Canada approves AVACEN for […]

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Time Head

Time is Not Toxic

If upset we are not seeing clearly. Inspirational articles from Living Life Fully–Aging and Enthusiasm by Norman Vincent Peale It is true that all our lives we are conditioned to assume that mental and physical […]

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The Be Attitudes

The Beatitudes

The Poster (pdf format) Listen to MP3s of Radio Shows from December 2021 between Mark Hattas & dr. michael ryce and the radio shows of June 13 & 14, 2022

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52379479 s

Intergenerational Healing

Intergenerational Healing Articles Letter to Ancestor – write to grandfather and hear back from grandfather even though he is out of his body Discussion of Generational Healing – MP3 Radio Show from January 27, 2022 […]

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