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Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement (AVACEN)

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Sympathetic And Parasympathetic Nervous System

AVACEN SYMPATHETIC PARA-SYMPATHETIC (Article written by dr. michael ryce)

If capillary function becomes chronically inhibited, being the only delivery system for fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrition, as well as waste removal to and from the cell, supply and waste removal pathways tend to become stagnant and congested. 

Sympathetic Dominance is a wonderful short-term solution to danger, but deadly if becomes habitual! One of the purposes of the AVACEN is to restore Sympathetic/Para-Sympathetic balance so that precious, life carrying, and cleansing fluids flow properly and restore equilibrium throughout the whole structure. 

Cleared by the FDA for relaxation and pain management, the AVACEN, a Class II medical device, provides a gentle respite from habituated stress. A refreshing self-treatment can, on a minute’s notice, easily, cleanly, and comfortably be engaged in anywhere and as often as necessary, both day and night! While eating, sitting at your computer, on the phone, even as a passenger in a car you can benefit from its profound healing action! People report it is their most important sleep aid. 

Those unknowingly living life in Sympathetic Dominance wonder why they deprived of the ability to thrive! An all-too-common sight – the old man, who likely is not actually as old in years as he appears to be, is stooped over with back pain, head forward and shoulders rounded. He is 2 inches shorter than he was in his prime. Sadly no one knows how to treat his disease, or even what his disease is, so they will call it “aging!” 

The unconscious thought processes associated with his Sympathetic Dominance are fear and protection, often accompanied by conscious or unconscious hostility which tends to result in ongoing back pain. These thought patterns, which prompt continuous relationship conflict result in a destructive readiness to spring into defensive action or rage – all of which are expressions of living on the edge of Sympathetic Dominance. His muscles are fatigued, cramping at the slightest provocation – night cramps, restless legs, jaw clenching and sciatic pain are all too often aspects of this syndrome. Digestive difficulties plague him, his breathing is shallow, elimination is strained because the organs involved are only properly innervated in the Para-sympathetic mode. He has increased blood pressure and is prone to stoke and heart failure as the circulatory system pushes harder and harder to deliver its precious cargo throughout his restricted and musculature. He is befuddled, straining to remember, due to the restricted blood flow to the brain and the resultant shutdown of higher brain functions.

As this self-inflicted assault on his system progresses, time is blamed but his condition has nothing to do with age. His degeneration is an effect of restricted circulation due to fear and a protective stance! This is the physiological out-picturing of a guarded, defensive life!                                 

Like the crystal-clear river that turns into a smelly swamp where a tree blocks its flow, the blood vessels and organs restricted by habituated Sympathetic Dominance become crystallized and congested. A properly functioning cell generates energy somewhat like an alkaline battery but accumulated acidic wastes inhibit that energy generation. Acidic fluids do not carry oxygen well. This creates an environment ripe for irritation, inflammation, and overgrowth of foreign organisms as blood vessels become brittle, congested, and dysfunctional. 

An understanding is presented in the presentation, linked below, of how the AVACEN helps the body recover from this long-term, acidic “swamp effect” created by the shutdown of the control mechanism at the “headwaters” of micro-circulation. Each body has somewhere between forty and sixty billion capillaries that are less than one-tenth to one-one-hundredth the diameter of a hair! These micro-streams that, while they are designed for the free flow delivery of blood and its precious cargo, are restricted. This mechanism should be continuously delivering fresh, oxygenated, nutritionally charged blood to our trillions of cells but becomes compromised and sluggish, in the fear/hostility state. One cannot be in protection and the creative state simultaneously! 

The gatekeepers of this system of capillaries are the Precapillary Sphincters, sometimes called the Precapillary Orifice – muscle fibers at each of the billions of capillary heads. When a threat is perceived – it only requires one thought – this mechanism instantly kicks into gear and restricts the blood supply to the rest, digest and thrive organ systems. It is activated whether the threat is real or imagined and choice is not involved. Remember, this is the autonomic nervous system which operates with no conscious thought or action! 

Para-sympathetic stimulation without undoing chronic micro-circulatory restrictions by opening the necessary blood supply, leaves the body in pain, frustrated in its ability to move fully and effectively into thrive mode. 

John Sarno, MD (June 23, 1923 – June 22, 2017) Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU, informs people that a 5% reduction of oxygen in a cell leaves that cell in excruciating pain. A slight reduction in blood flow, obviously, is a contributor to pain. 

The AVACEN remedies this problem by enhancing relaxation of the smooth muscle fibers at the precapillary sphincter. This reduces tension and related pain which are the functions the AVACEN is cleared for by the FDA. 

“Uptight” is a literal description! I propose, (though I do not use this term in the presentation) that the AVACEN is “energetically funding” microcirculation by the application of heated blood to tightened muscles, causing them to relax. Over time, by opening chronically strained Precapillary Sphincters, profound relaxation eventually become noticeably easier. As micro-circulation is restored and the flow of oxygen and nutrition rich blood occurs, organ systems related to thriving, especially tissue repair, are resupplied with the raw materials and energy they need. The crystallized deposits and congestion, we spoke of earlier, over time, are softened and the elimination of encrusted accumulations is enhanced. This opens the whole system to new levels of cleansing, regeneration, healing, and wellbeing.

If you want to listen to The AVACEN presentation again…. 

😇 The impact of the AVACEN on the Para-sympathetic Nervous System…


In Smiles and Blessings michael 💞

😇 A short video with individuals sharing their experiences with the AVACEN:

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😇 Hand heating lowers postprandial blood glucose concentrations: A double-blind randomized controlled crossover trial using the AVACEN:

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PS… If you are interested in more information on obtaining an AVACEN, the company has just introduced a new, enhanced model that, until Monday, October 31st (midnight Pacific Time), is discounted by $1,000. They use a Swedish Medical Equipment financing company that offers, with good credit, a 0% interest loan for 24-months, approximately 167.00 a month. 

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Download my book, “Why Is This Happening TO ME… AGAIN?! free from my website for more information on healing from those circumstances.

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My work, over the last 40 + years has been Forgiveness. I offer the mind functions, not just through the brain, but through every cell in the body. In the ancient Aramaic language, Forgiveness has nothing to do with the Greek misinterpretation of letting self, or another, “off the hook!” The word means to remove. My take is that the AVACEN is a physical form of Forgiveness. When warmed blood flows over the billions of muscle fibers, taut from fear, they soften and relax. Warmed blood flowing over those muscle fibers will tend to release them… The FDA has approved the AVACEN as, a Class 11 medical device to enhance relaxation… And this solves a myriad of seemingly non-resolvable problems.

One woman I worked with carried the unresolved pain of an abusive childhood, where she “escaped” into and extremely sexually abusive marriage she endured from the age of 16-19. Her emotional rages, at the age of 55, and her physical pain, 26 years later, would regularly take over when signals that aroused thoughts of being threatened appeared in her environment.

My first prescription for her would be Forgiveness. And, over time, it works, wonders! But it is a skill that is resisted because it brings people face to face with their dissociated pain and trauma! It is a powerful process that creates permanent relief from a wide array of physical, mental, relational, and emotional disorders and, it takes, time to understand and apply.


I had observed this woman make progress and reduce the occurrences, and severity of her rages, conflicts, and pain, over a period of years, by probably 50%. Once she started to use the AVACEN regularly, in concert with her Forgiveness work, she reduced, in about a year, the majority, the deepest memories and layers, by over 95%!

Medical Experience: Dr. Nathan Newman

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