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Chef Ari Budnick

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Chef Ari Budnick

Studied at Washington University in St. Louis, MO and lives in Chicago, IL. Ari is a chef extraordinaire with both cooked and raw dishes.  He spends most intensives with us whether they are at HeartLand or on the road and he presents us with new dishes and ideas every time. He is amazing.

The majority of our book “Raw-cipes” is Ari’s and while it is mostly raw recipes there are a few cooked ones in the back as well as his chef tips, instructions on making water Kiefer, sprouting and dehydrating, various sugars and oils, parasites and much more.

You might ask, WHY RAW?

Raw food enriches the body with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The abundance of enzymes in these “live” foods aids digestion and frees the body to use its energy more efficiently. Energy that otherwise would be needed for the simple process of digestion is free to raise the body’s vitality and level of health. Eating a raw food diet allows more energy for “healing”. It promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. In short, raw food makes you feel more alive!
Over the past 21 years of being a chef, I have prepared all types of food. One of my favorite and most stimulating types of food to prepare has been raw. Ancient techniques of food preparation are part of the process. For thousands of years we have prepared great food without cooking by using acids such as lime and lemon juice, natural fermentation and marinating. This type of preparation keeps food and grains whole, pure, and when possible organic. A healthy body is the natural result from the shift in your diet.
This book contains some of my favorite “Raw-Cipes” which have been prepared and served at HeartLand. Remember that all food, including raw, should be good tasting and pleasing to your palate and eyes. Spices and ingredients need to be adjusted to please your palate. I welcome your comments and suggestions and hope to have the pleasure of preparing food for you at HeartLand in the near future.
Chef Ari Budnick



To our good friend, food mentor and the world’s best raw chef, Ari Budnick.

Words are symbols of symbols and, as such, will never accurately describe the heartfelt love and appreciation for your BEING, Ari!

We are so honored to have your presence at HeartLand. Your loving touch in preparing the food, in teaching others in the kitchen, in preparing this raw recipe (Raw-Cipes) book and for the loving gift of your time and talent to everyone at HeartLand is deeply appreciated!

This is just the beginning of our accolades to you.

We thrill to hear you sing the Bear Song and to experience the Energy Flow of the Blessing circle before meals. Just thinking about you, “driving the bus” and getting us to, “put our right foot in” brings smiles to our faces. Your ability to lead and teach in many areas may be hidden behind the kitchen doors. Being a chef is only one of your God given gifts.

We acknowledge all that you have to offer and we thank you for sharing it with us and being part of the eternal HeartLand Support Team. Our doors are always open to you and we welcome your participation any time your schedule allows you to come our way.

We cherish sharing the planet with you, bless you and look forward to the next time we meet.

Love and Laughter,
michael and jeanie


August 8, 2019, announcement on MindShifters’ Radio to send Love and Light as Ari has transitioned to the next stage in eternity.  The last hour of the show was callers honoring him and what he meant to them.

Visit Ari’s Memorial Page







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