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Why is this happening to me…AGAIN?!


“Why is this happening to me . . .AGAIN?!”

“Why is every relationship the SAME?”

“Are loving relationships even POSSIBLE?”

These are common complaints, often accompanied by a host of painful emotions, extreme bewilderment, and a desperate “Why are they doing this to me!! . . .Again?”

An instant later, the culprit will be judged and sentenced. Full of remorse, the separating parties cry, “If only you would change, I wouldn’t have to leave!” Both parties, in their confusion, ask the same questions and reach the same conclusions, “I’m right! You’re wrong! It’s settled! Why argue?!” Each tells the truth but somehow they see opposite realities. The inconsistency of alternating from confusion to absolute judgment is seldom realized and the behavior that follows this mindset is usually bizarre.

In ancient times, this state of ‘confused absoluteness’ was known as “a house divided against itself.” It is caused by the dis-ease, Blockage of Truth, a state in which one is locked into and can only see error. In this state, error is called truth.

Seldom does it occur to the confused mind that, “If I’m present in every experience of my life, perhaps I’m involved in creating my pain.” Rarely does it occur to a mind to ask themselves, “If they’re the one with the problem, why am I the one with the pain?” Only for a fleeting moment can this mind conceive that it might have set itself up for what is happening . . . Again!

Pain signals a self-imposed dis-ease, Blockage of Truth. A person in pain usually identifies who they think the ‘guilty party’ is – and it’s always someone else – an opinion that is worshipped! An opinion that makes it impossible to see the truth! The typical solution is blame, guilt, and separation which initiate another downward cycle into more pain and deeper resentment.

Sound familiar?

There is joy and aliveness beyond pain and there are ways to heal the need to struggle! The primary requirement for healing is the ability to admit, if I’m in pain – I’m in error. This admission does not mean that the “other” person is freed of responsibility for their actions; it simply gives the person brave enough to take responsibility power over their own lives.

Responsibility, interpreted through a mindset of victimhood, tends to look like guilt, fault and blame – a totally invalid idea. The Truth about responsibility is that it is simply a tool that uncovers the hidden internal dynamics that lead to the confused absoluteness referred to earlier.

Next comes the willingness to do one’s work – to take a different action based on taking responsibility. Out of Love of Truth comes the ability to tell oneself the truth and heal. This makes what the world calls “impossible,” achievable!

Effective tools for self-correction coupled with a willingness to actually use them are critical to healing! Haphazard use of the tools will not produce the internal healing that is possible, nor the desired changes in relationships, health, or finances.

With the right tools, not only will healing occur, but, as a result of facing conflict with a responsible mind, a blame free mind, wisdom and empowerment will result!

A new mindset is needed to recognize and undo Blockage of Truth. One must redesign the personal thought system that has led to confusion, pain or loss. Healing starts with a ‘renewing of the mind.’ Though these ideas may at first sound crazy or impossible, thousands have healed themselves with the use of these tools.

Total explanation of this new, though actually ancient, thought system is not the objective here. That would take volumes. The goal is to give you practical, workable tools and a glimpse of the philosophy that backs them up. Another key to healing is an open mind.


The basis for all true healing, mental, physical and emotional, is knowing that the body is not real – it does not exist! Scientifically, this was best said by Albert Einstein when he said, “What we have heretofore called matter, is energy whose vibrations have been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter!” Ancient teachings called matter ‘appearances’ and cautioned not to ‘judge,’ or be taken in by them.

What appears as a body is an energy field, integrated and organized by what is back of and superior to it. The field is not self existent and there are organizing principles behind it – principles that can be known and harnessed.

There are two basic qualities of organizing energy superior to and back of any energy field, including the ‘body’:  1. Integrative -expressed in humans as Love, enthusiasm, and joy which manifest as creativity, health, beauty and aliveness.  2. Disintegrative – expressed in humans as fear, blame, anger, criticism and revenge which manifest as pain, suffering and dis-ease.

The ancients called disintegrative energy ‘sin’ or ‘defiling the temple,’ cautioning that if these energies are stored in the “body,” it violates the integrity of the host tissue, causing the deterioration we refer to as dis-ease. The wages, or result, of ‘defiling the temple’ is that the energy system decays and eventually dies.

This understanding and warning, which is usually interpreted as some kind of punishment or threat from the Creator, came from an energy based knowledge of physiology, not religious dogma!!

The beauty of recognizing and taking charge of these powerful, primary energies is that we are at choice. We are not their victims, but are the ones who put them in place and can change them at will.

The quality of these underlying energies, our choices, is the cause of everything – the health of our bodies, minds, lives, relationships and finances – every circumstance we seem to arrive at by accident or chance! And we are never the victim of cause, we are its determiner.

When involvement in our experience is denied, we hide the cause of that event inside of ourselves. We pretend we are innocent victims and can carry out that scam on ourselves because our denial has suppressed that part of the mind that is at cause. It is then, with these hidden disintegrative energies, that we create our lives. Again, the Ancients who understood these energy principles, warned, “Take care the heart (the unconscious) for out of it are the issues in life.” Through our own internal, hidden dynamics we create our conflicts and dis-eases!

