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AVACEN means Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement – To thrive one must enter into a Para-sympathetic state, where muscles relax and allow blood flow into all of the areas of the body that contribute to well-being, where all tissue is supplied with the needed blood, oxygen, nutrient and nerve flow.  The AVACEN promotes this circulation process.  More Information click here.

WELLNESS THROUGH STILLNESS MP3  This is a 20-minute guided meditation by dr. michael ryce. This MP3 will guide you through a progressive relaxation exercise that opens the natural energy flows of the human energy field.  Once relaxed and opened, you will be prompted in balancing the Source energies within that operate the glandular, eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular and circulatory systems. Click here for your free gift.

Wake-up Sheets several variations

Dr. Timothy Hayes recording of the 7-Step Reality Management Worksheet

Intergenerational Healing – articles and MP3s around healing the generations

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