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Meditation: Bringing Light

world heart

Meditation of bringing Light strong within and sending outward from Radio Show February 4, 2021 (MP3)


Meditation of bringing Light to Feelings and Expanding out to the World. (MP4 video from 2020 Online Intensive Closure Class)


Heal Insanity_Meditation_Forgiveness  Edited from MindShifters Radio Show March 19, 2020 (MP3)

michael discusses the insanity of the world followed by a meditation and then offers the solution is Aramaic Forgiveness


Wake-up Sheets – step by step on how to forgive (not pardon)

Forgiveness App – FREE download on Android or iPhone – Monday thru Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 EST to support you with any questions. 563-999-3581 and press 1 to talk



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