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If you have received an invite to this page, please stay and read the following and go to the links.  This is all FREE and can change your life!  If you are new to our work, and unfamiliar with what we call Aramaic Forgiveness, then the following links will be beneficial to you.  This is not about religion but is partially theological, all about physics, philosophy, psychology, science, genetics. and DNA and how to change your life if you are not 100% satisfied with how things have been or where they appear to be heading.  

reflection We refer to ‘Actuality’ as what is happening in the outside world and ‘Reality’ is what goes on between our ears that is resonated by an event in the outside world. And true forgiveness is removing what gets resonated if it contains any form of hostility or fear so we can get back to experiencing ourselves as Love (what we were created to be 24/7/365). It has nothing to do with letting yourself or another ‘off the hook’ for the trigger – that is pardoning. 
cia The CIA conducted a research project on Intelligence and Perception. The CIA’s conclusion? “Perception is demonstrably an active rather than a passive process; it constructs rather than records ‘reality’ … people (continuously) construct their own version of reality …”
Download the CIA’s study of Perception, at

     brainwired The mechanism underlying the process of generating perception is one where neuropeptides circulate and find cells for which they have an affinity and attach to the cell’s receptor site. Landing on those cells they insert themselves, appearing inside the cell as “chemistry.” These information carriers are designed to inform the cell about actuality (the actual world) or communicate about internal conditions and needs. Sadly, this process has, for most, been hijacked and compromised by errant perception. Much of this cellular communication process has become a rehash of unresolved, dissociated traumas from the past, often arising from patterns carried from generation to generation in the genes. The reflections of these unconscious processes APPEAR to be actual present moment experiences but are nothing but echoes of one’s past. Click or tap to follow the link:

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For deeper comprehension of these truths, read the book, “Why Is This Happening To Me… AGAIN?!” by dr. michael ryce. FREE online at:  
 WhatWorldACIM 2hrDVD We have a 39-minute video designed to expand the understanding of The Two Possible Worlds. It explains how the mind makes it up its stories to seem logical and creates its insanity. It also clarifies the core of 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness. Click or tap this link: What Is the World, How do I forgive?What Is the World, How do I forgive?                                              

Watch this PowerPoint video, click or tap this link: PowerPoint by Bill Constantino  A 24-minute video that walks you through the tool of Forgiveness, “how to” remove hurt, upset, “dis-ease”, stress, fear and/or hostility from the Human system! Removal of unconscious pain restores awareness of Love and resolves addiction. Discovered from 38 years of specific work with the INTERNAL 1st Century Aramaic Forgiveness Process and ACIM. The Aramaic technology of the mind that empowers internal healing. Here is how the mind is renewed, transformed, and cleaned of the viruses and blockages of a thousand generations, including those that cause all insanity, addiction, divorce and death.  
 WhyAgain4hrDVD new Watch the 1st hour of the latest, “Why Is This Happening To Me . . . AGAIN?!” Workshop. Click or tap this link: Why Is This Happening to Me AGAIN part 1 of 4 hrs
  Download FREE our HeartLand Aramaic Forgiveness APP from either Google Play Store or Apple Store! Do your Forgiveness work in a totally private app on your phone! The world’s first forgiveness App – you can access our current 7-step wake-up sheet, an abbreviated version and a game called Drag-ons & Cling-ons. Each one will walk you through the process of identifying your story, thoughts, feelings, goals and then how to change your reality.  You also have access to the Commitments, Events and More. AND, you can ask questions from every screen within the App.

NEW Instructional Video to assist in Navigating the App.

 On The Air MINDSHIFTERS RADIO with dr michael ryce, Jeanie Ryce, Dr. Tim Hayes, Michele Pischea


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