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PowerPoints Explain…

Power Point Presentations (created by Bill Costantino) The Forgiveness Process in Microsoft PowerPoint The Forgiveness YouTube Script The Forgiveness YouTube Presentation with Audio Also on Vimeo PowerPoint Presentation   Testimonial … from a therapist who […]

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Ancient Graffiti is Aramaic

Archaeologists Unscramble Ancient Graffiti In Israel by Jacki Lyden            June 18, 2011 (MP3 of Aramaic Graffiti) Aramaic is the lingua franca of the ancient Middle East, the linguistic root of modern day Hebrew and Arabic. […]

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Possibility Wednesday

  Possibility Wednesday with Dora Farnesi (formerly called Unstuck Wednesday or Break Through Wednesday)   Every Wednesday we ask that everyone do at least one of their daily worksheets on the “Possibilities” before us.  This […]

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Parent Teacher Talk Mondays

Parent Teacher Talk Radio Mondays – beginning May 5, 2014 Suzanne Tucker, Zen Mommy, mymommymanual has changed .. go to, author/creator of My Mommy Manual says: I believe many things, but if you asked […]

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world heart

Choice by Love

Choice of Love by a holocaust survivor … A story told in The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand, the story actually comes from the book Return from Tomorrow, written by Dr. George Ritchie […]

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DETOX Detoxing is the removal of toxins from the body.  This incorporates making a change in what one consumes (junk food, dairy, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc) and can also include more indepth processes.  Some of […]

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What are you eating

Do you know what you are really eating? What is on my food.  This website addresses the pesticides, hormone disruptors, and other toxins found in foods.  What’s on your fruits and vegetables? What is wrong […]

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A Miracle in Wisconsin

A Miracle in Wisconsin  by Jon Rappoport  ( I published this article in October of 2002. At the time, it was the most widely read piece I’d written and posted on my site. Its basics […]

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