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Your Life Is About To Change…


The challenge of life consists not in exploring new landscapes,

but in developing new eyes…
Marcel Proust 1871-1922


This body of work presents tools which can be used to manage your mind, body, relationships and life. The first decades of my life, I lived without them. Approximately 25 years ago, as a result of the need to heal myself, I searched for tools with which I could unload the burdens I had accumulated. This work is born of the results of that search.

None of what appears on these pages is original, save the synthesis of the material and some of the conclusions, for which I take full responsibility and invite your input. Nothing herein should be construed as medical advice as each idea is intended for support of the reader’s Spiritual process and self-healing.

It takes time to build the brain cells for significant change to take place and to understand some of the ideas that will be presented in this work. Brain cells are the body’s storage system for information and “Building Brain Cells” refers not to building physical structure but to storing information for future recall. Using the suggested tools will fill in the blanks and open the far-reaching implications of this work.

To reap endless benefits from this work does not require belief, understanding or agreement! The skeptic who dares to simply put the pen to the paper and actually uses these tools will produce dramatic life-changing results!

Using these tools calls for a different mind-set than the all too common “victim” or “hero” attitude and requires time, work and willingness. The tools work; the rewards are extraordinary! Take the time to build the foundation and understand the philosophy of this work, and you will create a toolbox which makes these Tools For Life usable.

Your life is about to change.

Surprisingly, as you use these tools, aspects of life that once seemed miserable will become enjoyable! For instance, if you have a pattern where it seems you have no choices in life, use of the tools transforms those times into an empowering opportunity to learn choice. For some, their rage, grief or fear seems uncontrollable. With tools, surfacing the uncontrollable becomes an opportunity to gain freedom and to develop joy, strength, and aliveness through the healing of destructive emotions! This process requires courage and will not always be “Dr. Feelgood,” however, the rewards and results will impact you and your family in wonderful and beautiful ways—for eternity.

You are invited to express your thoughts, questions and discoveries with the readership, HeartLand Support Team and myself. It is intended that you find Heartlines Online a source of inspiration with which to share insights for aliveness! Let’s create consciously!

Blessings, Love and Support on your journey!

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