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Healing Through Relationships

relationships working together

There is no ‘diseased’ relationship…each relationship is designed to show us a part of ourself that needs to be healed. The energies and thoughts we hold that are less than love is what becomes our dis-eases and the Creator does not want us to destroy ourself so we draw people and circumstances into our life in order to look deeper within ourselves. If we get rid of them for being our trigger and push our own garbage down deeper we will get to see it again in another face or place.

We are creators of our own diseases, we need to acknowledge that and then become creators of our own health.  Wellness is a combination of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.  We are not resigned to be the persona (the mask) we currently portray but can change if we know how. If changes can be made at this level then one is addressing cause, but if one turns to drugs (prescribed, sugar, junk food, anger) to anesthesize us in hopes of changing the outcome then only effect has been addressed.

This section is dedicated to tools regarding wellness of our relationships. Remember you have a relationship with parents, children, spouses or partners, business collegues, coworkers, teachers, preachers, store clerks, and even the person in the mirror.


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