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The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

An Interpretation From The Aramaic by dr. michael ryce

(Read the Notes on The Lord’s Prayer)

Our Eternal Creator, parent to us all, who is in the realms of the 
unmanifest, make a space in us for wholeness that we
may be taught to honor, worship and serve You.

Let Your counsel, Your wisdom and Your Love come alive in us,
let Your Light penetrate us . . . Attune us to and empower
us to conceive of and understand that Will which
You have already created for us. Teach us
so that we may give birth to Your fruit.

That You renew and feed us daily with the presence of Your Love, the 
Love of each other and the food we receive is a gift we
gratefully accept! Thank You for restoring us to abundance,
teaching us gratitude and how to give as you give and
presence Love as you are the Presence of Love,
for both the just and the unjust.

That You forgive from us those realities we have engaged in that
do us harm and do not belong in our humanness is another of Your
blessings we appreciate. . . we commit to responsibility and 
forgiving as to those painful realities others trigger in us.

When we are tempted or lost in materialism or fall out of
harmony with Your Love, that You are there with us –
Being the space of Love, that Your Love is always
Present no matter how far we fall – no matter
where we go, is a blessing we gratefully accept.

That, with your grace, You deliver us from our errors and 
through Your light part us from darkness is another
blessing that flows from Your Presence.
We receive each of these gifts with gratitude and praise.

Sealed in Trust, Faith and Truth, AMEN


(Read the Notes on The Lord’s Prayer)


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