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Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement (AVACEN)

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Three Videos to watch for a better understanding:

dr. michael ryce discussed the AVACEN and Parasympathetic Activation (YouTube, MP4 format) 24 minutes

AVACEN Introduction Video (stream, vimeo, MP4 format) 1 hour 23 minutes

THE AVACEN – THE FUTURE OF PAIN RELIEF/ OUTSIDE THE BOX dr. michael ryce with Ben Rogers (stream, vimeo, MP4 format) 27 minutes

OR Audio Only,  dr. michael ryce discussed the AVACEN and Parasympathetic Activation (MP3 format) 24 minutes

Article written by dr. michael ryce


Since the primary action of the AVACEN is to impact micro-circulation, let’s look at the challenges it addresses as relates to the sympathetic – Para-sympathetic continuum.

I kind of see this continuum as a slider that moves from an accent on one or the other… Bringing sympathetic or Para-sympathetic dominance into action, each with their own rolls to play.

Depending who’s figures you accept, there are between 10 and 40 billion capillaries, that when stretched out would cover an estimated 100 thousand miles. At the head of each capillary is a control mechanism, operated, consciously or unconsciously, by the mind, that either allows blood to pass, or restricts its flow creating the dominance of either the sympathetic or Para-sympathetic aspects of the autonomic nervous system. If blood flow is restricted to organs related to parasympathetic dominance, the release of sympathetic dominance is not likely to happen.

The control mechanism, called the Pre-capillary Sphincter, or Pre-capillary Orifice, is smooth muscle that, through contraction, can cut off blood flow to the “rest/digest” Para-sympathetic nervous system, resulting in what is called Sympathetic Dominance which sets the body for optimal survival.

When restricting, or bypassing delivery of blood and energy to whole areas of the body that are not important to immediate survival, things like digestion, kidney function, elimination, reproduction and heat circulation to the skin are temporarily, at least theoretically, compromised.

The resources conserved by this action accentuate blood flow to organs that enhance survival. Think of yourself in para-sympathetic – rest/digest situation. Relaxed, rocking and thriving, the whole body is being supplied with nerve, blood flow, oxygen, nutrition and adequate circulation of enzymes required to break down toxic wastes. A threatening sound occurs, and the mind produces a thought of eminent danger. The body responds with appropriate preparation as it goes into fear mode… Notice the tightening throughout the form, billions of muscle fibers capillaries preparing for action, restriction (redirection) of breath and the inclination to rise up… Going into protect mode… Fright that produces a readiness to flee, fight or perhaps freeze… This creates a closure of blood/energy flow to non-survival functions – shutting off blood/energy to things like digestion/elimination/reproduction.

Blood is shunted to bypass non-survival functions, create a reserve of energy for survival and prepare to powerfully and creatively handle whatever the threat is. A good thing, generally, in the short term when there is an actual threat but when, due to repeated stimulus, this becomes chronic, such as an unpredictable angry parent, it can lead to a sympathetic dominant condition, where thoughts of threat and emotions created by those thoughts get locked into tissue, particularly the smooth muscle of the Pre-capillary Sphincter as one becomes hyper-vigilant and is labeled ADD, due to the need to protect from attack that may originate from anywhere in the environment.

The heart pumps greater volumes of blood, lungs operate to take in more air, the brain becomes more alet, the liver converts glycogen to sugar and fat to energy, large muscles needed for fight or flight are prepared for action. This wonderful protection mechanism is labeled a disorder because, and rightly so, it is not exactly the kind of preparedness that facilitates listening to a teacher.

When the mind becomes preoccupied with fear a powerful physiological mechanism of protection becomes labeled a “disease,” and all kinds of symptomatic hacks are applied, exacerbating the problem instead of dealing with the cause.

Thought disorders giving center stage to imminent danger, where there is none, causes as real a restriction of blood flow and oxygen flow as true danger. The mind cannot tell the difference between a real and present threat and an unresolved memory of danger elicited by random, or repeating circumstances. This, I offer, is a primary mechanism by which thought disorders, that interfere with the function of circulation, cause degenerative conditions in the body.

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When the activity of such thought disorders becomes chronic, instead of a positive state of readiness, fatigue and depletion set in and all recovery resources of the system become overwhelmed. The exhaustion phase of the general adaptation syndrome, developed by stress expert Hans Selye, is entered into and breakdown results.

The restriction and stagnation of blood, oxygen and nutrient flow creates a waste buildup. Think of the stench of a stagnant stream and you get the idea. Acidic byproducts of metabolism, including acidic carbon dioxide and the resulting congestion tends to crystallize, harden and accumulate. With elimination inhibited by the lack of flow due to massive congestion, even if the vagus nerve and Para-sympathetic system were stimulated, the restriction of oxygen and nutrients needed by the organs so stimulated, would tend to result in cell degeneration, dysfunction and putification. An ideal food supply for infectious organisms has been created. If you feed them, they will come. If you remove the food supply for the organisms whose purpose is to reduce toxic waste, whether in, or out of the body, those reducer organisms will not need to be poisoned but will die of starvation, naturally!

The pathway to energetic flow into the organs controlled by the Para-sympathetic nervous system is blood flow through the pre-capillary orifice, or Sphincter… It must open… If chronically held shut by fear-based thinking something must shift that energy. To thrive one must enter into a Para-sympathetic state, where those muscles relax and allow blood flow into all of the areas of the body that contribute to well-being, where all tissue is supplied with the needed blood, oxygen, nutrient and nerve flow. According to Dr. John Sarno, back surgeon, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine, a 5% lack of oxygen in tissue causes excruciating pain in the cell.

My work, over the last 40 + years has been Forgiveness. I offer the mind functions, not just through the brain, but through every cell in the body. In the ancient Aramaic language, Forgiveness has nothing to do with the Greek misinterpretation of letting self, or another, “off the hook!” The word means to remove. My take is that the AVACEN is a physical form of Forgiveness. When warmed blood flows over the billions of muscle fibers, taut from fear, they soften and relax. Warmed blood flowing over those muscle fibers will tend to release them… The FDA has approved the AVACEN as, a Class 11 medical device to enhance relaxation… And this solves a myriad of seemingly non-resolvable problems.

One woman I worked with carried the unresolved pain of an abusive childhood, where she “escaped” into and extremely sexually abusive marriage she endured from the age of 16-19. Her emotional rages, at the age of 55, and her physical pain, 26 years later, would regularly take over when signals that aroused thoughts of being threatened appeared in her environment.

My first prescription for her would be Forgiveness. And, over time, it works, wonders! But it is a skill that is resisted because it brings people face to face with their dissociated pain and trauma! It is a powerful process that creates permanent relief from a wide array of physical, mental, relational, and emotional disorders and, it takes, time to understand and apply.


I had observed this woman make progress and reduce the occurrences, and severity of her rages, conflicts, and pain, over a period of years, by probably 50%. Once she started to use the AVACEN regularly, in concert with her Forgiveness work, she reduced, in about a year, the majority, the deepest memories and layers, by over 95%!

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