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The Lord’s Prayer – michael’s notes

Notes on The Lord’s Prayer from the Aramaic

All quotes from the Khaburis Bible, Khaburis Manuscript Foundation
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This rendition of The Lord’s Prayer is not so much a translation as it is the following of instructions Jesus gave regarding prayer. The Aramaic language of Jesus is a right brain language. As such it is unlike our left brain language which attempts to capture literal meanings as though the actuality of a thing can be seized by words. Literal is not a word that can be attached to a right brain statement.

Jesus tells us to pray, “In this way,” not, “say these words.” He specifically says, “Do not recite and repeat.” To recite and repeat means memorization, coming from the head, the intellect, which defeats the purpose of prayer. Jesus’ instructions were that we should instead, “understand with your (the) heart.’ The word prayer in Aramaic is to, “set a trap for.” To understand that Aramaic idiom one must have some idea, not of translation, but of meaning. To “set a trap for” is an idiom for, “becoming the space for,” or “become in tune with.” In other words, He was giving us a pattern, not literal words to say, to become the space where the Love Of God reflects or is “trapped,” or “captured” (much as a TV antenna traps or catches the signal radiating from a TV station). Prayer is not about giving your list to God or ordering what you want from the cosmic gift catalogue!

We are, in effect, told there is only one prayer, the result of which produces the cause of everything needed. Jesus said, “Instead, seek before everything the Kingdom (the counsel, the wisdom, the Love) of God and its holiness (zadekoota) and all these shall be added unto you. Do not, therefore, worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care for itself.” He was saying, in effect, “Become the space of Love first, for out of that, all that you want will come.”

Jesus tells us that He is not giving us words to repeat like drones, but a sense of the kinds of things that will produce the result of becoming that space which reflects Love and produces a fulfilled life. “And when you are praying, do not recite and repeat like the pagans; their goal is (sabrean) to be heard because of much talking; So, do not be like them.” When He says, “for your Father knows (yadi) what (mana) is needed for you before you ask Him,” He is informing us that prayer is not about having your list fulfilled. In essence, forget your list, become the space.

Jesus makes the point that we are offspring of one Source as He speaks of Our Father, not His Father.

The essence of everything that Jesus taught is encapsulated in this one prayer as He gives us instruction in the five categories that need attention in order to become the space of Love on earth: (a) Acknowledgment / Worship (b) Acknowledgment / Appreciation (c) Acknowledgment / Forgiveness (d) Our work, our part in the forgiveness process that heals and preserves the space of Love in us (e) Acknowledgment / Appreciation / keep us apart from error / receptivity

The Lord’s Prayer is the practical “how to” of living in Love. When spoken with the goal of attunement to our true nature, with sincerity and reverence, this prayer will help empower you to be the space of Love that is your essential nature, the Being you were created to be. It is faithful to the instruction Jesus gave and addresses the issues that need to be dealt with in our culture in order to produce the space of Love that is so needed in our selves, our homes, our country and our world.

Click here to read the Interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer

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