Pain and disease are helpful signals that warn that we are in error. Although reputed to be enemies, they are friends in disguise. Pain is never a sign of someone else’s mistake. It is the body’s ‘error message,’ a reminder that the quality of energy we are putting into our system is self-destructive.

Most people ignore the messages, drug the messenger (the body) and wonder why disease strikes. They wish someone would discover a ‘magic pill’ that would allow them to continue destructive habits and not pay the piper. “Let me hate, gossip, have fear and anger, put down and criticize whom I wish. Let me steal and be as cheap as a nickel! Yet, please, don’t make me accountable for my words and actions. Let me ignore nutrition and eat junk, but please, PLEASE make me healthy, happy and abundant!” An insane wish!

We cannot engage in negativity and have health, anymore than a farmer can sow wheat and reap corn. It is a LAW that we always reap as we have sown!

Failure to be aware, response-able and release negativity leads to an endless succession of similar events. Hence, the agonizing question: “Why is this happening to me . . . Again?!” ‘Premature positive thinking’ (pretending all is well, when it’s not), produces the same result. Appropriate and honest thinking is the goal. Self-correction follows naturally.

The only restorative processes are those which face and release stored negativity. The body can then use its own recuperative powers to rebuild.


The steps to true healing begin by understanding that:

1. The purpose of life is to heal you and to bring you joy! Anything less is Self-Inflicted Nonsense.  
2. We will define the output of the human mind as reality. In ancient times, called the ‘mind of man.’
3. Pretending someone else causes your mind’s disturbing output is projection.
4. Blaming another for your reality (the output of your mind) is irresponsible and the key to being a victim.
5. Thinking and feeling like a victim is self-destructive and compromises one’s mental, emotional, physical, relationship and financial health.
6. Pain is the energy that results from holding onto disintegrative energy and/or negative thoughts. Pain warns of the need for tools to release stored negativity and create internal healing.
7. Forgiveness (changing your reality, the output of your mind) is the only PERMANENT solution.
8. Forgiving is NOT about others, rather, it is an internal healing process.
9. Understanding the principles behind transition is simple but not always easy.
10. It takes commitment and work to heal yourself of patterns that have continued, often, for generations!
11. The rewards are beyond what the mind in pain can conceive.  

TRUE FORGIVENESS is the master release process, a tool that opens the energy field of the ‘body’ and liberates destructive energies from within. Once you actually understand Forgiveness, you will never forgive anyone again. Forgiveness is not letting another off the hook for their offenses. The root meaning of Forgiveness in Aramaic is ‘to cancel, untie or let loose.’ It is a tool for changing a reality in the mind.

To heal, identify disintegrative emotions or thoughts that reside within your ‘energy system.’ Own them as yours, although they appear to be caused by someone else. If you’ve had a particular conflict eighty-seven different times, with forty-two different people – notice you are the one who has been there EVERY time.

Your thoughts are the output of your mind and the realities from your mind reflect the energies held in your body. The output of a human mind tells more about the content of that mind than about the perceived world!

The next step toward healing is verbal release of the mental and emotional energies that make up repeating realities.  Say aloud, if practical, “I totally release from my life and body all feelings of ______.”Be specific with your feelings (i.e. fear, anger, criticism, or pain). “I release the thoughts that _________.”Be specific with your thoughts (i.e., Life hurts, No one loves me, or I’ll never make it).

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! The steps to liberty? Be accountable for your thoughts, emotions, and realities. It’s your life! Recognize and undo disintegrative energies. Learn to Forgive! The person or event you think ’causes’ pain only surfaces realities that are already within you. They have given you the opportunity to heal . . .Again! Take advantage of that opportunity!

Each Moment

Each moment of love,
Each moment of giving,
Each moment of joy,
is a moment of living.
Each moment of anger,
Each moment of lying,
Each moment of vengeance,
is a moment of dying.
All our moments
add together,
like the digits in a sum,
The answer tells us plainly
whether life,
or death shall come.
Lord Martin Cicil

Open your mind.  It may sound simple, but Forgiveness works miracles!

The writings of Emily Cady, Thomas Troward, Myrtle and Charles Filmore and Ernest Holmes. Fritjof Capra: The Tao of Physics.
Rupert Sheldrake: A New Science of Life.
A Course in Miracles, Foundation For Inner Peace.

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Have you ever had conflict in your relationships? Attempted the geographic cure? Have you tried unsuccessfully to change others? Have you had thoughts like: “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?! Why are they doing this to me… again?! Why am I doing this to myself… again?! Why can’t life just cooperate?!”

This work presents practical tools for change. People who participate in our workshops report significantly improved relationships, creativity, finances and eating habits. Many say their health and energy levels are better and that their mental functions and emotional stability are enhanced. We are told that victimhood and addictions drop away, spiritual health increases, and peace of mind becomes their normal and natural state. In michael’s view – Read articles and teachings by dr. michael ryce

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