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Intensive Packing List



“A Private, Self-Healing Sanctuary In The Ozark Mountains”

We are glad that you are coming to be with us for our Summer Intensives!

Temperatures have been cool to warm at night (low to mid 60’s-up) and up to 90 during the day.

We are in the Ozark mountains, relax, dress down and bring comfortable clothing you can wear more than once! Also please bring your wildest, most outrageous accessory or item of clothing.


* bathing suit * fanny pack * flashlight * towels * pillowcase * blanket * camera * insect repellent * soap/shampoo * umbrella * notebook/pens/markers * water shoes * easy on/off shoes, please, shoes are off in the buildings * sneakers or hiking boots for walking * small personal fan * personal toiletries * if you will be alone we ask that you bring single bed sheets * couples will need doubles * a list of what you plan to create and accomplish while here *

Your mailing address while you are here at HeartLand will be:
296 County Road 638
Theodosia, MO 65761

Please leave behind any substance that would undermine your self-healing process–including sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and any drug not required by your doctor. It would be beneficial to “wean” yourself from the above substances, if you use any of them, several days/weeks before leaving for HeartLand. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, light on starches, sweets and meat will give you a head start! During the intensive we will be doing live food similar to the Ann Wigmore Program, see any of her books for details.

You will experience profound shifts during your time at HeartLand. Know that you will receive deep, caring support from others who have been through this process, while doing their own work.

The workshop will begin the evening of the first scheduled day and complete around noon on the last scheduled day of the intensive. If you are driving please arrive between 3-6 PM. (If flying see next paragraph.) Departure will be after the closing session the last day of the workshop. If we have space, you are invited to stay beyond the last day of your workshop at a special “post intensive” rate of 45.00 per day for 3 meals and accommodations.

Please fly to Springfield, Missouri (we have had a few folks end up in Ohio). If you are flying plan to arrive as close to 1 PM as possible on the start day of the intensive and depart after 3 PM on the last scheduled day. Two way Ground Transportation is $150.00 – Springfield, MO airport Arrival or departure outside of planned times will be a $100.00 fee for one way.

If you have a balance due we would appreciate receiving it by seven days prior to your arrival, along with the shuttle fee of $150.00. Please send a postal money order. We do not have a local bank we deal with, but can negotiate a Post Office money order at the local Post Office.

If you are flying or taking the bus to Springfield—PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ARRIVAL TIMES WITH US!!

The only other thing we ask you to bring is your love! All of us here at HeartLand look forward to getting to know you if we haven’t met yet, and seeing our young friends again if we do. We are excited about being on your support team!

Blessings and Love, michael









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