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Napsha The Miracle Dragon Story Book

00Napsha The Miracle Dragon Story Book
Napsha, the miracle dragon is the tale of a “A dragon is one of the most fascinating cloth dragon who shares “his” story with other mythical characters in our history. Love is toys inside an abandoned trunk and learns that the most powerful force in the world. It’s at love and friendship start within him. the core of our being and the one thing that Following are seven samples of the book’s full – can soften even the hardest of shells. The page color illustrations along with brief excerpts joining of these two ideas seemed a compelling of the story and the principles behind them.
Napsha thought for a moment and felt a “Einstein has said we cannot simultaneously chill of excitement as he remembered. prepare for war and create peace. Bringing “Dragon prides lived in a thousand different children to an awareness of the love that resides lands,” he said. “Most were known as fierce within them will empower them to tap into that warriors, but the Grand Dragon of Shakare love and resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. warned his subjects that wars of fire would Such a habit formed in childhood will be carried destroy them all. He commanded his pride into adulthood and impact not only an individual not to fight but to live in a peaceful manner.” life but the community of the world.” – CJ
The beasts surrounding Prince Napsha were”‘Looking back’ will not help us move quickly huge! They spit balls of fire at his tail, and the
and productively in a forward direction. We can frightened prince dodged the stinging balls and stop and assess where we’ve been, but our
ran as fast as he could. He ran without looking focus must remain on what we choose to create back until he reached the great mountain.
in our lives or we are more likely to stumble and Only then did he glance behind him and as he fall. In other words, we cannot create out of did, his foot dropped in a hole.

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